A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena walked out of her father’s study with the feeling of the happiest girl in the world. She was now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy mobile device. “Where are these guys?” She asked as she entered the living room where the game they were playing was still on. She headed to Na than’s room where she saw the two boys engrossed in whatever they are discussing, but the moment Nate saw her he kept quiet signalling Dave who did the same. “Hey.” Nathan said. She ignored him and dropped the bag she was holding on Dave’s laps. “What’s in side?” Dave asked. “Check it.” She replied happily. “Oh! Your phone?” He said. “Yes, how did you know?” She asked “l am dad’s PA. Actually, I bought the phone.” He replied. “So, you can’t buy me a Iphone?” She asked with a smile as she jumped on Nathan’s bed, much to his annoyance. “Can’t you see I just made my bed?” Nate asked angrily. “l saw it. That was why I am on it.” she replied with a smile. Afterall, he has been acting up since he returned from school with cuts and wounds. If he was trying to be cr azy, she definitely would dish it out to him, by making him angry, afterall, he remained her favourite sibling and vice versa, so the chances of him raising his hands on her is next to zero, given the advantage of being a woman. “And you can’t use your bra in? Can’t you see that the sheet will become ruffled?” He asked angrily. “Oga, calm down jor. If you sleep on it, won’t it become ruffled?” Serena asked playfully, but Nate was having none of that. “As you can see, when you came in I was discussing with Da ve, can you please excuse us?” He asked. “Definitely, I can excuse you guys, provided Dave asked me to, because I no longer understand you guys. The last time I checked, you are not friends, you rarely discuss and even when you do, it is always in the open where a third party can listen and be a part of the discussion.” “So, what are you insinuation. Is he not my brother? Are we little kids?” Dave cuts in. “That’s not what I mean bro…” She was saying. “Say nothing more. Please excuse us.” Dave cut her sho “Okay, but rt She was saying when Nathan’s phone rang, “She is the one calling.” He had said to Dave before answering the call “Hello, good evening.” He said. He listened for a minute or two as he exchanged meaningful glances with Dave. “Listen to me mu …” He was saying but kept quiet immediately he noticed Serena’s presence “There is nothing to talk about. This has been your long term aim isn’t it?” He asked. “Oh yeah, it is. And to say I felt like a fool right now, like I have been used. I mean, who d oes this? You left less than two months ago and you are hanging out with men aready and this time, not just anyman, but. He voice trailed off. Dave stood up, stood beside his brother and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “He is here with me.” Nate happily L said before giving the phone to his brother who took it “Good evening.” He said calmly.

He listened for a few seconds before replying. “Serena is fine too.” He replied. He looked from a visibly angry Nate to a confused Serena. “Yes, he told me a bout it, but I was suprised and deeply disappointed. ” He removed the phone from his ear and faced Nate. “She don cut.” With Serena still on her feet, Dave and Nate resumed their discussion, only that this tume they spoke inaudibly and while Dave did the t alking, Nate replied in monosyllables and gestures. “Will you guys tell me who you just spoke with?” She asked. The two of them ignored her and stood up to walk out of the room. “Dave, who is that person that asked after me? What’s the matter?” She asked h olding him tightly. “Am sorry, I can’t tell you now. Maybe later.” Dave replied removing her hand off his shirt. “Should I inform dad?” Nate asked. “Not yet.” Dave replied.

To Be Continued…

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