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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Nathaniel was walking along the s ociology department inside his school. The department being the frist department you’ll come accross when coming from the popular park where cabs drops and picks up students inside the university of Ilorinw He was walking in company of three of his friends , Ade, Taofèek and Jerry. None of them is a student of the department but they came in search of a girl whom Ade said he was interested in. And they all came to witness his downfall. “Guys, I want to invite you to my parent’s wedding anniversary.” Taofeek informed his three best friends. Of all quartet, Taofeek was an indigene of Ilorin, both his parents are from Ilorin and they also resides in the city of Ilorin. “How many years?” Ade asked.

Twenty five.” Taofeek replied. “Silver jubilee they call it.” J erry said. Nathaniel who knew once Jerry talks, there is no pint of seriousness in it. All he wants to do is make them laugh. “What about fifty years?'” Jerry who got his plan asked. “Golden jubilee.” “Above fifty?” Jerry asked Platinum. That r s up to ei ghty or so.” Taofeek replied. ‘Above eighty?'” Nathaniel asked. No one knew the answer and Jerry decided to help them. “Rust.” He said and his friends all bursted into laughter while he maintain a straight face. “Which means very soon, Taofeek’s parent wi ll rust?” Ade asked. “No, they’ll corode.” Jerry replied throwing them into another bout of laughter. They continued throwing banters and catching their fun with the exception of Nathaniel who was thinking if his parent will ever come to terms to celebrate their wedding anniversary. “Am famished.” Jerry announced. “Me too.” Ade said as he branched into a kiosk where snacks were being sold. He picked an egg roll and a bottle of soft drink. He sat down to eat. His three friends stood a few steps away from him lauhging while Jerry kept taking pictures of him munching the snacks hungrily. “Ade, see something.” Jerry called his attention toa girl who just came out of one of the lecture halls and was walking towards the park. Ade dropped whatever he was eating and ran after the girl, the reason why he was at the sociology department in the first place. He returned after a few minutes smiling. “How far?” Taofeek asked r I got her number. She invited me to her friends party sef. I can also come with my friends.” He eplied smiling, “Good for you, but I have a class.” Taofeek said. ‘Me too.” Nathaniel added ‘Professor Ambali asked me to see him.” Jerry said referring to the school’s vice chancellor. His two friends who got the joke bursted into laughter turning Ade its in the evening: Ade said. into an “The party is not today. Moreso, “Even if its in the night. I will surely have class or test ” Jerry said and the four friends walked towards the park but not after each of them bought what to eat. Oluwole was seated o n one of the plastic chairs arranged around a small table inside the car park which is no longer in use as no one has the time to always park inside the garage. Since the compound is spacious, the garage is useless and therefore, it has become store house for drinks and some old household equipmens. In spite of all this, the garage is still a wonderful place to see, it was neatly arranged thanks to Mrs Anita Oluwole. Chief Oluwole was seated opposite his son with a pack of fruit juice on the table and three glass cups filled with the orange flavoured drink on the table “Dave.” He called his son. Davies who was busy with his phone stopped what he was doing and raised his head up to face his father. “Can’t you speak to your mother? You need to see what Collins was saying when he came here in the evening, everything was about her.” He said. “Dad, I donrt know how best to say this, but forgive me if am rude. I think you should man up and talk to her. She is your wife and under your control. We were not there when you got married so we have no right to interfere between you guys.” Davies advised. “That’s true. But you too, look at the time now and tell me if a responsible woman should be found outside this late?” He asked his son.

