Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 4

By Naija Verdict…
Peter stood at the threshold, he knew things had forever changed between himself and Aduke.
His Aduke whom he loved and trusted so much had now turned out to be one of the ladies that he often came here to ‘convince’ to sign a confidentiality form. This ‘afterthought confidentiality’ form was odd but Peter was now used to it. It wasn’t very difficult to convince the girls. The thick wad of dollar bills usually did the trick. These girls always knew what they were in for. They did it for the money.
In extreme cases, the suggested hint of the existence of video recordings of the lewd acts performed the previous night was enough to get people to comply. This had only been used once with the daughter of Debo Craig, a political stalwart. She willingly complied and thereby fettered herself and her dad into perpetual bondage.
He had been curious about this participant. Thus far, this is the most generous that Alhaji had been with his money, his beloved dollars. He had wondered what this lady had done that was so special. He knew if he spoke to Davis, the most trusted of the P.As, he could get to watch the video. Sometimes they did this just to get a thrill.
He hadn’t given much thought as to what to expect but certainly not this. Not his Aduke. Nothing prepared him for this.
She had willingly participated in this sick thing – part orgy, part bukkake. Worse still, there were video evidences to show for it. Evidences that could be used as blackmail at the slightest opportunity. His heart broke into several little shards but his awareness of all the video cameras in the corridor and in the rooms kept him from giving in to the building rage within him. He had to keep his calm and remain professional.
‘Good day Madam, my name is Peter, I am Alhaji’s P.A. I will guide you through the forms and give you the money you negotiated with him. The words were choking him as he said them. It was as though he was swallowing poison.
‘He asked me to give you a generous tip because he feels you performed exceedingly well. He has also specifically asked for your telephone number so that you can participate in other parties with him and his friends. If you are willing to be recontacted, you would have to expressly say so’.
Peter would have rather swallowed a bullet than utter these words but what else could he do? He had a job to do and he was possibly being watched.
He looked at her and saw the confusion that marred her features. It was obvious this was not the reaction she would have expected in the present circumstances.
He needed to conclude this deal and get out of here. This house too, will hold terrible memories for him but he was a professional at managing bad memories.
Aduke was truly as confused as Peter had imagined her to be. She began to speak and cry all at once suddenly unable to breathe or swallow. She felt her heart would combust in her chest.
She wondered why he was acting so strangely.
‘Peter, she sobbed, I don’t know how I got here. I think I have been set up by someone. I can’t remember anything’ He was looking at her like he didn’t know her at all. His eyes were hard as granite.
Peter did not comment as he turned to set the brief case on the dressing table in the room. He proceeded to bring some forms out. He was so organised and calm.
She sunk to her knees and held on to his legs from behind. This had always worked with him. He always conceded arguments to her once she showed her baby, submissive side. But it did not work just now. He calmly removed her hands and passed the forms to her whilst she was still kneeling.
‘Section A requires that you fill your name and address…’ Peter began to explain the forms, desperate to leave this place
‘Peter please I don’t know what happened it, the last thing I remembered is that the…’ she interrupted him before he could complete the sentence
‘If you could sit here, I will explain the details of the form to you .. he interrupted at once, pointing to the stool beside the dresser. This kneeling business was further annoying him.
‘Peter, please… it was the dev..’ she tried to talk again
“Pay close attention to wordings here’ he ignored her as he carried on, trying to show her a section of the form
“Pee, it was the devil..but she kept quiet the second she started the sentence, suddenly frightened by the ferocious glint in his eyes.
“Look Bytch, shut the Fork up! Permit me to do my job. What happened is past already, YOU are past already. Your rented Kittycat is past already. Do you understand me? Now, we both need to earn a living. I get mine after 30 days and you get yours after a night of hard work. Bloody Bytch! Bloody LovePeddler!’. This was issued through Peter’s gritted teeth.
Aduke recoiled as though he had slapped her, her eyes showed the pain. This was not her Peter. This vile talking person. Or was it him? Her Peter had never doubted her. This Peter did not believe her. Her rock had crumbled.
As though in a trance, she picked up Simi’s borrowed purse, opened the door and walked out. She did not know where she was going but knew she had to leave this place. A part of her hoped Peter would try to stop her. This wish did not come through. She left without bothering to wear her shoes. They were neatly tucked in her underarms.
Immediately she walked out, Peter sank on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. He cried for his lost love, he cried for the broken promises, he cried for the dreams that would never materialise.
By the time, his heart was dry and he came back to his senses, Aduke had been allowed past the gates with the belief that Oga P.A had sealed the deal with her.
Peter was spent. He had not cried this hard since the night his mother died. A little, fatherless eight year old boy whose whole world depended on that woman who left him without notice.
Aduke was long gone but he knew where to find her if he ever had to. Not that he ever would for she too had checked out without notice. He had never expected this.

To Be Continued…

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