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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Inside her hotel room, Anita was lying on the only sofa in the room, her head placed on her boyfriend’s laps. “Are you listening to me at all?” She asked. “Of course, I am listening to you.” Barri ster Clu replied. “So, what do you see to that? Should I extend my stay in the hotel or I move into your house?” She asked “l am against you extending your stay in the hotel. And moving into my house very bad idea.” He replied “How is it a bad idea ? Afterall, I will be indoor everytime and moreso, your wife is not in Nigeria as we speak ‘ “Anita, its like you are not seeing what I am seeing o.” “What are you seeing?” She asked. This is the fourt time in a week that they will be having this discuss ion that will always turn to arguement. Ever since Olu complained about being see in a hotel, Anita had requested that she moved into his house. “What about my children? I mean, they are matured enough to know what is going on. Even the calls I recieve fro m you at home, they no longer trust me.” “Your children won’t be a problem. Afterall, you are my husband’s cousin. I am Mrs Thomas, you are Mr Thomas. They know me, they know about the family ties….” She was saying when he cut her short. “Save it Anita. Save it They knew about the divorce.” After minutes of arguementr they both concluded that renting a flat would be the best thing to do. And after another round of which has became a norm and a everyday thing, Barrister Olu drove out of the hotel, with Ani t seated beside him. One hour later; he pulled the car up in front of an old friend’s house according to him and he held Anita’s hand as they walked into the compound. “Uncle James.” He called on the elderly man who was about entering his flat. “Ah ah ah , Olu Thomas. Is this you?” The elderly man replied as he approached them. “It is me o Uncle.” Barrister Olu replied. “The law!” The elderly man said and they all bursted into laughter except Anita who was staring at a yellow mercedez benz which was parked inside the compound. The car looked a lot familiar. “Let’s go inside.” Uncle James said. “Its okay like this, we’ll be leaving in the next ten minutes.” And while Uncle James called on one of his grandchildren, Olu took his time to remember how he met Jam es. t was many years ago when Olu was still in the university, that James who at the time was over thirty years old joined them and fortunately for him, he was given Law as a course. He was very brilliant, but according to him, he only wanted to have his degree certificate, which was why he was in class with people he was over ten years older than. In the end, OIL] graduated, but didn’t further his education, neither did he attend the Law school. Which was why till date, he still call Olu ‘The Law’ because he claimed he studied law while he (James) spent seven years in the department of Law “So, what brings you here?” James asked. “It is my wife here o. She needs to rent an apartment and I know how good Uncle James is at that.’ James gave a short laugh. ” So, you later choosed to be like Uncle James who has two wives?” James asked. “Don’t mind me, abi wetin man go do? One dey America, the other dey Nigeria. Balance equation.” Olu replied. And that moment, James exchanged pleasantry with Anita. Just as Anita uncorked the bottle of coke in front of Olli, as she made to do the needful to her own, her world came crashing before her. “James, the community head sent his regards.” Patrick Thomas, the head of the Thomas family and also Oluwole’s(Anita’s ex husband) elder brother. “Oh! You have a visitor?” He asked as he approached them. “Yes o. My friend Olu and his wife.” Patrick stopped in his tracks as he saw his younger cousin, Barrister Olu Thomas and his brother’s ex wife. Even though he wasn’t in support of t he divorce, his plan was that, as soon as he returns to Nigeria, he would find a way to bring the two couples together. And he already spoke to Anita and assured her while he was in in the states.

The feeling that surged through Serena’s body that moment c ould not be described with words. She just prayed that the ground open and swallow herr and never to let her out again, or better still, she should just ascend to heaven where she would be free of all these troubles. The dissappointed look on her father’s face told her he overheard her speaking and arguing with Stephanie. How would she get out of this? Was the question on her mind she as she decided to rough everything by pretending to be innocent. Something youruba students call ‘ogboju.’ “Where do you thi nk you are going?” Her father asked just as she walked past him. “Inside of course” She replied smiling. A risk that is worth taking if things go well, but if things went otherwise, then she would be in double trouble. One for the initial offence committed and the other for seeing it as nothing because she was smiling. She had realised over the years that beneathe the handsome looking, strongwilled, disciplinarian of her dad lied a gentleman whose only problem with the women folk is smile. Once you are able to smile at him, he looses his anger one bit. “Who is that?” He asked. “Who are you talking about dad?” she asked, still smiling. “Young lady, don’t play pranks on me. Who is the girl that just left now?” That moment, Serena could only blame two people fo r her predicament, one her mother who had toiled with her father’s patience to the extent that he doesn’t care anymore and Stephanie who after kissing Jake still had the guts to come to her house As much as she tried not to think about Jake, she still foun d herself blaming him. Maybe if he hadn’t organised any silly party, all these wouldn’t have happened. “That’s Stephanie now. My friend who came to give me my laptop the other day.” “Yes, I know she is the one. Can I have a look at your laptop?” “Of course , but the battery is down, so I am thinking I should just plug it inside to charge while you look at it.” She returned a few seconds later. She couldn’ afford to let the gateman who had a triumphant look on his face watch her get punished. “Young lady, the re is a socket somewhere here.” Serena returned into the house and returned to the verandah with the laptop in hand. “Here sir.” She handed it to him and he switched it on. it” She said The computer came on and a minute later, it requested for the passcode. “Let me do “Young lady, will you tell me the passcode?” He raised his voice and that moment, she knew she had lost the case. “LovelyJake sir. ” She replied with a shaky voice. She could see him shake his head as he typed the words and the next minute, th e homepage came on and he shook his head further, Because, as much as he tried to navigate his way through the icons, he couldn’t see them because Jake’s picture was everywhere. “Is this the boy?” He asked as he finally got to her files. She nodded her hea d, “Listen to me as I speak. You have over hundred of this boy’s picture on your computer, you have just one of my pictures, you have fifteen pictures of your mother, five belonging to Nathan and Davies is just unimportant that you couldn’t save at least o ne of his pictures.” “No daddy.” “l can still remember those days that we take group pictures every sunday. While Nathan uses his camera, you use your phone, can’t you transfer them to your computer?

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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