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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

If a prophet had told her this would be happening today, she would have told him rudely to consider another career path. Here she was seated beside her fath er and her head place on his shoulder as they both watched a film on tv. “So, what will happen to that man?” He asked her daughter. “l don’t know o.” she replied. “What do you mean? Haven’t watched it before?” Her father asked watched it a thousan “l have d times, but the beauty of watching films is to feel the suspense. If I tell you what happened in the end, you’ll loose interest in the film since you already know the end part.” She replied. “And who told you I would like to finish the film?” “Lets wait a nd see. I just pray you won’t have to sneak out of office to come and watch film at home.” Serena said and before her father could react, she stood up and ran a few steps away from him. “Come back here.” He said playfully. “No I won’t.” She replied “Don’t make me come after you o.” He warned and Serena bursted into laughter. “Dad, if I walk and you run, you still won’t catch up with me.” She said and the next thing, her father made the move to pursue her, but the way she took to her heels, she bumped into Davies who was carrying a tray a top which three glass cups laid. The three of them bursted into laughter, “Ahn ahnr I bought those cups in 1976 even before I met your father. I cherish them a lot bla bla blat’ Davies said immitating their mother. How she talks anytime anyone spoiled something in the house, including her husband. The three of them bursted into fresh bouts of laughter, the first time Serena would be seeing a totally different Davies who joked more and her father in high spirit, The last time her father was that happy was the day, Davies completed his NYSC. And for once, she wished her mother and Nate were part of the laughing spree, but man thinketh, God doeth. And just then, the power holding company did what they knew how tto do best. They held light that moment “Oh! God. ” Serena complained bitterly. “Dave, go and start the gen. ” Her father said, much to her happiness. “Dad, don’t tell me you want to start the generator because of this film.” “No o. I actually want to watch the news. ” He r father replied. “News? 4:1 5pm. What channel airs news at this time of the day?” She asked. “l mean Business report and not news.” “On Business Television Ibadan abi?” And she bursted into laughter. “You got me on that. But the film is interesting and I must confess.” Fifteen minutes later; father and daughter were both seated the way they were seated before they decided to go childish and they seemed to be enjoying the film. ” will take you to the gym before your exam and also a massage shop. You will al so see me play tennis and golf with my friend.” He father informed. “Oh my God! Massage shop? That’s cool. “You are only going on an excursion, not treatment” Her father cut shorth her happiness, but she didn’t care “But dad. How did you find out these th ings?” She asked. “when your mum was much younger, she loved visiting and it is my duty to drive her down there. But business overthrew her desire to look good always.” “But, she still looked good ” She corrected. “Oh! She does. Five minutes later, her phone vibrated and a message from Stephanie was displaying on her screen which reads; Am outside your gate. Please come and meet me. Serena hissed and tossed her phone aside “Go and meet her.” Her father said and she reluctantly walked out of the living r She had plans to send Stephanie away and prayed that things doesn’t get nasty so oom. she doesn’t call the attention of people in the house. Most especially, her father. Serena opened the gate even before the gateman could stand up to open the gate, and us hered Stephanie into the house. “How are you babe?” Stephanie asked, even though she knew she won’t get an answer and indeed, she got none. But it was worth trying. “Lets go inside” Serena suggested. “No, its okay like this. Moreso, I won’t be staying long .” Her friend replied “Really?… No problem then.” Serena replied and jumped on the booth of her father’s old Mercedez Benz 1 go. The two girls stood staring at each other for roughly two minutes before Serena broke the stare and the silence that has tak en over. “Are you here just to stare at me?” She asked with a straight face, such that, Stephanie’s smile didn’t do much to lighten her mood and anger. “You can have Jake.” She said. Serena looked at her like she was insane “You said what?” She asked. “You can have Jake if you want to.” Stephanie repeated. “Oh o! And what if I don’t want to?” Serena asked. “l don’t know.” Stephanie replied “What do you mean? You can have him too, afterall he found it more easier to make out with you in public while he kept giving me lines.” “Serena, seriously, I don’t think boys are worth the hype. I mean, we shouldn’t allow just any random guy to destroy the friendship we have built for years. I already admitted the mistake and I have apoloogised. Lets just forget about it and forge ahead.” Stephanie pleaded and for the first time, Serena saw in her eyes, an expression that is devoid of loosening up in a smile. The Stephanie she knew on a normal day would have laughed at least ten times since she arrived Even in worst situations, Stephanie is likely to burst into laughter at hearing one silly joke or the other “l know a boy shouldn’t have been our problem if you weren’t sleeping around with them all. You knew you did the same thing with Henry when you knew he was my ex.” “S erena, please try as much as possible to watch the words you say to me. Henry’s episode is past and we have moved on from that. And moreso, you said you can’t date Jake, why the change? Or dc you consider him an ex because he at one point asked you out? Co me on, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t have him.” Stephanie replied. “Listen to yourself. You are just a stinking sl*t, no wonder your parents are not together. Isn’t it based on infidelity?” Serena blurted out angrily. Even though she didn’t know whe n the words came out, but words they say can not be taken back once spoken. l wont respond to that. But Serena, you need to grow up. You have always loved Jake, you have his picture as your laptop’s wallpaper. You are so much into him, why not give him a chance? But you kept him at bay, what do you think would happen? Girls will go after him.” She paused and watched Serena reaction. She could see she was crying, not because of what she said, but because she bestfriend’s family issue while in th e real sense, her family is in the same ship. “And to say Jake was complaining about your non challant attitude. How he personally called, pleaded that you come for the party. It was while he was lamenting that I comforted him with a kiss. Even though I re gret doing that, because I have always loved Jake just like you do, but for the sake of our friendship, I backed out for you. That explains why I wanted you guys to hook up immediately he returned to Nigeria. But dad and mum’s issue sort of distracted you. I know if you started dating him officially today, every feeling [ have for him will die, but what did you do?” Stephanie explained further. “You can have him. At least, he already kissed you. A passionate and romantic kiss and I saw that you both enjoyed it until I interrupted.” “Seriously Serena, are you crazy?” This time, Stephanie was laughing. “l mean, do you know the number of ladies your husband has kiss before he met you? What about the one he had taken to bed?” “Is that what you are playing at? Yo abused her u want to sleep with him abi?” Serena’s voice was now high that she could guess the neighbours next compound could hear her. “Hey heh! Stop making a fuss out of nothing. No one is sleeping with anybody here. If you find it hard to forgive me because I kiss ed a guy who is not yet you boyfriend, then you are not worthy to be my friend afterall. ” Stephanie said, picked up her phone and made to walk away. “Get out.” Serena screamed at her. “Waoh! I am on my way out already. Why didn’t you say that before I mad e the move to leave?” She asked Serena, but go no reply. Once she was at the gate, she turned to face Serena. “Afterall, I apologised.” And with this, she walked out. Serena turned at once and ran towards the house but almost fainted the she met her father at the verandah with an angry look on his face.

To Be Continued…

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