Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 36

A Story Written By Melekan…
I stretched my hand forward for an handshake,which she took abruptly.If only she knew my main motive was having her in my embrace and melting into her as our body meet.

#out of my day dreaming#

HALIMAH : so what can i do for you?

ME : my dear if only i knew i won’t be standing here

HALIMAH : you mean you don’t know what you want,then why are you talking to me?

ME : i guess its my retrospectative mind that wanted to start up a conversation with you;i just ended up being the victim

HALIMAH : hmmm,a player thats what you are

ME : i have the impression am being played right now

HALIMAH : by who?

ME : by you

HALIMAH : how is that?

ME : you really don’t know or you are faking ignorance

HALIMAH : i think i get you now

ME : now am a confused being

HALIMAH : when you don’t dim it worthy of answering a question,you fire it back to the questionier indirectly and lord over it like some king

ME : me

HALIMAH : yes you;thats what you have being doing ever since though i kinda like it but its too becoming of you

ME : whats becoming?

HALIMAH : see what i mean?

ME : NOPE but hey lets start all over again.hi am melekan

HALIMAH : halimah..(laughs out loud)

ME : *smiles* so.. hows your day going?

HALIMAH : oh just fine,would you believe some mintues ago i had this guy disturbing me,he was putting on black black

ME : *oboy,straight face as my brain reboots* Halimah as lovely as i would love to continue talking to you,i really need to get somewhere urgently

HALIMAH : a burial right!

ME : yes so please can i have your contact?

HALIMAH : i don’t have a phone

ME : i didn’t ast if you had one

HALIMAH : but you said contact didn’t you?

ME : sure,your address or better still P.O BOX

HALIMAH : /laughs/ oh please… 081… and don’t call me from 5

ME : a.m or p.m

HALIMAH : both *smiles*

ME : sure will bye *walks out the way i came*

HALIMAH : /shouts/ sure will?

ME : yeap sure will.

I walked out of the boutique and went straigth for my car.Stepped on the accelerator and drove speedly away,am sure the burial must have started.

Aisha’s father house wasn’t a house per say;it was a mini mansion.

I drove towards the parking space after being check in by the ever friend gateman and hurriedly walked into the house.

I saw some muslim scholars whose trousers refuse to touch their ankels(al-sunnah or teblick).They were sitted in a uniform pattern on the chairs as it didn’t take long for Aisha to come into the main living room where we were all sitted.I was sitting beside the talkactive BAYO when she came in,putting on an hijab and looking exquisite in it except for her red eyes.

The burial process was a fast and elegant one as the corpse was laid into the pit, wrapped in white clothing without a coffin.But before that a kind off prayer was performed on the body before being lowered into the pit and covered.

Tears refuse to flow out of my eyes even though i felt pain in my heart for the deceased and his immediate family;i remembered his words of encouragement as we proceeded back into the house,with BAYO still clinching to me closely.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 3, 2017 — 3:01 pm

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