Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 42

A Story Written By Melekan…
other police officers trooped in from God knows where.They held me so firmly i couldn’t even move a limb not until the officer landed another slap on my face,chai that brougth out the rage in me as i disengaged from my captors and pounded on him without thinking;sending two blows to his eyes and pulling him at the same time for an head-boot.I was held down this time almost cuffed until Mr Bello(a legal practioner)introduced himself and demanded i should be released at once.(police them day fear lawyers oh)

Everyone came down as i was asked to temporarily move out and get some fresh air.As i stepped out Kemi followed,although i expected her to say something atleast something soothing instead she smiled from ear to ear which sent me rolling with laughter.ohh i liked this lady,she came over to my side and gave me a hug for the second time that day.HEAVEN was where i thought i was as our body meet for the long hug only to be brought back by the sound of the ambulance as it moved into the police station.

We stepped back into the police station and were asked to write our statements before we all left for home.I thanked Mr Bello for coming to my rescue but instead he commended me for standing up against such immorality(thanks to my dad’s principles sha)

We got home and we saw the broken door had been moved outside beside the abandoned well,i came down from my car after biding everyone goodnyte and stepped out of my gateless compound.I headed straight to the river as it was still dark around 4am only to get there and discover that Kemi had followed me all the way.

KEMI : what are you doing here?

ME : i should be asking you that question

KEMI : oh come off it,i followed you so what are you doing here

ME : i come here anytime i need to cool off,you can call it inner peace

KEMI : okay… do you ever swim?

ME : nope

KEMI : do you know how to?

ME : of course but i don’t fancy swimming that much

KEMI : i never knew there was a river here

ME : *shruggs* can you help me with silence for a couple of minutes?

KEMI : sure

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 6, 2017 — 8:22 pm

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