Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 25


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

OIL], what are you talking about?” Anita asked. “Stop playing dumb here. You yourself confirmed you were pregnant then.” “Olu, I was not sure, that’s just it. I wasn’t sure if the child belongs to you or Wole and thank God , the paternity of the child was traced to Wole.” Anita replied. “The paternity was traced to Wole after three years abi? Remember our agreement. I will continue seeing you till death do us apart. And the moment you deny me or threaten to break up, I revea l our secret.” Olu replied angrily “Olu, there is no child anywhere. Wole is the father and not even you can do anything about it.” Anita said defiantly. “l know you’ll deny, but I am ready for you. Remember, I don’t have a male child, I am desperate to h ave one and my wife doesn’t mind wherever the son is coming from. Even though the Thomas family will break as a result of this scandal, something I don’t mind, so far my son is returning to me.” Olu ranted. nfidently “Finer lets have a DNA to be sure.” Anita said co “There will be no DNA. The boy is mine, get it straight.” “Get out,” Anita screamed. And just as if it was staged, Olu dragged her out of bed and slammed her back against the wall, held her against his frame, before slamming his lips on hers. Ju st then the door into the hotel room opened and Nathaniel walked in with his bagpack. Mum! He screamed, Uncle Olu surprised written over his face, this is not happening, No.” He screamed. “This is not what you think my dear.” Anita pleaded. Nathan with bloodshot eyes, secured the door lock and rolled the sleeves of his shirt. No doubt, Anita knew what was coming next, Olu would either die during the process or he would die as soon as he gets to the hospital. “Nathan, don’t.” Anita warned, but it was too late. A punch has been registered on the Barrister’s face. For the first time in months, Serena could categorically boast of having a fun filled day. Even though the day started on a sour note, from her encounter with her angry father, to the unexpect ed arrival of Stephanie to the sisters heart to heart talk about their result and the way forward, to Jake’s nightmarish call and the scornful laugh he gave when he learnt of her score. And until Dave showed up at around 1 1:40am, she locked herself up in her room. “God bless you Dave.” She thought with a smile. “What’s amusing you?” Dave asked That was when she remembered that he was still in the car with her. “l remembered something fúnny.” She replied still smiling “You care to share?” He asked. “No. Its personal.” “Whatever.” He said with a hiss. Dave concentrated more on the road, looking out for men of the Federal road safety corps, because the last thing he wished for was being stopped by those men who would stop at nothing the moment they realise he was without his papers. Even though he couldn’t help but throw occassional glances at his sister. “You know, I love aunty Bolaji.” Serena said breaking the silence. “Oh! Am glad you do.” He replied.

Where did you meet and how did things get all lovey asked. “l met her a year ago at the airport I was travelling to Abuja with my oga and she according to our conversation was going to visit her uncle.” Dave explained. “Waoh! So, you mean you scoped a girl in dad’s presence?” She asked. “For where? I pulled some strings and managed to get a seat away from dad. I sat beside her all through the journey and we exchanged contact.” Dave explained with a smile. Serena couldn’t help but smile too. “You guys made it official when?” She ask ed “Late last month….” “And slowly, he love changed you from Dave the bully and always serious to the jovial Dave who jokes with everything.” She cut in. “You know, I still can’t believe you left the office to be with your girlfriend. I mean. who does th at? In Dave’s world, his job comes first.” She continued chatting happily with him as he drove back home and five minutes before they arrived home, her heart started beating very fast. “Will dad be home by now?” She asked checking the time. “5pm. Dad shoul d be home except if Mama Londoner delayed him.” Dave replied pulling into a filling station. “You want to buy fuel?” Serena asked “Of course, Dad is travellinq tomorrow and no filling station would be opened by 5am.” He replied. “Melo(How much)?” The atte ndant asked. “Two thousand.” Dave replied He removed two naira notes from his wallet and gave it to the attendant. And just then, Serena saw someone she knew. “Dave, I’ll be right back.” She said as she ran out of the car. “Uncle Vincent. ” She called as she approached the white Micra which was parked inside the Lube bay. “Oh! Serena, how are you?” Vincent asked Ten minutes later, Dave drove out of the filling station. “Who is that?” He asked. “The cabman who was instructed by dad to drive me to where I purchased the CBT software.” She replied. “Oh!” Dave muttered, suprise written all over his face, but he said nothing more “Hello dad.” Serena greeted as she walked into the living room where her father was seated. “Good evening sir.” Dave greeted “Hell o boy.” He replied before he turned to Serena. “Where are you coming from?” He asked. “Dave took me out.” She replied with a shaky voice. Was she near tears? She couldn’t say. “And what is being celebrated? Is it your birthday?” Her father asked. “l took h er out so she can grow over her exam woes and put it behind to forge ahead.” Dave came to her rescue.

To Be Continued…

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