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was in heaven until he remembered Beth. Whipping around to look to his left, his eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open when he saw what was happening. There was his conservative little wife with her dress bunched around her waist and her legs spread wide. Hovering over her was the large form of his friend, Dan, who had his hand buried in her panties — obviously fingering her furiously. Beth stared straight ahead with unblinking eyes as her pretty mouth gasped for breath. Even several yards away, her husband could hear her pant and whimper helplessly. 
At first Bob was angry at the sight of his wife so openly engaged in Sekxual acts with another man. But soon he realized that he had no cause for resentment. After all, he had encouraged her to move to the next chair, and here he was doing the same thing with someone else’s wife. No, there was nothing he could do about it now.
Electric shocks jolted through Beth’s small body as the man above her continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her drenched Kittycat. He had been so smooth in his conquest. Before she even realized what was happening, Dan had first traced the lips of her opening through the scant piece of silk between her legs — then he moved his hand up and slipped it down inside. Fireworks went off in her head when his fingertip went straight for her erect little clitoris which he teased and stroked until she cried out in pleasure. Then he moved his big fingers lower and found her steamy, wet opening. 
Dan reached under and silently urged her to raise her tight, round buttocks so he could remove her panties completely. Cool air rushed over her inflamed S£x as she leaned back again and waited breathlessly for the thrill of his touch. But it would not happen now. . .The chime sounded again. 
Somewhere deep in her clouded mind, Beth realized she had been signaled to move to a new location in this surreal version of musical chairs. The man beside her reluctantly removed his hands from her Unclad skin and helped her rise unsteadily to her feet. “We’ll finish this later,” he breathed in her ear while he helped straighten her dress; then he gently directed her toward the next couch.
On stage the newlywed couple continued their heated act of passion. The dark-haired bride was straddling the virile groom. She arched her back and churned her plump buttocks wildly, plunging herself up and down with frantic need on his thick, shiny pole sliding deep inside her with each thrust. The room was filled with the sounds of their love cries and the soft methodic slapping of flesh meeting flesh. Beth shakily groped her way through the dim light until she saw a dark figure looming. `J’ sat watching her approach with bright, narrow eyes like a big cat waiting for its prey. Even slumped in the chair the tall professional athlete was an imposing figure, and the startled housewife stopped short with a shudder. His jacket and shirt were open and parted wide, revealing sleek, lean-cut skin and muscle. But what stopped her was the sight of the long, thick ebony column rising from his open pants and laying hard against his flat stomach. She had never seen a black man like this before. As she gazed at the huge phallus poised and throbbing slightly in front of her, the strong arousal she had felt moments earlier was quickly turning to apprehension. 
Sensing her hesitancy, J reached his hand out to her. With a calm, low voice he said, “Come, sit with me . . .don’t be frightened. Let me please you.” Tentatively she allowed him to take her delicate hand and guide her to sit next to him, but she couldn’t pull her eyes from the coiled steel monster between his legs.
Directly across, on the other side of the platform, Bob was also having his first interracial experience. J’s wife, `V’, took her place next to Beth’s husband. He smiled at her nervously and noticed that she seemed breathless and slightly agitated. Remembering that she was new to all this too, Bob wondered if she and her husband might be having the same crazy mix of emotions that he was feeling. Observing that her gauzy dress and her ornately-styled hair were slightly disheveled, he inquired discreetly, “Are you all right?” 
She looked him in the eye for the first time and smiled weakly, “Yes . . .I think so. But, Oh my! I certainly didn’t expect anything like this.
“Neither did we . . .” he agreed, relieved to know that they shared some common ground. “It’s all pretty bizarre, isn’t it? But at the same time, I don’t know when I’ve ever been so turned on.” He almost wished he hadn’t said that, but she smiled back at him warmly and he couldn’t help being drawn in by her exotic beauty. Laughing softly, she whispered, “So am I . . .” 
She was also starting to appreciate the pleasing nature and appealing features of this man she was now seated with. His soft eyes and easy smile, together with the strong jaw and handsome build helped fuel the fire that had been kindled by the show on stage, then fanned to smoldering intensity by the suave former football player at her last seat. Recalling how his hands danced over the tingling softness of her large breasts and jutting Tips, she boldly leaned forward and kissed this new man softly . . .allowing her tongue to instantly melt together with his.
Bob groaned in response and his hand instinctively reached out to cup one of her soft globes swaying freely beneath the colorful scarf-like material of her dress. Easily brushing the fabric aside, his palm came into contact with the warm, moist skin of her heavy Bosom and he felt a large, rubbery Tip slip between his fingers.
“Mmmm . . .Baby, yes!” V broke the kiss and moaned. She began to kiss and nibble his neck and ear while her hand looked for and easily found his swollen meat still peeking out from his open fly. A sharp jolt went down his spine when she scraped his shaft gently with her long fingernails; then, wrapping her smooth fingers around him completely, she pumped her fist up and down languidly.
Meanwhile, V’s husband, J, was using all of his willpower to keep from moving too quickly with Beth. The tasty little white woman was obviously nervous being with him, but he could also tell that her fuse had been lit and she only needed some artful persuasion to give herself over to his powerful male allure and to her own need. He knew she was fascinated with his erect Joystick towering right next to her; although she pretended to watch intently what the couple was doing on stage, he could see her looking at him from the corner of her eye. He finally leaned over and whispered, “You’ve never seen one this big before, have you?”
