Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 10


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

to cope with. Serena had lied to her father, even though she was no introvert, neither was she a pretender, but the word trust was with in the family. Mr Oluwole Thomas knew his children more than anybody else, he knew what they could do and therefore, he doesn’t fail to defend them if the need arises. His closes ally which still remains his first son, Davies was the most trusted Ever sinc e he finished his youth service, his father had added him to the executive board of the company nad the case of father and son has turned to a case of a snail and its shell. In the case of Nathaniel, the pride of the house, the cutest of the three children , even if he inherited most traits from his mother, one couldn’t rule out the fact that; in terms of defiance, anger, he inherited them from his father, likewise his other siblings too. Another thing he inherited which the others didn’t was using his hands omeness to his advantage. He was a womanizer and could get any lady to go out with him. All he needed was his charming smile, his Sekxy voice and a few other things to champion the course. His father was also a staunch womanizer when he was like his age and those were the things he inherited. Despite fighting his father almost everyday, Mr Thomas still knew the things his son could do and could not. In the case of Serena, she inherited a lot of things from her father and just like her brothers, stubborness w as one of those things. As a kid, she would run around the house, fight her immediate elder brother’ jump from chair to chair all in the name of playing, but when puberty set in, she lost some of those drive. Even though she still could get angry, but the emotional side of her had overshadowed the ‘don’t care side of her. Serena sat on her bed not knowing what to do to save herself from this situation. She was afraid to return to her father’s room to probably tell another lie and coming out clean would gi ve her father every reason to loose the trust he had for her. Certainly. She wasn’t ready for that, she had to do something. She had picked her phone and put a call through to Stephanie hoping she could be of help. “l wish I could help, but I am presently in class. Mr Adeoye is the one taking us maths and you know how difficult it is to get out of his class.” Stephanie replied her message “Girlfriend please, you just have to help me. I’ll pay you any amount. Just get my laptop and bring it over.” Serena ple aded knowing how much Stephanie loved money. “But you and I know how much your dad hates me.” Stephanie said. “Its not as if he hates you. He is just. Anyways, if you know you can’t enter the house, I will block you at the gate. Please, do this for me.” Th ose were the messages they exchanged in their chat before Stephanie reluctantly agreed to help her friend. Serena remained in her room, she knew for sure that her father would have forgotten about her and provided he is still in his room, nothing would st op her from meeting Steph at the gate and collecting her laptop, after which she’ll wait until her father brings up the issue of the software. Fiteen minutes later, her phone beeped and on checking the message, it was from Steph which reads; carry your sma ll behind and come and meet me at the gate jor. Immediately, Serena ran out of her room towards the living room, but stopped at the hallway when she heard the voice of a popular CNN newscaster speaking. No doubt, her father was in the living room, she chec ked her time and realised it was time for her father to listen to the one hour news on CNN. Only two options were available, either she walks out of the house to collect she allows Steph to bring it into the laptop and risk her father asking questions or the house and risk her firend getting embarrassed, One advantage about Stephanie coming in was, aside the passibility of getting embarrassed, Steph is a profession liar and her talents would surely work in this situation.

