Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 39

A Story Written By Melekan…

ME : okay,please hurry

OFFICER : ehm you know due to fuel shortage in our vehicles am very sorry we won’t be able to come but eehn i’ll advice you to hide under your bed and remember THE POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND

At the akward statment i nearly fell into tears as the line went dead,i thought of calling him back but i knew it was no use so i started thinking again until i heard voices in the corridor and crepped toward my door so swiftly even wind couldn’t catch my motion.

VOICE 1 : Oga so now that everybody is sleeping,am sure they won’t have called the police should we break down these doors?

VOICE 2 : no! the charm is very powerful,just knock their door and they would open

VOICE 3 : lets spread out then.. no time to waste

Funny enough i heard a knock on my door very close to my ear but who born me to open the door just then i heard a voice complain out and later series of voice screaming in pain.

VOICE 3 : this one no open door oh abi he still they sleep?

VOICE 2 : he no possible that one mean say nobody day..

Divine Intervention or it was my late grandmother watching over me from heaven.The good this was,their charm had no effect on me and they thought no one was in my apartment;i could use that to my advantage as i thought of the best way to fight those lousy theives.

A mans worth only begins when he is willing to die for what he believes in//.Those were the exact words of my dad the day theives came over to our home years ago,although noone was hurt but our valuables where taking in great quantity even up to the curtains.

`The Curtains’ i thought as an idea found its way into my head,i tell you too much of action movies are bad influence.

I got up,strode into my little store and brought out a mop stick,a scrub brush with stick attached to it and a rake.

I went back to my palour with the cleaning equipments,made sure i removed the three sticks and outlined them on my center table.After that i brought down my three curtains and removed their iron railings.

Equipped with the sticks and iron rods,i walked to my door

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 5, 2017 — 9:45 am

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