Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 3

By Naijaverdict…

needed to figure out how she came to be here and she had to do this before any P.A arrived. Only God knows what nonsense they were coming to accuse her of.
If only Peter could be here right now. Her kind Peter, the only calm in her life’s messy storm. She loved him so much. The one person who single handedly fights for her and shows her unconditional love. The only one who knows her true story and has worked so hard to help with her education.
Peter it was, who helped to publicise the Spa her Aunty Tokunboh grudgingly asked her to manage, Peter it was who paid for and encouraged her to start her online university course – the one nobody else knew about.
It was him she wanted right now. As she cuddled on the bed in a foetal position, holding the pillow to her chest, she realised that she wanted her boyfriend so much but she really should not have him right now.
Peter had not been in support of her new friends, he had told her to be careful. She remembered the fights they had over Simisola, Tessy and Anita. Peter told her to stop hanging on Simi’s every word and to stop acting like a puppy dog. That was the first time they would ever have that type of heated fight. She yelled at him and warned him not to choose friends for her. It was the first of many fights. In his usual manner, Peter just calmly got up and left the room. He did not even slam the door. That was her Peter. Too controlled, too calm.
No, Peter must not see her like this. Not in this circumstance. She still needed to understand why her body felt like this. Her gut instincts told her Tessy, Simi and Anita might have a clue. She would ring Simi right away.
Her phone was in the designer purse she had loaned from Simi, which sat daintily on the nightstand. As she pulled it out, she hissed. Her battery was depleted and she had no charger.
She remembered that they had so much to drink, they had mixed drinks because it was abundant. She remembered mixing tequila and champagne with a little rum, just for fun. She remembered Tessy showing her a pill and telling her it was their little secret. She remembered the crowd at the house in the teak panelled sitting room. The sitting room was dimly lit. Just enough for you to make out people, but not their faces.
It was coming together slowly, too slowly for her liking.
She wondered why she should not recall Tessy or Simi being in that group. She remembered the strange music and the fun games. She was ashamed to recall that there were a many other ladies in various forms of undress… her voice was the loudest.
She remembered gyrating to the music and dancing on the centre table in only her thongs and high heeled shoes. Her bra and dress disposed off.
Even recalling these things made her so ashamed. She recalled being made a human stool as one of the men crossed his legs on her Unclad back. Another later put lines of white powder and sniffed it off her back. She remembered touching other women while the men watched, touched themselves and cheered them on. She recalled being encouraged to do more, be more adventurous. She remembered conceding to the requests. She sucked, kissed and licked a lot. She knew at that point, her mind was playing tricks on her. She would never touch a woman. Never! Ever!
What she could not recall were the other things. She knew now that she had had intercourse but could not remember who with, how many people and what kind. Her body told a story of its own.
Her brain blurred out at that point. It refused to cooperate. Perhaps if she rested some more, it would come rushing at her. Why could she not remember her friends being at the party with her? Were they in another part of the house, also as confused as she?
She no longer wanted Peter. She knew now that this must be hidden from him, she could not afford to break his heart like this. Peter, her only ray of sunshine could not be hurt like this. She must get away, lick her wounds at Simi’s and mentally prepare herself, armed with a good story before she sees Peter.
As always, a plan got her going.
Aduke rushed out of bed and looked around the room for her underwear and clothes. She saw them neatly folded on the comfortable looking recliner in the corner of the room and decided to wear them. She did not need to wait and see any P.A. She had to get out of here as fast as possible.
The state of her dress told of a more gory story. Foundation, Lipstick and drink stains were all over the dress. She sat down and put her face in her hands. ‘Oh God, what have I done?’ The foundation and lipstick weren’t even in the shade she wears. It wasn’t even in only one shade!
‘Oh my God! Don’t tell me that I really kissed women too’ Addy was sad but decided to get on with it. She could not find her panties but it was okay, she needed to rush out of here. It was bad enough that the butler had seen her like this. She wondered if he folded her clothes or brought her to the room. No wonder his eyes had been so cold. Who knew what he had witnessed.
She needed to rush out of here right now. she quickly put her dress on.
As she opened the door, she was lucky not to walk into the fist that was already raised, poised to knock on the door.
The person was much taller than she was, so she had to tilt her head back to look up into the face of the person who had come to disturb her. It was a familiar face.
Sometimes, wishes come true. She had longed for her boyfriend. He was here. Peter was the P.A. she had been asked to expect.
Addy’s heart lurched. Is this what a heart attack feels like? Her chest was so tight and it hurt so bad. She peeked into his face again knowing it would wear a frown, a look of confusion and one of disappointment.
The strange thing was that Peter did not seem surprised to see her. No frown, no disappointment, no nothing.
Addy wondered why. The ache in her Buttocks now matched the one in her chest…

To Be Continued..

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