“Never . . .” came the almost choked reply. Realizing she could no longer avoid him, she tentatively turned and gazed directly at his massive tool. “I had no idea that a man could be that large . . .” Her voice sounded almost like a little girl’s to him. She looked like a little girl next to his giant frame.
“It’s OK,” he told her softly. “Go ahead, touch it . . .I know you want to. I want to feel you touch me too.”
She did want to touch him . . .desperately. She had to know what the smooth black skin felt like in her hand. She was drawn to it like a magnet; so hard and thick with rigid veins everywhere and the deep purple helmet looking fierce and menacing. Yes, she had to touch it she thought. She cautiously reached out and lightly ran her fingertips over the velvety smoothness of it, feeling the ridges and the swollen tissue; it was so warm, almost hot to the touch, and it jumped and twitched slightly in her hand. 
“Damn . . .” he moaned. “You’re touch feels like a feather on my Joystick.” She smiled shyly and grew bolder with his encouragement. Grasping him more firmly, she tried to encircle his entire girth, but her tiny fingers could not completely close around him. As she started to rub and milk him slowly, he decided it was time to get in the game too. 
Hovering over her, he reached a long arm out and gently pulled her closer. While she continued to play with her new toy, he reached around and took hold of her small jacket, silently encouraging her to let him remove it. Beth stopped stroking him long enough to let the big man pull the garment past her shoulders and then slip it over her arms and off.
With her jacket gone, J had a better view of that creamy cleavage he had been admiring since he saw her. Although she was a petite woman, he could tell she had amazing breasts. He wasted no time in brushing his large hand up her side, lightly feeling the ridges of her rib cage, until he found the plump firmness of her tit flesh straining against the confines of her dress and flimsy bra. Her sensitive Tips were erect and poking through the fabric and he could easily feel the hard little point scraping against the smooth skin of his palm as he cupped and kneaded her.
Beth closed her eyes and let a little moan escape her throat. Sharp, hot electric sensations shot through her chest and down into her loins as he teased her breasts. While she continued to stroke and pull at his throbbing meat with one hand, the other reached for and found his huge dark testicles bouncing gently below. She lightly massaged and squeezed him there, feeling the heat of his molten seed churning deep inside.
J found the zipper at the back of her black evening dress and felt it glide down easily with a slight tug. He caressed the silky-soft skin of her exposed back and slid lower until he grazed the strap of her bra; with practiced skill, he unhooked it with a flick of his wrist and she felt the release of pressure against her swollen mounds. Shrugging her shoulders slightly, she helped him lower the top of the dress until it dropped down almost completely – snagging briefly on her hardened Tips. They both looked down as he reached out and pulled on the fabric. With tantalizing patience, he first uncovered her puffy pink areolas . . .then the twin points of her turgid buttons aching for attention. 
Unable to stand the teasing any longer, she quickly pulled her arms through the sleeves and allowed the dress to fall to her waist while she reached up and pulled his head down to her breasts. Not needing a further invitation, J slid off the love seat and kneeled in front of the overheated young woman. As she lay back and gasped, he took handfuls of her milky white flesh and rubbed his rough thumbs over her burning Tips. Beth threw her head back and bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as she thrust her chest toward him. She parted her thighs slightly to allow him access to her body, and he leaned forward and took advantage, lowering his mouth and flicking her inflamed little rosebuds with his long tongue.
“Ohhhh…uhhhh! Yes . . .right there!” She panted. Her hand dropped automatically to find and grasp his rigid tool again. In direct response to the maddening sensations he was giving her with his mouth, she frantically rubbed his straining Joystick. The more he licked and sucked at her sweet breasts, the faster she pumped her tiny fist, making him grunt and shudder. 
But he had to taste more, so he moved lower and kissed his way down to the top of her fallen dress. Tossing the bra aside, he scooted back on his haunches, reluctantly causing her to loose her grip on him. She whimpered slightly, but he reached down and firmly tugged at the rumpled dress until it slid down her torso and past her stomach . . .nearly to the secret juncture between her legs, but her grinding hips stopped his progress. Continuing his teasing game, he leaned down again and kissed the smooth, heaving surface of her belly until he could feel little wisps of hair tickling the tip of his nose. He was close enough that he could smell the musky scent of her flowing nectar.
Almost delirious with desire, Beth’s hips began to hump up and off the couch. This was what J had been waiting for. The next time she lifted up with a jerky spasm, he quickly hooked the dress and slid it down and off her slim hips – then he leaned back and pulled it the rest of the way down her writhing legs and off. Now she was Unclad and splayed out before his hungry eyes. He couldn’t believe how enticing she was – her hard, firm body looked almost virginal – with flawless caramel-colored skin glowing with Sekxual heat. Gazing lower, there was her flowering S£x, obviously moist and framed by a slight tuft of neatly trimmed dark hair. 
No longer able to contain himself, he pressed her tender thighs apart and lowered his greedy mouth to her steamy opening. Beth’s eyes flew open when she felt him taste her there. She fought to momentarily regain her senses. “No. . . Please, don’t do that!” she begged. Beth always considered oral S£x dirty and perverse. Her husband tried to get her to do it when they first explored each other sexually, but she convinced him that she was not interested. After a time he simply gave up and she was relieved. 

To Be Continued…

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