Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 6

By Naija Verdict…

As she rattled the gate, Mama Faith got angrier. She was not going to give up, she had seen his car parked outside and needed to give him a piece of her mind. ‘All these irresponsible young men with small change are the worst neighbours one can have’. She hissed and shook the anti burglary gate some more.
Mama Faith and Peter are neighbours in the same apartment building.
Mama Faith did not care that Peter might be fast asleep. He had deprived the whole compound of water this morning by not pumping last night. To make matters worse, he had gone out very early this morning. She stood there as she contemplated her options. To knock some more or not?
Just as that was going on, Addy walked into the compound and saw Peter’s car. She had not expected that he would be home. This threw her off her plans. She had planned that he would meet her at home, kneeling and begging, Unclad.
Well, she would have to still make it work somehow. She was bracing herself up for the task ahead as she ascended the steps that led to their flat. She was lucky not to collide with Mama Faith, who as usual, was in a fit of anger and rushing down the stairs.
This time, her anger was caused by Peter who had forgotten to pump water for the block of flats. Addy tried to pacify her as she reassured her that she would rush to pump it before PHCN took the light. She brought out her keys from her bag to reassure the woman of her promise to act swiftly and succeeded in avoiding more drama.
Not a second must waste before she got to her Peter to convince him.
She used her keys to open the anti burglary and noticed the sitting room door was ajar, the door way was covered by the curtain she hated so much. Peter liked it. He had said it gave him the freedom to open the front door without people seeing what’s going on indoors.
She heard heard Peter’s moan and final grunt before she saw him shudder in ecstasy. She knew that moan, she was the only one who was supposed to elicit it from him.
It was as though she was in a bad dream. Everything around her blurred apart from Peter and the fair skinned girl in an awkward state of undress. Her skirt was hiked up, around her waist just like jigida waist beads and her blouse had several buttons undone. Her brassiere was neither off nor on, one rosy Tip winking at her through the sheer top.
Addy saw a look of victory flit past the girl’s face. She was not very concerned with the girl. She was only interested in the bastard she had been rushing here for.
‘Peter, what is this?’ Shouted Aduke ‘What are you doing? Who is this?’
She saw a look of regret quickly cross his face but as fast as it had appeared, it was replaced with something else. Was it a lack of concern she saw? or revenge? Peter calmly got up and began to dress up just as Aduke walked up to him and pushed him.
Her heart was now in shreds and Peter did not seem to care.
‘Peter, how long has this been going on? So you’ve had this Bytch stashed up, waiting for me to make a mistake abi? Queried Aduke
‘Please o, I am not a Bytch’ responded Eno who now looked really silly in her state of undress, she had been itching to jump into the conversation.
Eno knew Aduke very well, she had seen her on many occasions and had been envious of the relationship between Peter and his girlfriend. She had always wanted to be the ‘girlfriend’.
Aduke had never seen Eno before. She didn’t want to see her now.
‘Answer me! Answer me Peter! With each syllable, her voice rose higher.
‘You want answers? You no longer have a right to those from me. You lost that right when you sold yourself to the highest bidder last night. Read my lips, You will never get answers from me, ever again!’ Aduke was shocked at his cold response.
‘Peter, me? How can you talk to me like this?’ responded Aduke
‘Yes, Aduke Shapade, you! Leave me alone and get the hell out of my house’ yelled Peter
‘Leave the guy alone na, he said you should go’ taunted Eno, they both needed to remember she was here.
‘Shut the Fork up Bytch! I have nothing to say to you. As for you’, she said, pointing at Peter, ‘you know me very well o, You know that yesterday was a genuine mistake but if this is how you want to play it, then, let’s go there’ threatened Aduke
‘Peter, did you hear her? She called me a Bytch!’ Hoping Peter would jump to her defence but this was not to be.
Peter answered neither woman. He turned on the TV set with the remote and began to scroll through the DSTV stations, looking for a football match to watch. Any match would do, even if it was an old replay.
Aduke silently looked at him for a few minutes. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Eno eyeing her but she didn’t care. She then swung into action, went into the room and packed a few clothes, took the cash she had brought home on Thursday – earnings from the Spa which she had forgotten to deposit at the bank on Friday morning, and she left.
As she got to the gate, she realised that she had forgotten her phone charger. So, she had to turn back. As she entered the flat, she heard Peter telling the lady to ‘Fork off’. She couldn’t understand it, but, she was happy to hear this. Yet, she was still so very angry with him.
She exited again and headed for Mama Faith’s shop outside the house. This store had saved her from many unplanned guests in the past.

To Be Continued…

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