Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 43

A Story Written By Melekan…

I felt hurt as i watched her sit and turn her face the other way,i practically just told her to shut up and i felt akward at the effect.


ME : care going for a swim?

KEMI : what?no thank you

ME : don’t tell me you can’t swim

KEMI : of course i can am not just in the mood to

ME : did i cause that?

KEMI : no you didn’t just go back to your thinking i think i need the silence also

That did it,i got up and went over to where she was sitting,with her long skirt and top,i lifted her into my arms before she could protest we were both inside the river.

Her laugher warmed my heart,the happiness she radiated was so geniune,so peaceful,so different.I was brought out of my trance when she asked me to fetch her slippers,i couldn’t find it which earned me splashs of water from her.God!we played as if we had known each other all our lives,as all formalties flew out of place she hugged me again the 3rd time that day and whispered Thank You.

I had to carry her on my back all the way home since i lost her slippers

I was breathing hard by the time we got home(thumbs up to mothers)and she wasn’t making it any easier as she slept off before we got home.Who could imagine that in wet cloths someone could sleep so soundly,Kemi weighed alot as i started wandering what it was that made her weight that much even with her slim startue.

We got home and i had to drop her on her bed after removing her damp cloths i couldn’t help but notice her curves as i undressed her to pants & bra and replaced her wet clothes with dry once.After that i went into my room and began my sanitation since it was saturday,i made sure i did all my laundry on saturdays as i placed my dirty clothes into the washing machine,rinsed them and took them out on the line.

I was cooking by the time i heard a knock on my door.Kemi had came to thank me for replacing her wet clothes and asked if i closed my eyes when i undressed her.Of Course i did,didn’t i?

I invited her for breakfast which she took and commended my cooking.

Time flew fast as it was already monday.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 8, 2017 — 1:03 am

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