Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 29


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The girls spent the next twenty minutes talking about Jake and Stephanie where Taiw o did most of the talking, mostly abusing them. “See who is talking, if Steph is an Ostritch, then you are what?” Serena asked. “Pengiun.” She replied. “Steph is taller than I am, she has long legs, I am more sexier and curvier.” Taiwo bragged. “But, I am you mentor when it come to beauty.” Serena said. “l agree She replied Five minutes later, Serena’s phone rang. “Who is it?” She asked. “Hate abi what is this?.. Sorry, Nate.” Taiwo said Jokingly “Wow! My big bro.” Serena collected the phone and picked th e call. “Hello bro. ” Even if they are on bad terms, she wouldn’t want to give her friend that bad impression. “Tell him I am here” Taiwo whispered jokingly. “What? Police station? What happened?” Serena asked as she quickly stood up rushed to her room, re turned just the way she left. “l am coming right away. Have you called daddy? What about Dave?” She asked as she picked the five thousand naira her father gave to her hours ago from the dinning table, stuffed it inside her purse and made for the door. “Ma dam, wait jor. What’s the problem?” Taiwo asked. “Please, I have to go. My brother is in police detention.” Serena fled out of the house. She ran the whole distance from her house to the junction and just as she mounted the bike, she felt someone sat behin d her. “Don’t look back. Your phone is with me.” Taiwo said, “You don’t have to go with me. It doesn’t speak well, your first time of visiting me… ” “Ssshhhh! We are one, remember? Dave and my sister’ She said squeezing her shoulder. “0ga, you bike no fi t move abi?” She asked angrily. Inside the DPO’s office, Serena was seated as well as Taiwo on the two visitor chairs in front of the desk. “What’s your relationship with that criminal?” The police boss asked is not a criminal.” Serena replied with a shaky voice. Taiwo quickly pinched her laps. “He is our brother.” She added “Your brother?” The DPO asked. “He “Yes sir.” she replied. “You know, I am always lenient when I am handling cases that has to do with kids, young boys and girls, you know why?” He pa used. The two girls nodded their heads in the negative. “l am a children bible teacher in my church, I am a father, therefore I know how their minds work and one thing about children is that little thing count and what you will do that will make children develop hatred towards you, you don r t know. That is why when I was told that someone is here to bail Nathaniel, I asked them to let you into my office, because on a normal day, you can’t grant bail unless you are above eighteen….” “We are above eighteen sir.” Taiwo cuts in. “Young lady, you don’t talk while I am talking, Don’t be rude.” “Am sorry sir”.

Serena could see a smile on Taiwo’s face and the way she sport fearlessly with confidence, one would think she was a regular visitor to a police station, Most especially, when she assured her at the entrance that everything would be fine. “When I say above eighteen, I don’t mean a nineteen year old or twenty year old. Before you can request for bail, you must be a close relation to the criminal, you must be a working class citizen of this country, so that if you are needed, we can trace you to your place of work, and above all, you must have a clear criminal record. But unfortunately, our force no longer ask for police report from guarantors, all they do is get the name, address and a certain amount of money.” He paused, gave them a searching look to be sure if they were with him, “We all know that if I am to follow the set rules, your parents will get to know about it and according to the boy, he pleaded wit h my men, that was why you were called instead of your father. And the man who asked us to arrest him is a respected lawyer in the state who is ready to take the case to the highest court in the land.” The police chief continued. “We really appreciate the fact that you allowed us into your office. But please sir, can we talk to the lawyer who invited the police?” Taiwo asked calmly. “He didn’t ask me to give out his number, but he must spend a few days here before he would be released.” Serena quickly went down on her knees. “Please sir, he must not spend the night here. Even though I don’t know his offence, but please sir, you can help us.” She rapped. “We are your children.” Taiwo added. “l will help you, but first, he would for the next five days report h ” “He will gladly accept that.” Serena said. ere every morning. “Finer go to the reception, and sign the papers, then return here with him so I can approve it and give you some fatherly advice.” With that, Serena and Taiwo went to the reception as instruct ed, did the necessary signings and a bail form was handed to them, but that was after five thousand naira has been paid. Thirty minutes later, the trio of Serena, Nate and Taiwo were standing in front of the police station, everyone to his own thought Acco rrding to the revelation made by the DPO, an uncle of their ordered Nathan’s arrest and Taiwo was quick to change the surnames on the bail form. But why would Uncle Olu fight Nate at Womile hotel where their mother was lodged? Does that mean their father d oesn’t want them near their mother, and even if that was the case, their father should have paid millitary personnels to do the job, not a close relation, Something certainly must be wrong somewhere. “How do we get home now?” Serena asked. “Those useless p olicemen collected everything on me at the time of the arrest, my wristwatch. Only my phone was returned, but my credit was used.” Nate lamented. “l have spent all I have, including the 5k dad gave me this morning.” Serena added. “l think I have money here , even if we have to lap ourselves, we’ll get home.” Taiwo said with a smile and all three filled into the next cab that stopped at the junction. “Am sorry for stressing you today and bringing you to a police station.” Serena whispered as the cab sped on t he road. “Abeg jor.” Taiwo waved it off. Two hours later, when Taiwo was ready to leave, Serena saw her off to the busstop. “Its a pity you met me for the first time in an awkward place, but all the same, its nice meeting you.” Nate said as he shook hands with her just before she mounted a bike. “Now is the time to listen to the story leading to his arrest.” Serena concluded as they trekked back home.

To Be Continued…

To Be Continued…

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