Must Read: The Rich Kids Of LAGOS (16+)… Part 9

By NaijaVerdict…

You are an embarrassment to womanhood, in fact, a shame to humanity. I cannot believe that I ever dated you!’ responded Peter
‘Thanks sir. Can I have my money please? You know what? You are just a sanctimonious fool and you have no rights to be preaching rubbish to me when your own useless life is not perfect’ responded Aduke, bolder now
She knew that the line had been cut this time when there was no response to her frantic hellos. She hissed and knew she had to lie down because this tension was getting to her. It looked like getting the money from Peter could be a little harder than she imagined. Just as she turned, she saw Tessy still standing there.
She was shocked to see her for Addy thought she had left,
‘Is that ur Peter boyfriend? Simi and The Thug told me about him. Wasn’t he banging another girl or something too? There was something new in Tessy’s eyes. She could not place it.
‘Yes that was him. I’m sure they told you he is Alhaji’s P.A shey? Addy did not care this was Tessy, she needed someone in her corner
‘They did. I doff my hat to you. You are one tough, ballsy, no – nonsense chick. I would never have thought you had it in you’ Aduke realised the new look in Tessy’s eyes was respect
‘But why are you going to him to ask for money? asked Tessy.
‘I’m running out of cash’ the response was simple.
‘How can you run out, you are with Simi. Oh, I have noticed that you’ve also been paying for food and drinks at restaurants. No wonder!’ Tessy laughed long and hard at Addy
‘Look here, Simi’s family has more money than you can imagine. Do you know how connected her dad is? Don’t you know he owns an oil block in this country? People have even been advising him to run for Governor next election. To put it simply, when you are with Simi, all you have to do is manage to breathe. Everything else is taken care of. That’s why we are here with her on Christmas Day. You think I don’t have my own family?’ explained Tessy
‘That is definitely reassuring but, I would like to have my own money’ said Aduke stubbornly. How would she tell them she needed to repay the money from the Spa before Aunty Tokunboh’s return?
‘Look, from one hustler to the next, I am telling you that you are fully covered! Relax!’ said Tessy
‘I am no hustler, Tessy’. responded Addy
‘Hahahahah! This is the joke of the century. Where did Simi pick you up from again? Were you not a waitress or something? teased Tessy
‘I have never been a waitress. I manage a Spa!’ Aduke was getting really angry now. What kind of day was this turning out to be?
‘To-mah-to, To-may-to’ said Tessy ‘In these circles, its all one and the same. The only jobs we reckon with are personally owned businesses – we know its just to kill boredom, top bank jobs and the oil jobs. Every other thing is waitressing okay? said Tessy with a roll of her huge eyes
In no mood for arguments, Addy nodded and said ‘Fine’. She was hoping Tessy would exit now.
‘Addy, to show you how truly repentant I am, I can help you get your money off Peter. One thing I hate is cheating and since you worked your Buttocks off for that money, it is rightfully yours’ said a straight faced Tessy
Aduke didn’t know whether to be angry or not. Did Tessy mean to say it like that or was she being purposely obtuse? This their circle and their wahala sef.
‘I know some people who are higher than him in Alhaji’s office. If we let them know your money is still with Peter, his Buttocks is fried. We can threaten him first and then see how that goes. I can cook up a plan for you. Just that we will effect it only in the first week of January. By the time we are done, the idiot would not know what hit him!’ Tessy’s brains were working now.
Addy unthinkingly agrees to the plan. She did not pause to consider how Tessy knew those people.
‘Now, rest your head over money matters. Sleep, then get dressed because we are all going out later. Some of our friends just got back for the holidays and we would like to hang out with them. Try to take my cue and do as I do when we go out okay? Addy was amazed that Tessy of all people would become a self assigned fairy God Mother to her.
She was glad to have someone looking out for her.
She weighed her options and wondered if she was truly safe…

To Be Continued…

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