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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The following morning, Mrs Anita Oluwole was nowhere to be found during the morning devotion which was led by her husband. The children, Davies and Serena were both present also were the in house staf fs. The cooks and the cleaners. “The grace of the lord Jesus Christ………” They all said in unison marking the end of the short but concise devotional programmed led by the man of the house, Chief Oluwole. The staffs dispersed to go and begin their dail y chores and duties after saying thier “good morning’ to their boss and his children. “Good morning daddy.” Serena greeted their father who picked up his bible and was walking out of the living room already. “How many times do you want to greet me?” He ask ed. “Don’t mind her. That’s how she does,” Davies who was stood in front of the refrigerator drinking water replied Yes. Dave, your mum was not present during the devotion. Do you know why?” He asked his first son. “No.” He replied. Just then the clappin g sound of a shoe kissing the tiled floor could be heard from the passage. Mrs Anita Oluwole came out dressed in an expertly sewn Ankara gown which fitted her body like she was made for the cloth. Where could she headed to this early is a question to ask o neself. “Good morning sweetheart.” He greeted his wife ‘Morning.” She replied as she walked towards her daughter and gave her a hug and waved at her son. ‘See you guys later in the evening.” She informed walking briskly towards the front door. “Where are you off to this early morning? Its just 6:45.” Chief Oluwole asked. She. ignore her husband and walked out of the house. Chief Oluwole embarrassingly walked out of the living room as their children saw the drama which has taken over the house in the last one week with their own eyes. “What’s going on between dad and mum?” Serena asked. I should ask you. You are closer to mum.” Dave replied. I should ask you. You are close to dad also.” She said. “Maybe we should ask Nate. You know he is neutral.” Davies added smiling. But seriously, dad and mum no longer relate like they used to. What do you think could be wrong?” Serena asked her brother. I guess they are just having one of their little misunderstandings. They’ll get over it in few days.” Davies assure d his kid sister. I hope sow” Davies walked into his room to get prepared for the proposed trip with his father. He performs the function of his father’s right hand man ever since he came back from service. When travelling with the car, he sits beside his father at the backseat but most times he sits beside the driver whom he enjoyed conversing with. Especially when it comes to football and politics. But today he’ll be behind the wheels and take his father to Osogbo, the capital of Osun state, a state in t western part of Nigeria. A country in the West Africa. he southSerena finished dressing up and applying a light make up on her beautiful face. She wants to make a good impression on her first date with Jake, her crush. She checked the time every minutes, her mother was at home and she was yet to talk to her about settling issues and making peace with her father. She knew the kindof person her mother was, she won’t hesitate to register her five fingers on her cheeks, she didn’t want her to spoil her mood be fore going out with that guy that she so much loved. She planned on talking to her on the issue later in the night There was a honk outside the gate, she knew at once that Jake is around. She rushed into her room and sat down on the bed awaiting their knoc k on the door. The distance from where heparked to the front door seemed like thousand of kilometers. A gentle knock sounded on the door. Before she could reach the hallway, Stephanie had already opened the front door. “Wassup girlfriend” Stephanie said. “Hey steph.” She replied. Her eyes fell on Jake who was handsomely dressed in a white long sleeves t shirt and a black jean trouser and she suddenly felt shy “Hi.” Jake said. She smiled taking his hand in hers. The handshake later turned to a hug. Is this really you?” Serena asked. Jake bursted into laughter as he checked himself all over again. Is there any difference in how I look?” He asked. Stephanie winked at her as she giggled behind Jake. “Steph, is there any difference?” Jake asked facing her. “Sh e is the only one who can spot the difference in you. Who am I to notice such?” She teased You can only spot the difference in Henry right?” Jake asked. The smile on the girls faces turned to a frown. Henry was a guy in their class back in secondary sch ool, he had a soft spot for beautiful ladies and he was a ladies guy. He started dating Serena when they were in the first year of their senior classes which was when Jake graduated alongside Nathaniel. A year later, he asked Stephanie out and dated her fo r a while. The two girls were best of friends then, but they still kept things away from each other. The day they realised they have been cheating on each other was a very sad day for the two girls. Jake was already in the United States then but he still c hats with Stephanie because they were neighbours, so he knew she was dating Henry. “What’s wrong with you girl?” He asked. None of them replied. “Do you realise that you are yet to tell me about how things ended between you and Henry. Maybe Serena will tel l me.” He said not mes. knowing Serena once dated Henry too. “See, we don’t have all day. Lets get out of here.” Stephanie said. The three friends all filed out into Jake’s car and off they went with one thing on their mind. Having fun and catching up on old ti Four hours later, Jake pulled up inside the Thomas family, this time another vehicle has been added to the previous one they met in the compound when they left in the morning, “Your dad right?” Jake asked “Yeah.” Serena replied reluctantly She was the one who volunteered that her friends spend some time with her before they left for their respective homes. She was now begining to blame herself for making such request. She knew her father being home this time meant something is wrong. She approached the front door praying silently. The moment she opened the door she met her parents spitting it all out against each other. “Dad, what’s the matter?” She asked. “Tell your mother to comply by whatever she sees in that letter.” Oluwole Thomas replied. Seren a bent down and picked up the letter and unfolded it. ‘Divorce? Dad! Who is filing it? She asked. Her mother was fuming as she stood arms akimbo before her father. Davies was seated at the dining room watching his parents fight. He beckoned on her to come . ‘Don’t interfere. I have called Uncle Collins and the others.” He said. “Find away to make your friends leave. Because Uncle Collins and co swore on the phone that they are throwing mum’s belongings out. You know what that means? I bet you won’t want your friends to see such scene.” Davies explained. Even though she was embarrassed, she managed to see her friends off silently. She couldn’t look at Jake in the eyes.

To Be Continued…

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