Mrs Anita Thomas was seated before her dressing mirror applying makeup to her face. Right from the time she left the Olukunle’s house in Bodija, she had since lodged into a hotel where would spend the next few months until her travelling papers were ready and she’ll put her properties to s aler basically, her boutique then travel out of Nigeria to start a new life as a single woman. Her reason for applying make up to her face was not far fetched, her ringing phone and the way she answered the calls was enough to give a distant onlooker the h int that she had an appointment. “Hello, I will join you downstairs shortly, you just grab a drink and gulp it down your throat.” Anita said for the upteenth time as she dropped her phone she had an appointment with a man or a man had t was evident that an appointment with her’ since the man was the one who came to meet her in her hotelIt could purely be on business terms, but who in his right senses would speak to a business partner in such a manner and to say, she called him with his name. She grabbed her clutch and walked out of her room elegantly dressed in a pink gown that touched her ankles. “Good afternoon.” Anita greeted as she sat on a chair opposite Olu’s chair. “How are you sweetheart?” Olu asked. “Am good and you? I can see you are good too.” Anita replied. This time, the waiter arrived and served them drinks. “You still drink these?” Anita asked pointing to the bottle of beer and a canned energy drink Olu gave a short laugh. “l am addicted to energy drinks since my days as a student, but dri nking blood runs in the family.” “You mean-?” She quickly stopped and looked at OIL] who smiled “Yes, Thomas drinks bear too, but moderately. Like once in two to three weeks.” Olu replied “l am less concerned anyways” Anita snapped and opened the bottle “Is he not the father of your children?” He asked. before her. “Oh! So you knew he is the father of my children and you still went on to stand against me in court despite what we have had in the past. Why cant you turn around the case and make me stay?” An ita asked. OIL] shifted forward a bit with his chair and held Anita’s hand which stood on the table. “Look at me Anita. I did what I think is the best for both of us. I know you desperately wanted out of Oluwole’s life, and that gives me the golden chance I have been craving for for years. I just did what is best for us.” Olu replied. “Selfish lawyer. Then, why did you push it further to the point that the court forbade my kids to live with me unless their father say so?” “If your children lives with you, o ur privacy would be affected. Look at you today, you are lodged into an hotel and no one can spot us or cause disturbance.” “All the same, you fvcked up. They are my kids, I deserve to see them as much as their father does.” “Don’t worry. You just take the case to the appeal court and I’ll get you a lawyer who would help you fight it.” Olu replied. Anita kept quiet. “Smile.” He said tickling and she was forced to burst into laughter. “Shall we?” he stretched forth his hand and two minutes later, he drove ou hotel with Anita seated on the passenger seat.
After series of pleading and persuassion, Stephanie agreed to come into the house. Serena herself knew that Steph is not afraid of her father, the only thing she hated was the embarrassment that she could face with her entering the houser even though Serena knew Stephanie would still complete her mission for coming in the first place, embarrassed or not, the only thing she is afraid of was Stephanie’s craziness. She knew Steph could reply her father a ngrily, she she knew Steph could walk out on her father. None of them seemed right and that would further put Stephanie in her fathers bad book. After the boyfriends incident which happened when they were in Senior secondary school two, Mr Oluwole Thomas h as always be wary of the threat Stephanie poses to his daughter’s life and future. “Good afternoon sir.” She heard Stephanie greet her father. “Yes? Good afternoon, how may I help you? And was the door opened when you walked in? Can’t you knock?” Mr Thoma s asked. ‘Abi this man don high on chilled water ni? How am I expected to answer these silly questions.’ Stephanie thought. But she was out to impress her friends father, which would make her answer all the question. “My name is Stephanie and I am Serena’s friend. She visited me this afternoon and forgot her laptop in my room when she was rushing to return home. And the door wasn’t opened when I came in, but because Serena is my best friend, we don’t knock when we visit each other, even though I didn’t know you would be home today. Am sorry for entering without knocking. Stephanie replied. “Its nothing. Take a sit while I call her for you.” Less than a minute later, father and daughter returned to the living room. “Now, state you mission her Stephanie.” Mr Thomas said. “Serena, you forgot your laptop and purse the other time you came to my house.” Stephanie said pointing to the bag which was no on the three seater couch beside Mr Thomas. “Oh! Thank you very much. ” Serena said all smiled as she was winking a t a relaxed Stephanie on what action to take. “You said she visited you today, isn’t it?” Stephanie and Serena both nodded. “What time did she arrive and when did she leave?” “She came around 1 pm and left about thirty minutes later when…” Stephanie was saying. “What was my instruction when I left home this morning? What did I say you should do once you leave the tutorial centre?” Mr Thomas directed the question at his daughter. “You said I should come home straight once I am through?” Serena replied tryi ng to keep her calm, but she was doing a very bad job. “So, what are you doing in her house?” Serena wanted to caution Stephanie, but it was too late. Stephanie had already opened her mouth and had done what her father hated with passion. Talking when you are not being talked to. “Sir, it wasn’t like she visited me intentionally. I wasn’t feeling fine this morning and all efforts she made to reach me proved abortive. She was scared, so she had to come over immediately to see how I was doing.” Stephanie lied . She quickly thrusted her phone at Mr Thomas where several messages from Serena were showing. Messages like; ‘how are you feeling now?’ ‘should I come over to your place.

Even though Stephanie pulled the stunt without thinking twice, she knew, a critical looker would know that what she showed was a screenshot of one of their past chats. “You were sick this morning?” Mr Thomas asked. “Yes sir, I just have to force myself down here when she was crying that you would beat her mercilessly if you found out tha t her laptop is not home and that she came to my place when you told her not to.” Stephanie kept a straight face as she maintained the lies and its pattern. “daddy, please we are sorry.” Five minutes later, Serena walked back into the house from outside w here she had seen Stephanie off too to meet her father waiting for her. “And what the hell do you think you are doing? Telling lies to me? Didn’t I ask you if you went out today? Did you tell me you went out? Are you threading the same part your mother thr eaded until she was in trouble?” The questions were just too much for her to answer. The anger with which her father spoke could kill a hypertensive patient “Dad! I tried to, I tried to tell you the truth. Dad! I am always afraid to look you in the eye.” She shouted back. “Dad! You were not like this before. Ever since Mum started misbehaving, you are always venting your anger on us, we are your children. Dad! . Her voice trailed off. “l don’t know what your reaction would be, even though I had a feeling i t wont be good. I can’t bring myself to tell you I went out when you told me not to. Dad, the fear I have for you is abnormal, its not good for a fatherdaughter relationship…” This time, she was crying real loud and Davies had to show up.

To Be Continued…

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