Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 7

By NaijaVerdict…

Aunty Aduke, wetin come do you wey your face strong like this? asked the nosy Mama Faith
‘Nothing Mama Faith, I just wan charge my phone’ responded Aduke
‘Una Nepa Card don finish ba? Tell Peter make he buy o, he must pump that water’ Mama Faith was back on her water campaign ‘Na him talk say make Oga Land Lord put the pump switch for him house because na him sabi book pass all of us’
As soon as the phone was plugged and partially charged, an influx of text messages and bbm chats came in. Most were from Simi and Peter. Anita also sent one asking if she had Simi’s shoes with her.
*B, where are you?*, *B, Tessy said she saw you in the bathroom with some old friends, that you are ok, we are leaving now*, *Morning, haven’t heard from you* *Ok, I’m getting worried now*,*Aduke, call me*, *Aduke, I will kill you if you are okay and I’m just worrying for nothing* These were all texts and bbm chats from Simi.
*Baby, hope you held your keys, I’m hanging out with the boys at E-bar tonight* That one was from Peter, the romantic turned bastard. He must have sent it at some point last night.
Aduke decided to call Simi and as soon as she said ‘Hello, Simi’, she burst into tears.
“Addy, Addy, whats the matter? Please don’t cry, calm down, are you okay? Where are you? Should I come for you? Asked Simi in rapid succession, worried for her friend.
Mama Faith had by this time, lost interest in the radio programme she had been listening to and paid rapt attention to Aduke who realised she must shut up, otherwise, the whole of Ajah will know what happened.
‘Simz, are you home? Can i come over? she asked
‘Of course,I’m home. Come now’ said Simi
Aduke got up, thanked Mama Faith and boarded the first taxi she saw. This was not the evening she had planned at all.
Simi and Anita listened with rapt attention as Aduke told of her experience. She told them everything. She told of how she felt she had been drugged, the things she had done, how Peter had nabbed her in the pink room and how she had just seen Peter banging another lady. It was indeed her worst 24 hours in a long time
Simi was very sympathetic, Anita, also known as The Thug advised her to take it in good faith. ‘Well, Addy, it’s a hard knocked life. I don’t think Tessy meant to set you up. She probably just wanted to make you loosen up a little bit.
‘Addy, I would resolve everything between you and Tessy, you will see she’s not like that. She could not have set you up. She said you were with friends from school in th bathroom. Can’t you remember? You must’ve been really zonked out’ Simi laughed
‘Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Anita, do you remember on our trip to Amsterdam, Doyin Craig did more drinks than she could handle….’ and thus began the me too’s and do you remember stories.
She knew Simi and Anita were only trying to make her feel better about what had happened.
“Addy, it is okay to stay with me till you get on you get back on your feet or resolve with Peter’ offered Simi.
‘Thanks Simz’ Aduke was grateful even though she still wasn’t sure if she should have divulged all the gory details to her new friends.
As she opened her eyes, Simi yelled a really loud Merry Christmaaas Addddyyy!!!!! Simi had been looking forward to Christmas all morning. Her Daddy had promised her a huge gift.
It had been three long weeks since ‘the incidence’. Three weeks of being cold to Tessy, three weeks of pondering over her life, and most importantly three weeks of no Peter. He had not called her yet and the three times she had been unable to hold herself back and called, he hadn’t picked up. She did not tell this to her friends. They had been praising her for being so strong.
Simi’s Christmas Day excitement was supposed to be contagious but Addy just could not feel the Christmas mood even if she tried. This was no Christmas to remember. She was running out of money. Sha had spent so much from the Spa account and knew that this was the one thing her Aunty Tokunboh would never forgive. But, she didn’t want to beg Simi for money
She needed to raise money somehow. Aunty Tokuboh would be home in the middle of January, so she needed to replace the spent money fast. Perhaps, she should give in to the silly plan that she had been suppressing. Perhaps, she should stop worrying about it and just do it.
She will call Peter and ask for her money. He had called her a Bytch and a LovePeddler. Well, perhaps, she was. Just as he was also a messenger that never delivered his errand.
Aduke decided to ask Peter for the money he had been sent to give her three weeks ago. After all it was her own or wasn’t it?
So on Christmas Morning, while all the joyful cheer was going on in most LasGidi homes, Aduke was calling Peter’s number.
As she listened to the irritating caller tunes, waiting for the call to connect, she wondered if she was wrong to do this. She also wondered if he would pick up this time. She had a plan….

To Be Continued…

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