Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 2

By Naija Verdict…
have you seen Addy?’ Simi asked.
Simisola Owen-Browne, daughter to one of LasGidi’s biggest oil magnates was not really worried about Addy’s disappearance. She only missed Aduke’s lap dog adulation of everything that spewed forth from her mouth. It was hard to get that kind of dedication these days.
Simi knew that the nice things she often bought from her frequent trips to London and America had helped to grow Addy’s love but it didn’t really matter. She had bought all her friends over with gifts at one point or the other. A perfume here, a scarf there and a bag if absolutely necessary.
‘I haven’t seen or heard from her Simz, she’s a big girl, I’m sure she can take care of herself’ responded Tessy.
Theresa Obum is the youngest child of her parents. Often referred to as the love child because she arrived long after her parents had decided to stop having children, long after the family money had disappeared. All Theresa had was the Obum family name. Her irritating siblings had spent all the money before she arrived, a 4kg squealing baby, put in her 47 year old mum’s arms on that dry harmattan morning. Thankfully, her mother was a hoarder, who never threw anything away so, the baby things from the previous babies were on hand to be re-used for this one.
Theresa grew up wearing her brother’s old clothes. It did not matter that they were hand me downs. Mother made sure she remembered that these clothes were the best quality, bought in London – Em and Ess to be precise. After all, an Obum baby should wear nothing less than the best.
Theresa made it her duty to remind everyone that she is an Obum. She had once overheard some jealous idiots say theirs was a long forgotten wealth and that the family was living on past glory. It didn’t matter. Her name opened doors in this society and their house in Ikoyi was still standing in all its glory. Yes, it required a new lick of paint and some new furniture, but it was theirs. After all it has always been all about area codes in LasGidi circles.
‘Actually, the last time I saw her was last night at Club W, I wonder who your handbag went with’ Tessy responded
‘I have told you to stop calling her my handbag. She is a really nice girl. Whats your problem with her?’ Simi knew this was Tessy’s way of ensuring she, Simi, was dependent on her and their friendship. Tessy was always jealous of new friends
‘My problem is that you just take a nobody and give her a ticket into our lives and carry on as though she is one of us’ responded Tessy, eyes flashing
‘I’m not ready to go into all of that, Tess, i’m a good judge of character and that girl is really nice’ Simi said. She was frantically typing on the phone, trying to connect with Addy
’Shtt her number is off’ said Simi, frustrated that she could not get through
’She’s fine, Addy is a big girl. Let’s look for what we will wear to the Williams’ party tomorrow…’ says Tessy
‘My gut feeling says I should call Peter o’ Simi interjected
‘Which Peter? Her rag of a boyfriend who looks down his stupid nose at us? Do not involve me in that matter okay? Tessy’s reaction was fiery
Simi decides to dial Peter’s number and then changes her mind. Tessy is right, Peter does not seem to like them very much.
Addy held on to the edge of the bath tub as she slowly climbed out of it.
She reached for one of the fluffy pink towels on the rack and wrapped it around her body. She leant against the wall and slid down. She looked just like a child’s forgotten rag doll. Tired and abandoned.
Aduke willed herself to remember what had happened.
As she closed her eyes to try to remember, she heard a series of short raps on the door. She quickly got up and reached for the silk house robe hanging behind bathroom door and donned it. As she walked out of the bathroom, she met one of the shortest men she had ever seen in her life. He had bulging eyes. She jumped back in shock but calmed herself down when she noticed he was wearing something that looked like a waiter’s uniform. They wore those in Simi’s parent’s house too, she thought.
‘Good morning Madam. I am Angus’ he said. His fake smile did not reach his eyes
‘Good morning Mr. Angus’ she responded
‘I trust Madam slept well? Shall I draw the curtains back for you? Would you like tea of coffee?’ he enquired
‘Yes thanks… no leave them as they are. The bed side lamps are quite fine’ She had turned on the soft lamps before she ventured out of bed.
‘Is anyone else home?’ she reckoned this was the most subtle way to find out who she was with and how she came to be here from a domestic staff.
‘No, oga has gone. It is just the driver and I at home. We have been told to expect the P.A. who will be here to see you soon’
‘Gone where?’ Addy wondered but something else had caught her attention
‘P.A to see mm…. ah ok’ Addy had to be sharp so she tried hard to hide her confusion from Angus.
‘Could I be left alone for now?’ She requested
‘As you wish Madam. Tea or coffee?’ he asked
‘None, Angus, thank you’ she dismissed him, she craved her privacy
He walked to the door, opened it and gave a tiny bow before he exited the room.

To Be Continued…

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