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Things happen for some people, just like that. They are born with a silver spoon, attend the best schools and find themselves in the most powerful circles throughout out life. For others it is a long arduous climb up the social ladder with the end result justifying the means. The star witnesses would regale us with the stories of their escapades once a week, on Thursdays. 
You can make comments if you like, but try hard not to judge anyone because our journeys and destinations are all different. So, we start shortly……
Aduke, now re-christened Addy opened her eyes and squinted. The morning rays were flitting in through the windows again. She hated it when this happened because it reminded her of that morning many years ago.
She resolved not to go down that memory lane this morning.
First, she had to figure out how the hell she came to be in this plush room. Judging from the curtains that draped the windows, the beautiful teak dresser and the adjoining door that revealed the all pink en-suite bathroom, she was certain that this was not her room.
She wondered if she was in was heaven because apart from the wooden doors, dresser and pink bathroom, everything else was white. The bed frame was made of white padded leather, the bed sheet and duvet and even the bedside rugs were all white. The smell of quality leather wafted into her nostrils and she figured that this came from the headboard of the bed.
She wondered how she came to be here and tried to jog her memory
The last thing she was sure of was that she and her new friends had dressed up last late night, determined to paint the town red. Addy wondered where the girls were right now. She wondered if she was experiencing a black out. The one she had recently studied in her online class where it was argued that during a black out, your brain is actually not doing any recording. She was determined to recall the events of the night before.
‘But first, let me clean up’ Addy thought to herself.
She tried to get out of bed fast and collapsed right back. Her body was unused to the sudden movement. She wondered why she felt this sore.
After a five minute break, she gingerly stepped out of bed and this time she succeeded. She took tiny steps, like a toddler learning to walk and made it to the pink bathroom in one piece.
She looked around at the bathroom, impressed by its size and the luxury that beheld her eyes. She decided to run some water into the tub as she had seen the girls in the lux beauty soap advertisements do. She tested first one tap and then the other. One was hot and the other cold. She kept testing until she got the desired temperature.
Addy wished her new friends could see her right now. She once again wondered where they were but shoved the thought aside. She was determined to enjoy this bath first. The jigsaw puzzle would be fixed much later.
The second her body came in contact with the water, she wanted to jump out. She had made a mistake! This was not what she should have done. Her body stung so badly. Aduke wondered why her lower region stung so bad. She hurt in muscles that she never knew existed. Why did she feel so much pain in her frontal and rear crevices ? All this pain from one short night of partying?
What had happened? Where did the girls go? Where was she? Her anus hurt so much…

To Be Continued…

By Naija Verdict…

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