Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 19


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

She smiled as she dropped her phone inside her bag and for the first time, she knew she missed Stephanie. “Daddy, this is Agbowo junction or bus stop right?” She asked “Yes.” Her father replied a s he swerved off the road, navigated the junction and headed to the road that connects with the University of Ibadan where her exam was to hold. “Is that not your friend?” Her father’s voice brought her back to life. She looked at where her father was poin ting and truly, Stephanie was standing beside her mothers car with a red eye, while her mother did only God knows what to the engine. “Is that her mother?” He asked and she nodded. He parked is car a little in front of their and got down. A minute later, S tephanie and her mum hopped into the backseat much to Serena’s anger. “Good morning mum.” She greeted her friend’s mother “Morning my daughter.” The elderly lady replied “Good morning girlfriend.” Stephanie said in her usual playful manner. Serena ignore d her; not minding the quizzical look for their parents. “Your friend is greeting you.” Her father tapped her. “Daddy, don’t mind her. Exam fever has made her loose her voice.” She said and everyone bursted into laughter’ including Serena who smiled briefl y “Olriburuku weyrey.” An okada man screamed at Mr Thomas who has almost lost concentration to notice that he almost hit another car. And three minutes later, he drove into the University of Ibadan. That moment Stephanie’s mum started praying, thanks to b broadcast on television. een an addict of every christian When you have been assured of success in a certain effOrt you have made on something, you have nothing else to worry about except to start mapping out how to enjoy the success that is underway Anit a found herself in this situation, she has been assured of her place in her husband’s house and now she is planning how to utilize the second chance to her advantage. Which was why she invited her friend, Dr Jane Olukunle(MRS) over to her hotel room to hav e a chat and seek her advice, being an elder. “You know what Anita? You have to claim what is rightfúlly yours.” Dr Jane said as soon as they had finished their meal of chicken and chips. “l don’t understand.” Anita said. “This is it. You got divorced bec ause you wanted your husband to listen to you and your mistake boils down to your use of force. I have taken my time to study Wale. He is not a man that succumb to pressure. No matter how hard you threaten him, he won’t chicken out. He remains my husband’s godson, therefore, I know him so much.” Dr Jane began. “You see, when he was preparing to take you to the alter, his family stood against it. They gave him a lot of troubles and threatened to disown him if he should get married to you. Wole refused to be threatened, he stood his ground and you know what, no third party knew about it. Not even you.” She paused Anita opened her mouth in suprise. “That’s another thing I love about him. He was able to handle the situation well without letting you know, Even m y husband didn’t know until he walked into your husband’s apartment and met his family members discussing with him hotly. That was after a year that the trouble started. He got married to you with non of them in support, but they hid it behind plastic smil es, That’s the kind of family they are. They hide their feelings.” She continued.

Anita could now predict where this was heading to, afterall, Dr Jane thinking is like that of an allien from the planet mars. “l strongly doubt if his brothers would be able t o convince him. He definitely will stand against them, his brothers will keep decieving you and at the end of the day, they toss you aside when they get him a new wife.’ “So, what do you advice?” Anita asked “My advice for you now is to take what rightfu lly belongs to you. Let his brother’s play their part, forge a DNA result and tell him the children are not his.” She advised. “Sincerly speaking, I don’t understand you one bit. Are you saying I should bounce the opportunity of returning to my husband’s h ouse?” Anita asked. “That’s not what I am saying. I am giving you a two option thing. If he accept you fine and if he doesn’t, then you do the needful. The DNA stuff and break him for life.” Anita kept quiet for a while. “Jane, I know you are a doctor and my question is, is this how you advice the families patronizing your hospital?” Anita asked. “And two, if I leave my husband’s house will your husband marry me?” “There are a lot of things that you don’t understand my dear. You yourself know the relationsh ip between myself and my husband.. “l know the relationship. You told me you have your husband under control and to my suprise you were afraid of him the last time I spent some days with you. You claimed he would be mad if he meets me in the house. And yo u control him?” Anita asked. “‘You fooled me into taking to your advice, I lost my husband and now that I have the chance to return, you still want me out. “Don’t talk to me like that, afterall, you invited me here.” Jane replied. “l invited you here not to talk about my husband or the reconcillation, but to know the things to do if I want to win back his heart, love and trust.” A sharp knock sounded on the door. “Come in the door is open.” Anita said and the next second, the door knob turned and Barrister Olu Thomas stuck his head into the room. “May I come in?” He asked. “One minute please.” Anita said to her friend as she walked out of the room. Now in the corridor. “Anita, what’s going to happen to us?” Barrister Olu asked with an almost teary eyes. Ani ta’s stony heart melted that moment as she reached out for his hands and held them Fifteen minutes to the end of the exam, Stephanie had answered all the question put to her twenty minutes ago and Serena after having a couple of problems with the questions , she managed to answer them and fifteen minutes later she was done “Oya pray.” Stephanie said, even though she dare not look Serena in the eye. And Serena who wanted to play along decided to pray, afterall, Stephanie said the prayers before they began. Sh e said the prayers silently and was done within a minute. “l just hope you were not cursing me sha You know I said amen to all the prayers, even though I didn’t hear them. ” Stephanie said after they had been told to submit their answers and get out of the hall. And together with hundreds of other candidates, they made their way out of the hall “Why should I curse you? If you did something that warrants getting cursed, your conscience won’t let you be.” Serena replied.

To Be Continued…

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