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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

When did you return into the country?” Oluwole asked as he sat down beside his Aunty “l returned last week and believe me, I planned visiting you the day I arrived, but Patrick said I should hold on, and here I am today.” The old lady explained “Mama, you should have called me since then, at least I would have visited you at home and also bring your children along. You don’t know any of them do YOLO” “l know this one. This rude boy.” She said pointing to Davies. “l don’t know his younger brother and this young lady here” She said referring to Nathan and Serena. She beckoned on Serena to come closer. “How are you my daughter. You look gorgeous, hope boys have not been coming here to disturb you?” She asked and Serena blushed. “S tand up, let me see my girl. Turn around” “Mama Londoner, you still haven’t changed Even though Oluwole had forgotten about his siblings, since he didn’t meet them in the living room, he concluded that they were somewhere having a meeting and just when he wanted to ask about them, Patrick walked out and his younger ones followed. After exchanging pleasantries with them, they all sat down in silence, even though Mama Londoner was still whispering something into Serena’s ear, much to Collin’s annoyance. The reason for his anger’ he couldn’t say, maybe because he hated Serena, the same way he despi sed her mother or because he didn’t like the way she got on very well with Mama Londoner. “Let the children excuse us.” He said, anger evident in his tone. “Childre n? These ones are not children, they are grown up. Come to London and see their mates and how they move about.” Mama Londoner replied “But this is a gathering involving adults. They should be in their rooms. ” Collins still protested. “Agreed, but this on e who is already running his father’s company is a kid abi? Even you, Collins, you are a kid to your siblings. Just sit down and lets discuss things.” Mama Londoner replied him. Silence enveloped the room and they all looked at each other. “Jane, can you t ell this honourable house why we are here.” Patrick said and just as if everything has been planned, Jane rose up, greeted everyone present and stated their reason for coming. Wole wanted to talk, but a wave of hand from Patrick told him to keep quiet. “Ma ma, what do you have to say?” Patrick asked. “l don’t have much to say, afterall, this issue concern Wole a lot, as well as his children, we need their opinion as to what they think should be the next step.” “Thank you mama. I married Anita legally, in the face of law, I gave her the ring, and I have honourably collected the ring in the face of the law. And by the way Uncle, did you ask Jane the role she played during the divorce process? She was in my office late last week asking me to give love a second c hance. Why the sudden change of heart? Must I have Anita back in this house? Is she not happy wherever she she is? Uncle, please, you were not around when these things happened, you probably would advice me against going to court for divorce You would by y chase Anita out of this house.” ourself “Jane, is it true you visited his office to discuss getting a new wife with him?” Patrick asked.

Of course I did. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with it He is divorced, and giving lave another chance won’ t hurt, will it?” Jane replied. “That’s very rude of you Jane. Your mother was not like this. Even though we were twins, she still respects me, so where did you get that from? Next time when talking in my presence, you are to be on your feet.” Mama Londone r scolded. “Am sorry Aunty.” Jane replied “Jane, let me ask you, if Wole decides to remarry at this stage, what will be the motive behind it? Is it to have more kids or what?” Patrick asked. “Uncle, not have more children, but to know how it feels to be in love.” She replied “Let me ask you this question. Do you enjoy the relationship that exist between Wole and his children? Do you like how they relate? Serena as his wife, Dave his best friend and confidant Don’t you like it? What do you think will happ en if a woman should join this family aside Anita? She will succeed in turning father against his children for no just cause. Jane, you don’t pray for such do you? Your children can’t survive it” Patrick said. “Uncle, I never said he should take another to the alter All am saying is, he should get himself a woman to take care of him.” Jane defended. “When has a grown up daughter’ Patrick asked “Won’t she go to school? Won’t she get married?” Jane retorted. “What’s your own problem gan sef?” Serena wanted t o ask, but the consequence of saying such sealed her mouth. “Wait till she is married first and even before then, Dave may decide to settle down and start his family in his father’s house. Won’t his wife take care of Wole and moreso, did Wole tell you he c an’t take care of himself?” “Its like you don’t understand Uncle.” Jane was saying. “Hey! That’s enough. I am not getting a new wife, a woman friend or whatever. Can we please talk about some progressive. ” Wole said to his younger sister who kept quiet im mediately. “Wole, listen to me, you may decide not to marry a new wife, something I am strongly against. I am your mother, I can’t lead you astray, you need Anita back in this house. Not because of anybody, but because of your girl. She is gradually growin g into a woman, she need someone with experience by her side. Only her mother can do it, she needs advice, she needs to be put through some certain things. Wole, you cant do all these.” Mama Londoner began. “You seer I have seen some things in her that ne eds correction. If you can’t have her mother back in the house, let her visit her mother once in a while.” she continued. “Mama, what futher ‘putting through’ does she need?’ Wole asked. “She would be saying goodbye to teenage life very soon. She’ll be in school very soon, on her own, making her own decision, deciding when to go to class or not. Wole, you will seize to be a part of her daily life once she resume schooling. Take it or leave it, Wole, she’ll make friends with whom shell share secrets with. Wa le, do you know the implication of that? Friends who still need to be advised will be advicing your daughter and do you know what they say about friends? You trust your friend more than you siblings and even your parents. ” Mama Londoner said. Oluwole brea the in deeply. “Aunty, let me see you outside.” Patrick said and walked out of the house, Mama Londoner followed. They returned minutes later with satisfactory smiles on their faces. They were able to conclude that if Anita was allowed to visit her childre n once in a while it won’t take time before she rediscover her love life with her husband. “l don’t want to see Anita in this house ever again. The children can go to see her on my permission, but stepping into this house is impossible” Wole said angri ly. “It seems like Wole has other plans. Do you care to share it with us?” Mama Londoner asked as if she had read her nephew’s mind.

To Be Continued…

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