Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 28


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena, wake up.” She heard someone say, She stirred in her sleep an d opened her eyes. “What?” She asked angrily. “Daddy is calling you.” Nate replied. “Okay, I am coming.” She replied without making any move to stand up. “Be fast and lets go.” He said “Nate, tell him I am coming.” She said laying emphasis on each word. ” Just don’t keep him waiting, you know he is traveling.” He said before walking out angrily. She knelt down beside her bed and mumbled a few words of prayer before walking out of the room. She got to the living room and saw no one, she then proceeded to her father’s room. “Good morning dad.” she greeted as she joined her brothers. “Good morning Dave.” She said “How are you?” Her father replied. “Am fine sir. Thank you for yesterday.” “You have said that countless times. When will you stop thanking me?” She smiled as her eyes fell on Nate who still wore the angry look from the previous evening. Whatever was making him angry, she didn’t know and he couldn’t talk to her despite their closeness.
l am travelling this morning to Abuja and I won’t be back until th e weekend, Sunday to be precise.” Their father began. “Dave, you know what to do, don’t? The house is in your hands now, same with the office. You’ll work alongside Mr Awe, he’ll put you through some things that you should know.” He said facing his first s on. “Nathan, you are the one I am afraid of. When are you returning to school?” He asked. “Friday.” Nate replied with a frown. “Which means, you have today and tomorrow. Please don’t fight anybody, just your cool. I will be in Ilorin by next week, I keep will visit you, so we’ll talk about whatever is bothering you. Okay?” Mr Thomas said patting Nate in the shoulder befOre walked towards his briefcase which lay just beside a small travelling bag. “Dad, I am here too, any word for me?” Serena asked. “Sorry mum, there is nothing for you. Just make sure your brothers are well fed.” Mr Thomas replied “The maids can take care of that” She muttered. “Sure, they can. But they will no longer work for us. They handed their resignation and I am paying them off. Ever ything now rests on you. Her father replied. Serena opened her mouth is shock. “Make do with five thousand naira. I know you can’t spend it finish before sunday, but in case just have it.” “Thank you daddy.” She jumped on him. “In that case boys, Sunday it is.” With this, their father left to join a chattered cabman who was waiting outside the gate. Fifty minutes later, Serena was seated legs crossed in the living room doing only God knows what on her phone. “Tell Nate I am off to the office.” Dave said a s he made for the door. “Wait up bro.” Nathan called Dave gave his immediate younger brother an askance look. “l am going to Womile hotel, hopefully, I’ll meet her; then we will talk.” He said. “Fine, lets go so I can drop you at the bus stop.” Dave said walking out of the house. “And it is a taboo for me to know whatever it is that is going on in this house?” Serena asked, but got no reply. Nate returned a changed man wearing an angry look, Dave who showed sign of becoming a sociable and likeable person d ays ago has returned to his former self. “Anyways, their headache. ” She thought as she resumed pressing her phone. Nate walked into the hotel premises and to his suprise, everywhere was silent, save for the sound coming from the genarating set. “Where a re these useless security men?” He asked himself as he approached the parking lot. He stopped in his tracks when he saw a police vehicle parked amongst other cars and notably beside the vehicle was his Uncle Olu’s car. “Well, I am here to see my mum. Anybo dy standing on my way would be crushed.” He thought as he removed his phone, stood in front of the security door which admitted him within seconds and he was walking towards the reception.

That’s the boy there. ” One of the security men who was sporting a bandage on his neck said and immediately two uniformed policemen pounced on him. “We’ll take him with us now just like Barrister OIL] ordered.” One of the policemen said. “Mum, are you gonna watch them take me away?” He asked his mother who was looking l ike she had seen a ghost. Serena walked out into the living room clad in a white top and a blue jean three quarter trouser. “Fine girl looking elegant.” Taiwo said immediately she set her eyes on her. “Abeg o. ” Serena smiled as she sat beside her new foun d friend whom in the last twenty four hours had gotten along well and had chatted for the majority of the previous night. “Is this our phone?” Taiwo asked. “Our phone? Yes.” Serena replied. Taiwo collected the phone and stood up to sit on another couch. ” Am sorry, I have to go through your pictures. Is it okay by you?” “No problem.” Serena replied “Even if there is, you think I won’t check it abi?” Three minutes of silence followed as Taiwo busied herself with Serena’s phone. While Serena used that opport unity to sneak into the kitchen and returned with a plate of rice and a bottle of soft drink. “Here, your food is ready.” She announced. “What food?’ Taiwo asked “You are visiting me for the first time, therefore, you have eat something before you leave. ” And what will I call that? Postbreakfast or prelunch?” Taiwo asked “Call it whatever you like. All I know is that, you must take something in my house.” “Like seriously, I ate before I left home. Let me just take the drink.” Taiwo pleaded “So, who will eat the food?” Serena asked. “You can eat it, can’t you?” she replied with a smile. “l know what to do. I will pack it into a disposable plate and you’ll take it home.” Serena said and the two girls bursted into laughter. Silence enveloped the room once ag ain with Taiwo busy with the phone and Serena bulldozing the food at the dining area. “Madam, nawa o. So you mean you have no intention of giving me the food in the first place Can you imagine, I said I am not eating and under a minute, you are whoozing d own the food.” Taiwo joked replied. “l never chop this morning.” Serena “So you wanted to give me your own food?” Taiwo asked and Serena nodded in affirmation. “Girlie, you must be high on hunger.” Taiwo said as she walked towards the dining. “Is the the guy?” she asked showing a picture of Jake to her friend. “Yeah.” Serena replied. “Look at him, he looks like a pelican.” Taiwo said and the two girls bursted into laughter.

To Be Continued…

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