Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 35

A Story Written By Melekan…
I couldn’t make breakfast that morning cause i wasn’t in the mood to cook(thumbs up to the ladies).So i dressed up in white polo shirt and black trousers with black shoe to match.

Wrist-watch on my right wrist;time check 8am,time to fly as i picked my car keys and strode out my door only to collide with the nervous looking TOPE (remi’s sister).I locked my door sparing only a glace,exchanged pleasantries and walked towards my car only to be stopped by a thick voice calling out my name.

REMI : melekan ! wait please can you help my sister to the junction,am on leave and i don’t plan to go out

ME : anything for you man

REMI : thanks brother,oya Tope go and enter the car or you want him to beg you?

TOPE : *looking downcast* no am going ah

ME : the door is not locked

REMI : ehn em melekan this one that you are dressed like this aren’t you going to work?

ME : my brother no ooo,the C.E.O died jare,going to his burial

REMI : eyah! that nice man! my condolenses

ME : thanks,or would you like to come?

REMI : no thanks..
*Nah You Sabi*i thought and entered my car,starting up the engine and drove along the street avoiding any glace with this troubled looking damsel sitted by my side.

Tope dropped at the junction and waved goodbye but my mind was too occupied to answer,thinking of the closes boutique to get a black shirt before heading towards AISHA’s father house where the funneral was scheduled to hold.

Only to get to mystery boutique and spot BAYO wooing a lady and holding a black shirt in his hand.(mtcheew MEN dishonest creatures)

As a man;you don’t rat on a guy even if you caugth him in such a scene,i quietly went browsing and found a black shirt that was just my size although i didn’t fancy the shirt that much but hey its a burial not some wedding ceremony.

As I was about paying for the shirt,BAYO’s eyes locked with mine and i gave him a warm smile indicating that he was safe.

I walked out after paying,changed my shirt in my car only to spot an extremely mesmerizing figure infront of my car staring directly at me.

*let me describe her*(guys oya come and listen)

Average heigth,hair packed in a face cap,extremely pink lips certainly not lipstick,average bossom,tight fitted shirt and demin trousers,athletic shoes,and BEAUTIFUL eyes..

God!! it was as if i had just found some treasure like during an ultimate search.

She stroden into the boutique,a perfectly shaped moderate hass (chai eledumare!) tomboys nature of dressing but walked in perfect elegance.

I had to shake my head to clear my mind from my sudden analysis but something deep in me just wanted to reach out at her.

So,I re-emerged into the boutique but this time in fully blacks.It doesn’t take much time to spot the sun in the sky,as i walked towards her my confidience dropping with each step i took.God! whats happening to me?

I finally stood by her side,she was slightly shorter than i was then i cleared my throat to announce my presence but she didn’t freight one bit,i guess she knows i was standing there in the first place as she eventually turned my heart burned..

I felt light headed maybe as a result of the empty stomach but whats the excuse to my burning heart and dry lungs.

GIRL : its not polite to stare

ME : (regaining little of my confidence) am sorry but i had to

GIRL : why? (with a stern look expecting the line “you are beautiful” but instead) 

ME : i realized you look alot like my next girlfriend

GIRL : what!?

ME : no jokes,i was mesmerized at the sight of you;i knew if i drove away i would regret it for the rest of my life

GIRL : *laughs softly* oh stop it am not really worth all that.

ME : you are worth alot more than you can ever imagine

GIRL : hmm philosopher okay just how much am i worth?

ME : *smiles* a mans worth is not determined buy how much he has but how much he is willing to give away

GIRL: *softens* really?

ME : yes! but i don’t know that of a woman oh *smiles*

GIRL : oh stop it jor a woman is worth a whole lot more.

ME : *smiles* miss philosopher lets hear your theory

GIRL : am not a philosopher o (laughs out loud)

ME : am melekan


To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 2, 2017 — 12:52 pm

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