A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena ran all the way out of the Agodi garden not minding the looks on other users of the garden’s faces, not minding the stares from her friends, some were aking her to at least wait and tell them whatever it is that is wrong. But stopping that moment was not in the list of things she wants to do. But, the way tears rolled down her cheeks was quite abnormal, because, even a woman who lost her husband can’t produce tears as much as this. Maybe she is in love with him afterall”Serena, please wait .” He heard voice from behind which means he had followed her. “Jake, why are you running after me? Afterallr I am sorry for interrupting you guys. I mean, I should have called before coming over.” She replied with a shaky voice. “You interrupted nothing. What you saw was…” Stephanie cuts in from nowhere, but Serena gave her no chance to finish her statement. “What I saw was what? Staged? You must be kidding me. Is it too much for either of you to tell me you are dating? And Stephanie, I can not forget ho w adamant you are that I must go out with Jake. Friends!” “Serena, look at me and tell me what you see.” Jake said Serena scoffed. “There is no point looking at your disgusting self.” “You are taking this too far. Watch the things you say to me. ” Jake wa rned. “Serena, please Jake loves you and he forever will. The scene you saw there was actually my fault. I made him do it, I needed comfort and sense of belonging. He gave me one and I regret it.” Stephanie pleaded. “Okay, thank you. “And remember, Jake or ganised this because of you, it doesn’t speak well iff you disrupt it by yourself. He wanted a time alone with you before returning to the states and this is the perfect opportunity.” Steph continued. “And he ended up gropping my bestfriend inside the fore st. Is that how cheap your dignity has become?” She could see a pained look and Jake’s face, while Stephanie had a look of anger which means she(Serena) had taken things too far. “Serena, look here. I can’t because I made a mistake with your crush, lick yo ur toes or bow donw before you. I told you it was a mistake and I pleaded, but rather than forgive me, you choose to call me names. And afterall, you guys are not even dating, sor what’s the hype about?’ Serena opened her mouth in shock as Steph poured out her mind. This time, people had gathered around them to have a better look and get the words being said “Jake, step up and be a man.” A voice said from the crowd. Serena knew whose voice it is and Stephanie would recognise the voice even in her dreams. “S erena, give me a chance to prove my love to you.” Jake went down on his knees and immediately, Stephanie walked away angrily. “Jake, you have nothing to prove. I asked for weeks to think about what you told me the last time out See what has happened now? D o you mean if we start dating, this will be the down of her relationship? Have you ever thought about your girlfriend in the state? Please, Jake I am not interested.” She replied and that moment a bike stopped in front of her. “Serena, if my going back to the states will affect the love I have for you, I will gladly remain in Nigeria and finish my education here.” He said before the bike took off leaving a devastated Jake by the roadside, an angry Stephanie inside the garden and a mixed feeling was what Ser ena felt that moment. She could feel Jake’s pain. She could see the genuinty in his eyes, the way he spoke without stuttering, without stammering. The look in his eyes, the word love crested on the white of his eyes which only she alone can see. But, all t s a brother he same, she couldn’t agree to go out with Jake so far Stephanie is still a friend. t will just be like keeping a bunch of banana in front of a monkey. He was very much close to Stephanie with whom he lived in the same street with and their relationship isister one and there is every possibility that they would be doing things behind her back As she removed her clothes one hour later, rather than see herself in the mirror, she saw a pained Jake. She still remembered the look, the look of pain he had when he claimed he would remain in Nigeria. It must have been a difficult decision for him, even though she won’t allow him do that Her phone beeped and on getting to where it was, she saw a message from Stephanie which reads; ditch a friend and a never believed you c ould do this to me, Serena Will you sister because of a man whose loyalty you are not sure of?. Think about it girl. ” She felt the urge to throw her phone against the wall, but her father’s voice restored her sanity as she carefully d ropped the phone on the table and walked out after putting on something nice to go and welcome him.

To Be Continued…

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