Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 40

A Story Written By Melekan…

And listened;as i could pick up wails and voices of my co-tenants and some of their children.The voice that got me angry was that of KEMI’s as i heard her begging them to take all her valuables and leave her in one piece.Twaaaaaiiiii was the resounding sound of a slap that i heard in respond to her plea;i heard her scream out and at the point for the first time in my life i wasn’t scared of death.

Slightly opened my door,i saw two of the black clothed men standing with cutlasses in their hands and the other one on my left with a hunter gun.

These Guys Weren’t Professional;i thought.As i broke a stick into half with my knee making each of the new edges have a rough sharp end,i held them both with my right hand and took a iron rod with my left.

Watching closely as the thieves went in and out of the other tenants apartments,i saw a fourth figure walking down the stairs thoe through his shadow then i heard him say something in yoruba until i heard his steps back up the stair.I Took A Deep Breath;cause Its Time.

When you watch too much of American movies like i do,ideas would keep playing in your head.

As I stepped out of my apartment and walked like a ghost towards kemi and the robber with a gun,she saw me and wanted to say something but i shook my head gently and she seemed to understand as she sniffed her nose to pull back dropping cattar.

I got into her apartment through her opened door and as fate would have it,the thief was backing me as he placed his gun beside him and worked absent mindedly trying to pull out her laptop from a bag.

This was my chance and no going back,as i walked quietly to his backed and place the iron rod at his spine.GO ON YOUR KNEES AND DON’T SHOUT// i said in a husked voice,i could guess he thought a gun was pointed at him as he went down on his knees and placed his hands on his head.I saw Kemi watching as the action played out as i picked up the gun and took at step back and gbaaaagaaaan i hit his head with the base of his gun in a golf like manner. #melekan the Tiger Wood.he passed out
I signalled Kemi to come in into the room,which she did after watching the corridor and ensuring the other thieves had gone into apartments before coming in.

As she stepped in,she held me into her embrace for a very tight hug.(women shaa)

I asked if she could help tie up the thief and was suprised as she hurriedly brought out a very long rope from somewhere,only GOD knows what she uses it for but anyways she tied him up nicely.Binding his legs together and taking the rope up to bind his hands at his back then rounded it up at his neck.

The way he was tied was funny as whenever he tried moving his hands or legs? he would be pulling his neck.

One Down Three More To least thats what i thought as i was thinking of a way to bring down two theives at the same time,then i remembered Tayo And Remi where also kneeling with the remining tenants.I Strode Out of KEMI’s apartment with my weapons and confident steps making sure my feet hit the floor with much intensity ah American Movies…

To Be Continued….

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Updated: Feb 5, 2017 — 9:49 am

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