Must Read: The Prognosticator… Part 13

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Hmmmm pesman i pray this peslady doesn’t

kill you with all gesture of her towards you.

She paid your hospital bill, bailed you from

police custody and you don’t know her, i

think it was “FAYEMI” cream at work? But

she has been disturbing you before you

collect the cream, i pray we find out soon

CNN said to me after reading the text.

***I need to find out who this peslady is,

but my only nightmare was Dupe the

monitoring spirit***


CNN: Guy Now that you are free, let’s reach

Emeka shop i want to buy some wears.

Emeka was the guy that selling both guys

and ladies outfit not too far from our street,


owned a big boutique, he originated

from imo state, Tall, fair, handsome and very

friendly, he was nicknamed “NNA” most


named for ibo people resided especially at

southwestern part of Nigeria instead of

calling them their

Baptized name you would be hearing “NNA”

Though “NNA” Means friend in ibo

language same as “ABOKI” in hausa, and

“ORE” in yoruba.

Emeka is a very nice guy, most of guys in our

area usually goes to emeka shop to play

“whot card” ludo game” and draft, his shop

was never boring


Me: No lele brother we can go anytime you

are ready, but we’ll firstly go to my house i

need to take some money with me, so i can

also buy one or two things. *** we got to

my house i unlocked my door, went to

where i kept the reaming 38k i won from

nairabet, i took 5k out of it, CNN and i

headed to Emeka boutique for shopping***

We met Emeka and Abbey at the outside of

the shop the were playing “whot card” we

greet them CNN and emeka went inside

the shop, leaving Abbey and i outside.


Abbey: Pesman how far nah?


Me: Guy i dey o just that am not happy with



Abbey: What did i do to you pesman


Me: Don’t tell me you don’t know i was

robbed the day i called to sleep in your

house, that you said you were having visitor


Abbey: **Shocked** pesman i didn’t heard

anything, besides i was having visitor that

day you called me my girlfriend Sandra was

with me. so how did it happened?


Me: They broke to my room and robbed me

in front of local gun


Abbey: Are they many?


Me: Just two


Abbey: Hope they didn’t wounded you?


Me: They don’t, but i found myself on

hospital bed the following morning


Abbey: But do you know they were coming

to your house before you called me that



Me: No I don’t, i just have some feelings not

to sleep in my room that day (i lied)


Abbey: Eyah (pity) sorry brother, guess they

don’t packed your things?


Me: They left with my Ps3 and some clothes


Abbey: sorry pesman only God know best


Me: Thank you abbey


I walked into the boutique to meet CNN and

Emeka negotiating the price of the clothes

he selected, i also bought jean shirt for Dupe

as surprise gift for her when she returns

from lagos, we were about to walked out of

the boutique when one beautiful lady

walked in.

Hi Emeka please i need some beautiful

wears that i can wear to birthday party i’m

attending next tomorrow. she said to emeka

Which one would you preferred? Trouser,

gown or skirt? Emeka replied her

I think you’ll be more beautiful and Sekxy if


put on blue jean trouser and pink hakect

shirt i cuts in, she looked my face our eyes

met she smiled and said


Girl: Oh! Handsome man, you know fashion,

have you ever participated in Mister Nigeria

before? I love the way you Dressed and you

are looking cute


Me: Thanks dear you are also a beautiful


the type of lady all the men in the world

will be praying to have


Girl: Woow.. Sugarcoated mouth, i think we

have to talk, let me buy what i was here

for, so we can talk outside


Girl: **She faced Emeka** please give me

blue jean trouser with pink hacket shirt as

suggested by my friend


Me: **Hmmmm “fayemi” cream at work, she

paid for the cloths and we walked out of

boutique together with CNN, we reached

outside and this conversation followed

between the girl and i**


Me: So where is the venue for the birthday?


Girl: will you come?


Me: If iam invited


Girl: YOU are already invited


Me: By who?


Girl: By me christabel


Me: **so her name was christabel** That’s

great my friend and i will be there


Girl: Give me your number, so i can remind

you tomorrow


Me: Ok 08032*****


Girl: i should saved it with?


Me: Pesman **my phone rang that



Girl: Its me pesman you can save mine with



Me: is that your name?


Girl; Yes


Me: Beautiful name


Christabel: Thanks pesman, but when you

are coming to the party don’t come with

your girlfriend.


Me: *shocked* why?


Christabel: You are going to stand as my

boyfriend for the occasion


Me: What of your boyfriend?


Christabel: Am “SS”


Me: *pity* sorry dear, so because you are an

“SS” people were running from you


Christabel: *smiled* pesman i wasn’t talking

about genotype


Me: But what are you talking a

Christabel: Am talking about status


Me: Still don’t get it


Christabel: Ok “SS” mean “single and



Me: Oh! That’s good abbreviation, so you

were searching?


Christabel: i don’t think am searching



Me: Have you found anyone?


Christabel: Yes i have


Me: That’s amazing. my regard to him


Christabel: How could you be greeting



Me: **Confused** Greeting myself as how?


Christabel: You are my man already


“Pesman the cream you rubbed done dey

work, don’t dull yourself CNN whispered to

my ear.


Me: Oh my love, i just don’t want to be too

forward, i love you even before we met have

been dreaming about you, and i think we


become perfect couple. I love you Christabel

please i want you to be mine ** i quickly

took the advantage of spiritual cream i

robbed ** will you be mine?


Christabel: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I will, she kissed



My phone vibrated on our way home, it was

a call from the “monitoring spirit” (Dupe) my

heart skipped,

“This girl again”

“she has found out i had encounter with


“Why she was calling me by this time?”

“Pesman stop acting like a kid”

“After all you are a man”

“You are going to be the head of the family”

“Abi you want your woman to be controlling


“Ogbeni jaraa e (wise up my friend)”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 15, 2017 — 8:17 pm

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