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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Stop trickling me. Steph stop.” Serena protested, this time she was laughing like someone who inhaled a laughing gas. “Thank God you finally called my name after two weeks and I made you laugh ” Stephanie said as she released her. “What do you want?” Serena asked “Let me spell it out. I came to make peace with my madam and also want to know your UTME score. You know, mum’s boyfriend that I told you about is the Deputy Vice chancel lor in UI. We will just go and see him and also submit you papers while we wait for the Post UTME to increase your chances. And don’t forget, you owe me one too, you’ll help me with that lecturer you know in Ilorin. This year is our year.” Stephanie said a s she led her friend to the three seater couch, while they sat down like they used to, everytime they want to talk about Jake. “l failed. 191 ” Serena dropped the bombshell. Stephanie’s face fell. “How did it happen?” She asked. “l don’t know ” Stephanie m oved closer and held her closely. “What will you do now? Change of institution is the best option or a private Uni.” Stephanie asked “Dad wants me to spend the extra year at home.” “No way. You have to go somewhere, even the polytechnic won’t be a bad ide a. All you just have to do is write Jamb next year and you cross if admitted.” Silence took over the room as Stephanie’s ringing phone caught their attention. “Its Jake.” She said happily, but Serena’s face fell. “Hello darling.” Steph said. “Are you with her already?” He asked “Yes, she had 1 Stephanie replied Jakes laughter could be heard at the other end. tagious. “Who now needs a special centre between you two?” Jake asked amidst laughter. Even Stephanie had to stifle a laugh, because laughter they say is con Serena stood up immediately and ran to her room. She should have seen this coming. Serena had been alone in her room for the past two hours since Stephanie left. Stephanie had knocked on her door for five minutes and when she realised that she wou ldn’t bulge, she left angrily much to Serena’s relief, but she felt empty and in need of a friend to talk to. Stephanie was automatically ruled out of the category of friends, same with Jake. The only candidates left was Henry and Labake. While Labake may be the best candidate, she knew she couldn’t trust her just yet Who open up their hearts to friends that they haven’t seen in a year. With Labake ruled out, Henry remained the only person she could talk to, afterall, he remained her first love, even though he ended up breaking her head and moved on to having a fling with Stephanie, she still felt the urge to call him and pour out her mind to him. But the Henry she knew wont give her listening ears, he is always joking and playing pranks, no serious moment f or him, which means he couldn’t help her situation with talks, he could only make her laugh and in the process ease the tension for a few hours. Her ringing phone brought her back to life. Alas, it was Dave. “Hello.” She said quietly.

Big sis…. Sorry, l il sis.” He quickly corrected himself before bursting into laughter, she joined him in the frenzy. “Hope, you are ready?” He asked. “Ready for what?’ She replied trying to stabilize her breathe. “Don’t be silly. I thought I promised to take you out today a nd also introduce to you, the reason behind the change in me.” He said. “Oh! That’s true. Where are you now?” She asked. “l am playing a fast one on dad here, if it works, I’ll take a bike and rush home to pick you up and off with go with the Rover’ He rep lied. “Bad boy, you want to trick your oga, no salary be that. ” She said. “Just get prepared okay? I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” He said before hanging up. Serena stood up with a smile, stretched herself before walking into the bathroom with the nece ssary things. Twenty five minutes later, she was done with dressing and application of her make up. And just when she decided to call Dave, the gate was opened and he walked into the compound “Oya, come out here o.” He shouted happily as he entered the li ving room. Serena walked out to join him in the living room. “How do I look?” She asked. “Like a doll.” He said and bursted into laughter. “Sorry.” He quickly said noticing the angry stare she game him. “Be serious jor.” “You look breathtaking. But wait o. Is it because you are going out with me that you dressed up like this? What if it were to be your boyfriend? You’ll just use a whole bucket of paint.” “Ahn ahn. My make up is not heavy, is it? Its just light make up.” She said. “Don’t m ind me, I am just kidding.” Ten minutes later, Dave was driving along the University college hospital (UCH)Mokola road with a smile on his face. Serena couldn’t help but wonder what made Dave a changed man. Only time would tell, she had concluded and sev en minutes later, he drove into the UCH. “Cool down, this is where she works. ” He said noticing the suprised look on her face. “She? Wow! Dave’s got a girlfriend.” She thought. “Did I just say she? Gosh!” He hit his fist on the steering wheel. The smile o n his face became more evident as he pulled the car of the road and stopped beside a young lady, who couldn’t be more than twenty two or twenty three and a young girl who couldn’t be more than eighteen. “Hello baby.” The lady said as she moved over to the drivers side at the time Dave came out and they hugged. “Did I keep you guys waiting?” He asked as he led her to the passenger side. “Not at all.” The lady replied. “Taiwo, what’s up?” Dave greeted the young girl with a hug. “Sweetheart, meet my little sis ter, Serena. Serena, meet my girlfriend, Bolaji.” Dave said. To everyone’s suprise, Bolaji bent her knees. “Good afternoon my sisterinlaw. Its nice meeting you finally.” Bolaji said. “Good afternoon ma.” Serena said laughing at the little stunt pulled by her brother’s girlfriend “This is her kid sister, Taiwo. She also wrote her UTME exam yesterday.” Dave said calmly.

