Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 41

A Story Written By Melekan…
As one of the theives came out with something in his hands and placed it beside their other gather loots,he looked towards my direction and saw me coming.He raised an alarm as the other three came rushing while the other tenants knelt and watched actions played out.

Like Fliud i moved with adrenalin surging through my body in hundred percent concentration.Whiiiinnnnneeeee as the sound of a cutlass swept pass me and i quickly without thinking thrust a broken stick into one of my attacker stomach,i swayed left and used my right leg to kick off the other cutlass from the second thief and sent my three iron rods again in motion like a golf player as they hit the thief square on his jaw.This sent him flying into the floor as the third attacker rushed with so much speed before i could readjust my gaze,he was on the floor as Tayo hit him hard on the head with a Dvd player.I smiled at him indicating my appreciation,only to be shocked by a fifth robber with a shiny matchete in his hands demanding what was happening.

Before i could say James Bond,one of the other tenants a lady to be precise pulled the thief with so much strength that he came crashing on the floor,at this other tenants joined in the beat-tising.

I saw kemi come out with more ropes and tied the thieves up the way she had done earlier.Only the wounded thief was not tied as we strategised on how to get the thieves to the police station.

Time check 2:43am,as we placed the bound theives in my car,Tayo And Kemi’s car and drove them to the police station with the other four male tenants leaving their wives and children to clear back the properties and ensure they locked their doors after the excersise.As Sleep wasn’t anywhere a destination to my house occupants.

Driving to the police station i explain the drama that played when i dialled the police line to Mr Bello(a co-tenant that was sitted by my side) he laughed as he expressed his bitterness for the Nigeria police force.Only to get to the police station as another drama erupted…
At the police station.We all trooped out of the cars and led the tied theives into the station,the injured one was still bleeding and we didn’t take note of him until the last minute.

OFFICER 1 : what are you people doing here and who are these people?

ME : officer they are theives,i called the station earlier to inform you of their action but i was ignored

OFFICER 2 : ehn so it was you that called,is it because they are theives thats why you want to kill them?

He said pointing at the bleeding thief obviously in pain,it was that moment it downed on me to call for an ambulance;which i did in an haste.

OFFICER 2 : which one of you injured this guy.(pointing at the bleeding thief)

ME : it was me

Twaaaaaaiiiiii,a Slap was landed on my face by the officer.The anger in me knew no bound as i obeyed Newton’s third law of motion(to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

Twaaaaii Twaaaii Twaaaaii as i tried to return the borrowed slap unto the officers face.

It was as if a pandemonium was happening as

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 6, 2017 — 8:19 pm

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