Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 8

A Story Written By Melekan… 

I liked her for one thing,she didn’t protest instead she went and dressed up after a while i heard my door close.
when i got back i saw my wallet on my bed,i rushed to check if it as being derived its function,chai this girl removed #6,250 she didn’t even leave a dime for me. mtcheew well thats her charge and thats how much she is worth.
Time check 8am,time to go as i drove off my compound i saw tayo and another fellow flat mate,we were called the `pack’ since we were the only bachelours and the other 4 flats contained families and the last one was occupied by a spinster kemi who barely spoke to anyone.we exchanged pleasantries then tayo spoke to remi
tayo: remi hope your sister isn’t coming over again oh
remi: she is still coming oh why are you asking
tayo: its because of melekan ooh if you hear sound track from his room yesterday ehn,he almost killed the girl oh
me: ah tayo i was just following your footsteps ni o
remi: tayo and melekan i go tell my sister make she no come again.
me: nah u sabi g2g jare
On getting to my office my secretary wasn’t on sit so i just slid gently into my office and tried sorting some unfinished projects.
This is my place of work and noting must distract me here just then i heard voices outside my office from what i could hear,i identified their voices as my secretary and that Aanu that refused to see me yestertay.
*in something less than whispers*
Aanu :has your boss arrived yet?
sec :no,don’t mind him he is always late,what do you want so i can deliver it to him
Aanu :Miss Aisha said he should review these file when he gets his Buttocks here tell him to also come over to my office so we could finish that java he is running away from.
sec :owk i’ll tell him
me :no need for that let me have it.
*they both looked stuned but Aanu quickly recovered*
Aanu: When did you get here.
me :before you,just let me have that file when am done with it i’ll get back at you.
my statement seem to react on her,i guess she might be wondering what i meant by that but hey lets wait and see right?

To Be Continued… 

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