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By the time Serena woke up the next morning, it was some few minutes before g: 30am. She shook her head sadly as she dropped her phone For the first time she slept for over twelve hours and waking up, she seemed to have forgotten the events of the previous day, surely, sleep do have a way of erasing sad memories. She had concluded as she picked up her tootbrush and headed to her bathroom. She returned a minute later, walked towards the mirror which was attached to her war drobe, she opened her mouth and admired her sparkling white teeth. She opened it wider, brought out her tongue rolled it, twisted it until it hit her that she was acting weird which made her burst into laughter. She approached the window and opened the bli Inside the compound was her father’s cars. “Is daddy not going to the office today?” She asked herself. Never for once has she seen her father in the house during weekdays by Bam. As early as 7am, he was out. So, what co uld be delaying him this morning? She asked herself as she unlocked her door and walked towards the living room. “Good morning.” Dave greeted from the dinning room as soon as he saw her emerge from the hallway. “Morning bro. ” She replied almost to herself as she approached him. “How was your night?” He asked “Fine o.” She replied as she sat on the chair next to his. “Daddy never comot?” She found herself asking in pidgin in front of the principled Dave who believed pidgin is meant for the illiterates who desperately wanted to be classified as English Language speaker. “Him still dey o.” To her suprise he replied in pidgin and she couldn’t help but laugh “What nau, did I fumble with it?” He asked innocently with a smile. “Fumble ke? You got it right” She r eplied. Something was definitely wrong somewhere, even though she was happy that something was wrong, because the Dave of the previous week would never sit down to have a two minute conversation with her. Even when he does, he made sure there is a frown on his face. But the new Dave here felt comfortable talking to her, even with a smile and also broke his no pidgin principle. Surely, whatever gave Dave the change of heart should better continue with the good job it started “l think you should go and greet him.” He said calmly. “Are you sure?” She asked with fear all over her face. “He is your father isn’t it? And he can’t kill you. Abeg, go greet am jor.” He replied with a smile. After contemplating for a while, she stood up and just then, he rounded up hi s meal “Seriously Dave, you are a changed man o.” She said as she packed his plates ready to take them to the kitchen, something she had never done before for him alone. “Really?” “Seriously. And I want to know the reason behind this sudden change.” She s aid. “Finer I’ll sneak out of office today and will take you somewhere. There you’ll know the reason behind the sudden change.” He replied. “Wow! Dave wants to sneak out under the watchfúl eye of his oga and papa.” She let out a hearty laugh and as she mad e to walk into the kitchen, she froze and the plate dropped and subsequently shattered into pieces. “Good morning dad.” She stammered. “Morning Princess.” He replied with total indifference, without looking at her or the plates she just broke. “Let go boy, ” He said as he dropped his briefcase on the nearest couch and walked out of the house. As expected, Dave picked the briefcase, but this time he handed it to Serena. followed his fáther. “Follow him to the car and tell him you are sorry about the woeful result. ” He said and Serena immediatly held the briefcase firmly and followed her brother with series of question on her mind. “Did he just call me princess?” “Does that mean he is cool with me?” “It was like he forced himself to say it. Maybe he meant it afterall.” She thought as she walked towards the land rover, but to her suprise, Dave was unlocking the doors of the small Toyota.
She watched her steps as she opened the backdoor and dropped the briefcase on the seat. “Dad. …am sorry about.’ She was sta mmering when the gate was opened by the gateman and Stephanie walked into the compound What does she want again? Serena froze as Stephanie approached them while Dave just switched on the ignition of the car. “Good morning dad.” She greeted going on her kne es. “Good morning my dear, how are you?” “Am fine sir.” She replied. “Serena, whatsup?” She said with a smile. “Uncle Dave, good morning.” Serena gave her a deadly stare, while Dave gave her a do Stephanie stopped just a few steps away frIknowyou look om Serena’s father and the elderly man in turn gave her an askance look, like expecting her to state her mission. “l came here on behalf of my mum. She had to go out very early today and she asked me to come and thank you for your kind gesture yesterday. T he car is in perfect condition now.” She explained “what an excuse ” Serena thought “Oh! You shouldnt have bothered. Hope the mechanic brought the car home?” Mr Oluwole asked. “Yes sir. In fact, he is a very nice man. He spent some time with us gisting a making us laugh.” Stephanie replied. “Oh! That’s one thing about him. No dull moment.” “l guess you are going out.” she said, more of a question. “Yeah. You are right ” “Let me not waste your time then, I will just hang out with my sister here. Have a n nd ice day sir.” She replied. “And you too.” With this, Serena quickly opened the door to the passenger seat for him. “And before I forget, how was your exam? What’s your score?” He asked “It was wonderful. I had 256.” She replied winking at Serena, “That’s wonderful.” He exclaimed as he gave Serena a cold stare. “Just keep it up okay?” He said “Thank you sir.” He pushed Serena out of his way before hopping into the car and Dave drove out of the compound Immediately, Serena ran all the way into the house wit h Stephanie on her chase. Stephanie was a swift runner, but Serena was a ‘swifter’ runner when she is angry She could run from Ibadan to Maiduguri when angry, but on a normal day, she couldn’t run from the gate into the house. Stephanie knew best to catch up with her before she gets to her room, because she knew what to expect if she should enter her room before her. ‘”Na to lock the door remain.” She thought. Having long hands and long legs may make one look like a ‘Sekxy Ostritch r would say anyt like Jake ime he wants to make jest of Stephanie. But aside from being a ‘Sekxy Ostritch’ those long body parts could also be important at times. And today, Stephanie decided to use them to her advantage as she stretched forth her hand, close a little distance and pu lled Serena to be back of the nearest couch. “Ouch!” Serena screamed in pain as she hit her side on the chair baby.” Stephanie said as she held her in place. “Sorry “Let me go. Leave me alone.” She protested as she wriggled to free herself. Stephanie kne w she was no match for Serena’s strength, but she knew how to overpower her.

To Be Continued…

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