A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

After a night w hich was devoid of sleep, Serena got out of bed, some minutes before ram. She could remember how she had poured out her heart to her father, the previous afternoon and with tears in her eyes, she had ran into her room, fastened the lock and remained indoor until dawn. She heard her brother knocking on her door for a considerable amount of time the previous night, but she wanted to be alone, therefore she made no attempt to open the door. Her aim for locking the door was to cry herself to sleep and probably not wake up until after three days, but she found it difficult to sleep. This made the night a very boring one, her phone and laptop could have proven to be very good companions, but the laptop is still in the living room while her phone had ran out of pow er and the charger is in her laptop bag, therefore, she couldn’t engage herself in anything that could make her forget her sorrows. She tried reading a couple of her novels, but who reads a novel when they are sad? She just couldn’t bring herself to poring over pages of a book. The last option that was left with her was to think about happy times, the days her joy knew no bounds, the happiest days in her life, but unfortunately, the last few months of her life has made her forget the happy times she once en joyed with her family. She couldn’t remember the last time, Nate said a joke at the dining and their parents laughed so hard. She changed from her nightgown to a knee length jean short and a black top checked the mirror to see a different Serena stari She ng back at her. Her eyes were swollen and she could barely recognise herself Her blue Sekxy cat eyes had turned red and the sight of it spoke fire. She didn’t know if she had offended her father with her outburst the previous night, but she was sure that he r father would take offence for it. Her father probably might not be angry with the words she said, afterall, they are true, but the fact that she raised her voice and was screaming was the only thing that could anger her father who had always said that he won’t condone any act of indiscipline from his children and any of them who raises their voice at him should be ready to face the consequences. Maybe she would just have to show up for breakfast and probably use the opportunity to apologise to her fáther. She walked towards the door, unlocked it and walked out with a fast beating heart. “Good morning daddy.” She greeted going down on her knees, such that they were touching the ground. “Good morning Serena.” Davies replied “How was your night bro?’ She a sked trying to shake off the fact that her father ignored her. “It was not bad and yours?” “Good.” Serena replied, after which she began dishing the food into everyone’s plate. “Dad, do you want the beef or the chicken?” She asked her father who just sat l ike a zombie. Only God knows what was running through his mind that moment, but it is not rocket science to know that he was going through an emotional turmoil. He must be having problem with his ego and emotion. “Dad, beef or the chicken?” She asked once again. “Give him beef.” Davies whispered and she obliged before taking her sit. “Our heavenly father, the king of glory, we thank you for bringing us to live this morning as a family where love dwells and in your infinite mercy made it possible for us to g ather at this table to perform our second family rite of the day…” Serena started praying. “l have to go’ Mr Thomas stood up and walked out of the dining room, his food untouched Serena turned to face Davies who was adjusting his shirt. He would definit ely be walking out any moment from now, his food untouched too. Sometimes, she was left wondering why her father would as a result of his rash decisions make Davies suffer. Until, they had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant, Dave would continue to star ve. “I’ll talk to him. Just be good and please don’t go out today.” Dave said and kissed her cheek before walking away. Maybe the lost love was returning afterallL If Dave could kiss her, then they can refer to themselves as siblings. And most importantly, Nate could make up with their father and as well as Dave, then their living together would improve And the big one is their father accepting their mother so they can have a feeling of what it feels to be a happy family one more time. “Have a nice day dad. ” It was worth it. Even if he didn’t reply, he still looked at her briefly and nodded his head. She could see a smile trying to form accross his face, but he did a good job at hiding it.

To Be Continued…

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