Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 33

A Story Written By Melekan… 
only if she knew i was tauting her to beg for my dicck..
I pushed her gently on the shoulder and she fell back on the bed,i started kissing her as i lay over over with her legs spread wide up and my d*ck at the entrace reminding her of what was going to come for her.
Kissing her lips,ear lobes,neck and nuzzling my way down to her b*east,i kissed them gently and slid down to her navel kissing it gently then she jerk up so hard she almost hit her head on the wall i did it again and again until she begged telling me to suck her Bosom *oh baby suck my Bosom oh yeah mummy wants you to suck them oh suck me please..* as i nuggled my way back up and placed the tip of her right br*ast between my lip biting hard and pulling at the same time..this got her wide as she dug her nails at the back of my head almost ripping my hair off i released the Tip and resumed sulking her tipps(if i die now and i get to heaven what will i say killed me?).
inter-changing my lips between the two b*east until i got bored by them i move.
down and parted her legs even wider as i climbed off the bed to pull her over the edge before i placed my lips for a deep kiss at the entrace of her glory hole,teasing,nibbling,bitting,tounge forking her as she kept whinning and jerking sometimes begging me to stop toturing her and end this already..
She Pour heavily as i saw her scream loudly,grabbing the bed sheet and strecthing herself before finally relaxing her hold.*nobody as ever made me Pour like that,melekan where did you learn to fnck like that*(mtcheew as if there was a school for that type of learning)
i didn’t reply but i scouped up some of her juice and lubricated my d!ck without warning her of my action,i slid into her in one mighty thrust,digging dip and waited for her to adjust to my length in her before i began slamming into her like a pivot.
‘/tapa topo tapa topo tapa topo tap tap tap tap’/ were the sounds that were enveloping my ears as my groins continiously slammed hard into her.
She was practically screaming with her eyes closed tightly
I didn’t know whether it was divine intervention or simply intrinsic motivation but i rammed her for an hour non-stop,my longest record of delayed orgasm.
LOLA’s pnssy walls where no longer tight by the time i finally came.
She walked funny as she went into the bathroom to clean up.
I quickly stopped my recording and headed to the bathroom to join her,LOLA was a first class ho3 imagine after all that she still wanted to know when we would meet next.. little did she know that the heartless devil had just executed a faze of her life ruining operation.
LOLA : oh melekan you almost killed me
ME : ah an it wasn’t that bad now!
LOLA : ehn i totally lost count of my multiple orgasm ah melekan you are a darling
ME : anything for you,i’ll be on my way i have to prepare myself for tommorrows burial
LOLA : whats there to prepare for,is the dead victim your family member?
ME : you won’t say that if you knew him
LOLA : okay oo but when next are we meeting?
ME : meeting for what?
LOLA : why do you like prolonging matters?
To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 25, 2017 — 11:35 pm

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  1. Hello Admin n the writer#melekan. Been waiting for update’s of d story nao..wad up wt it…

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