Really, its nice meeting you. I am Serena” “l saw you yesterday.” Taiwo said. “Where?” Serena asked. “University of Ibadan, ICT center. Y card.” Taiwo repliedou came to collect my dad’s complimentary Then it hit her, Taiwo was the girl who greeted her from inside the Marcedez Benz G wagon. “This world is indeed a small place.” She concluded as Dave drove them out of the UCH. Anita seated o n her bed, while her boyfriend, Barrister Olu was seated on the only sofa in the room. “You know, Anita, we could run away and no one will ever find you.” Olu said after a minute of silence. Anita rolled her eyes angrily and scoffed. “Olu, you know that’s impossible. I am about returning to my husband’s house where my happiness is guaranteed, now you want me to run away to play second fiddle to your wife. Forget it.” Anita replied. “There are so many things you don’t know about that annoying husband of your s. ” “Will you please tell me?” Anita mocked. “Definitely. You see, Wole will never, I repeat with emphasis, he will never accept you back in his house. He has so many leverages to use against everyone pleading on your behalf. A simple question is, when Pa Patrick’s daughter got pregnant while in school, despite pleading from family and friends, Pa sent the lady out. He accepted her seven year later, when the lady became a graduate of Banking and finance. Collins denied a pregnancy as a young boy, everyone wanted him to marry the lady, but he refused. Jane, I don’t know what to say about Jane.” Olu began. “So? What has this got to do with my husband?” Anita asked. “Many things sweetheart. This shows the kind of family they are. Once they set their sight on d oing and achieving something, no amount of pleading can change their minds.” “And what about you? Are you any different from them? Are you not a Thomas?” Anita asked. “Of course I am a Thomas, a proud one which is why I remain the best candidate to continu e from wherever your husband stopped.” He added. “Olu, forget it Let me be for once. This relationship has spanned for decades, I think it hight time we let it off. I am returning to my husband’s house and nothing can stop me.” Anita said. “l love the deca des aspect of this relationship. That’s more reason why we should continue. This relationship is as old as your marriage. Lets keep doing this, all you need to do is give me the go ahead and I’ll prepare travel documents for you. You move to Ghana and the following month, I set up my law firm in Ghana and we live as couples. OIL] explained “Easier said than done Olu. I am not going to Ghana. I love Nigeria, so far am with my husband.” Anita replied “So, are you saying, you want out of this relationship?” Olu asked standing up “l crave for your understanding. Please, lets call it off. For our own good.” Anita replied. “Nice. Its okay by me.” He said. “Waoh! OIL], thank you very much.” Anita beamed with smiles. “What about the child you bore with the pregn ancy many years ago?” Olu asked.

To Be Continued…

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