Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 17


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Even if nothing happens between us.” “You can’t understand.’ “Really? Don’t try mer because I understand more than you do. But to die while struggling is not in my gene. I stabbed my pride and pleaded to you or do you think I can beg just any girl? That shows how special you are, but its all good And I will just leave.” , Is this boy loosing it? What did I say that warrants this?” She asked herself as she ran after him, with one thing in mind, hug him and tell him she was joking. “Jake, please wait. ” She called as she got out of the house, only to see her father discussing with Jake like they were familiar with each other. One burning look from her fáther influenced her reasoning, as she turned back Into the house she went. Serena looked in horror as her father beckoned on her to move closer. “l gu ess you are Jake. Isn’t it?” Mr Oluwole asked. “Yes sir. I am Jake.” He replied giving Serena a searching look, but she quickly brought her face down when she caught him staring. “You guys are friend I suppose”Yes sir. She is my very good friend.” he re plied “That’s good. I learnt you finish from the same secondary school, plus you now school in the United states.” Jake was begining to feel uncomfortable with the questions being asked, but who is he to complain. “We finished from the same school, but I am a year ahead of her. And yes sir, I school in the states. ” He replied smiling at Serena Oluwole Thomas thought for a few seconds, breathe in deeply before asking the next question as Jake had expected. “l don’t know if I can have five minutes of you ti me.” “You can sir.” And together’ they walked to the back of the house and sat in one of the two sheds in the garden pretending as if Serena is invincible. “So, what plans do you have for my daughter because I have heard so much about you. And I think I am convinced that, there is more to your friendship.” Mr Oluwole asked. Serena at the time was pouring out drinks to cups for the two men and on hearing the question, her heart flew away and she felt herself floating on air and the next second, her heart fle w into her chest and her rib cage shut with a loud thud. “Take it easy. ” He cautioned his daughter who as a result of being carried away had filled a cup to the brim and still managed to add to it until the content spilled at it entered the cup “l don’t really know what you are talking about sir. I mean Serena and I are friends, nothing more.” Jake replied. Serena carefully covered the wine bottle and made to walk out of the shed, afterall, the only thing that could save her from more trouble is if Jake d ecides to tell her father how he fèlt about her, even though she was convinced that he could only talk of himself, as far as she is concerned, he should just tell her father that they are friends which settles it. And with her mind already made up, she had vowed to kiss him at any given opportunity, even if it won’t last a second. “Young lady, you are a part of this meeting too. Take a sit” Serena reluctantly sat down and her eyes met with his but she quickly looked away. She couldn’t understand or explain what the look in his eyes represent. “You are just friends with Serena?” Oluwole Thomas asked to be sure. “Yes sir.” Jake replied confidently as he raised his glass to him mouth, glared at Serena before taking a sip. Definitely, Jake is far from being afra id of whatever the outcome of the meeting could be. Maybe he has something hidden up his sleeves afterall. “Are you aware

that, a fight almost broke out here three days ago between my daughter and her friend, Stephanie. ” “Oh! Really?” Jake exclaimed. “Yes , but do you know why they almost fought?” Oluwole Thomas asked. “Not at all sir, unless you tell me.” Jake replied. “They said something about kissing. It seemed one of them kissed you and the other was angry about it.” “Sorry to cut in sir, Serena is the angry one of the two right?” Jake asked when it dawned on Serena where the conversation was heading to. Jake was ready to deny her to the last extent in front of her father. “Sir, am sorry to say this, but I don’t understand Serena any longer. That was We were very good friends before and after I left for the states. We talked almost everyday like friends do, but to my suprise, Serena started acting like she is obsessed. I mean, we are just friends, but she would have none of that.” Jake explained while Oluwcle Thomas’ jaw twitched as he looked at his daughter in anger and at the same timer admired Jake’s fluency. “Are you saying Serena is forcing herself on you?” The elderly man asked angrily “Sort of.” Jake replied “Oh my God! Jake!” Serena gasped as she fell to her knees. “Daddy…” “Will you shut up and don’t daddy me.” Her father barked at her angrily that Jake had to shift his chair backwards. For the first time he thank God for giving him the sense to deny Serena, because he couldn’t imagine what would have happen if he hadn’t. “You can go.” With raised voice, he pointed to the exit and politely, Jake exited the shed and two minutes later; he left the garden and headed to the front of the house. “Daddy, he is lying.” Serena cried “He is lying? I k now he is. But the obsession kind of told me he isn’t. You have hundreds of his pictures and I doubt if he has one of yours. You see…” “Da..ddy.” Her voice broke “You see your life? Running after a boy when you ought to be running after your UTME exam.” He shook his head before returning to the house a broken man.

To Be Continued…

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