Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 5

By NaijaVerdict…

Aduke must have walked for a very long time. She was unsure of how long she had been walking for. All she knew was that she found herself on the pedestrian bridge near Lekki Sand Filled. The one near the popular Oriental hotel.
As she stood there, she watched cars zip by. It was very unlike LasGidi, these free roads.
She felt a tap. ‘Aunty please don’t jump, God will solve everything’. She startled, scared at first, but she later realised it was someone concerned enough to reach out.
She turned and shook her head. She won’t commit suicide. Not today, not ever. She had been through worse. The kind lady watched her for a few minutes and perhaps after she figured out that Aduke won’t kill herself today, she left.
She knew she was being strange. she was no visitor to this strange zone. Before today she had been certain that she had left all the strangeness behind forever. She had found her special slice of heaven, a place she belonged to, she had found Peter.
She was surprised that regardless of the passage of time, emotions could be so similar. That anger, the helplessness, the quest to be heard and perhaps saved, it was all the same.
She was no stranger to this eerie strangeness.
This was the same strangeness she had felt when Edet, her uncle’s houseboy had tricked her into the uncompleted building across the house and turned their innocent friendship into something sordid. That was her first time and it really hurt.
When she cried at the intrusion and betrayal, Edet laughed, told her to be a big girl and sauntered off zipping his dirty trousers.
It was the same strangeness she felt when her uncle’s headlights caught them – Edet walking into the gate and she limping slowly behind him in pain.
Her uncle had handled the issue properly. He sacked Edet and refused to tell her Mummy. Her uncle knew what Edet had done and had kept it a secret. She felt safe again.
It was a short lived feeling of security because her uncle took over. He timed it, sent everyone on errands and had his way with her over and over and over. He threatened to expose her when she said she would report.
And report she did, to her mum and Aunty Toks who both told her shut her up. She felt strange but must never discuss it, never soil the family name. Ever.
Her Peter knew all this, yet he loved her. She must sort this issue out. she must make him realise that it was not her fault. She had been set up and she knew who had done it.She would deal appropriately with the suspects. She was after all no stranger to vendetta. They would pay.
She was no longer that helpless girl.
But first, she must get to Peter.
Aduke started walking again. This time, towards the bus stop. She didn’t wear her shoes till she descended the pedestrian bridge. She boarded a bus heading home towards Ajah.
She must explain to Peter, this time, she will get him to believe her
Peter slammed the door of his Toyota Camry and drove out of Alhaji’s house in a blind rage. Yinusa, Alhaji’s maiguard did not understand this. It was very unusual to see an angry Oga Peter.
Peter’s feet on the pedals were on autopilot. He was determined to have a drink at his favourite bar on Admirality way. E-bar had helped him drown many sorrows and this would be no different. It took him several moments to realise it was still early afternoon and he really should not be drinking outside so early.
‘So, no Ebar; he thought to himself, ‘perhaps I should go home’ he thought, but then decided to park so he could calm down. He drove into the street by Avalon house just so that he could see the New Lekki Bridge and watch life go by. He was unsure of how long he had been there. Perhaps one hour, maybe more. He decided to head home.
Just as he started the engine, his phone rang. It was Eno, the receptionist in the office. She had the hots for him. She was an irritant and today was no different.
‘Hello, Peter. How Saturday now?’ she greeted. ‘Fine.’
‘I came to visit my friend in that Ajah side. Are you home? she asked ‘No’
‘Okay, until later’ He cut the phone before she could complete the last syllable.
Thankfully, traffic was light. He was on his street in no time. Unfortunately, he saw Eno just at the junction by his street waiting to board a bus. She had gotten into the car before he could say hello. ‘Ha, Peter, this is God at work. I will know your house today’
In no mood for words, Peter drove home. ‘Your house is fine o. Who did the curtains?’ Peter removed his shoes and lay on the three seater. Face up, eyes closed, forearm across his face.
He smelt her perfume before he felt her touch. Her lips were oh so soft. Peter was amazed at his response. He was angry yet so horny. It had not been long since he touched a woman but this was different. This angry, forbidden, pulsating erection.
It was as though he was seeing Eno with new eyes, so well rounded, so Sekxy, her full breasts squashed against his chest. She was a bad kisser, too much saliva but it felt so good. No time for foreplay, he hiked her skirt up, dragged her g-string down one leg. He pushed her aside to remove his jeans and free his angry manhood. Before she knew what was happening, he was in.
He slammed into her warm, wet, waiting hole and immediately knew she had been ready for him since she jumped into the car.
Just as he revved up for more strokes, he heard someone trying to open the anti-burglary door outside the flat. ‘For today, I’m not home’ decided Peter as he continued….

To Be Continued…

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