Dad, all the same you have to tal k to her, she is your wife and will forever be.” Davies replied. Serena walked into the garage. “Dad, the food is ready.” She said “Okay sweetheart” Her father replied “Won’t you call me to come and eat?” Davies asked “Let me go in and come out again to call you. Or better still sleep over it.” She replied smiling. “silly girl Davies said. “Ahn ahn!” She said as she angrily walked into the house hissing in the process. Oluwole stood up while his son packed the cups and the juice container. Just then the gateman pushed the gate open and a white Lexus jeep drove into the compound Anita pushed open the back door and came down from the car. “Welcome madam.” The gateman greeted. ‘Saliu, how body?” She asked. One thing could be noticed, she had a different clot h this time. Different from what she wore when she was going out in the morning. “Darling you came late. How was your outing?” Oluwole asked trying to be nice even though he had no idea of where his wife went neither did she tell her where she was going. ” remember when I told you I have an outing. OIL], am d-Outing? I don’t n tired.” She said as she dragged her feet toward the entrance door. Her husband stood rooted to a spot fuming and trying to contain his anger. “Dad, lets go in.” Dave said opening the door for his father to walk in. Screams could be heard from inside the house and the voice is for no other person than Serena. Chief Oluwole walked into the house with his son to find his only daughter crying in pain holding her head “Serena, what’s wrong ?” He asked. ‘Dad, I only asked mum where she went without telling anybody and was coming back this time, Ten o’clock.” Serena replied “So what did she do?” Oluwole asked. “She hit me with her handbag thrice.” Serena replied Oluwole barged into the hous e angrily In search of his wife He reemerged few seconds later without any significant success just when his wife walked into the living room. “Woman, look here. If you neglect your parental duties fine. You can go out from morning till night without tell ing anybody but please don’t dare touch my children.” He warned his wife and anger surged through his body. “She lacks manner for talking to me like that” Anita replied “See who is talking. Its your fault if she lack manners. Isn’t she your daughter? Aren ‘t you a woman like her?” “Hey! Hold it.” Anita said gesturing with her hand. “Are you telling me to shut up?” “Yes. Shut your mouth.” She said as she angrily walked out of the living room. Oluwole too walked out of the living room into his room. Their chi wasting the already prepared dinner. ldren followed suit thereby Serena was seated on her bed weeping. The events of the previous day kept flashing on her mind. She could vividly remembered how the sentence u ask your useless father’ drawled out of her mot her’s mouth. She never believed her mother could be this inconsiderate. She never cared about the psychological effect the trouble will have on the children, she never cared to know how her children will handle the situation and all the three of them are i n the most delicate periods of their lives. Davies the first child, a graduate who is currently learning to take over his father’s large business empire needs parental support so the wealth he is about to acquire won’t disfocus him and change the tides. Na thaniel on the other hand is still in the university and needs constant advice from his parents most especially his mother who has a less busy schedule to his father. They should advice him on the kind of friends.

he should make and above all take his studi es serious. And last of them all is Serena, the last and the only girl in the family. She is in a stage where she needed monitoring. Out of secondary school, preparing for her UTME, and admission. The kind of friends she make should be checked, the kind of clothes she wear should be checked. Because a simple exposure to bad things could be dangerous. She snapped out of her revierie when she started hearing voices from the living room. “Is mummy and daddy fighting again? She asked herself as she stood up laz ily and went to wash her face. She already hoped that today would be a peaceful day because early in the morning, her father had gone out with his personal assistant, Davies. Her mother chosed to stay indoors throughout today and it has been one hell kind of experience because every attempt to talk to her ended in loud yells. She walked out of her room and slipped into the kitchen where she had access to the exit door, she walked through the backyard and got to the front of the house and saw her Paternal Un cle’s car parked in the compound She heaved a sigh of relief, at least, itsnot her father. As she made to walk into the house through the kitchen door, she atarted hearing raised voices. “Collins or whatever your name is, I don’t have time for these crap o f yours. So pick up your useless self and get out of my house” Mrs Anita Thomas said. Even though, her mother was from the Eastern part of Nigeria, she had in over the year gotten accustomed to themyoruba culture which states that, a wife must hold her inlaws in high regard, no matter how young they are. Even though in age, Anita is older than Collins, her husband’s brother, she has never for once called him by his first name without adding ‘Uncle’ and a little respect but today seems a whole lot different ‘You called me useless? Anita. How dare you?” Collins asked. Collins on his part has never for once called his brother’s wife by her name before, its either he calls her by her children’s name or my wife. “Uncle Collins, what’s going on?” Serena asked he r father’s brother but the look she got from his bloodshot eyes is enough to shut her up. “Mummy, what’s the matter?” She asked her mother who walked out of the living room angrily. “I’ll will make sure my brither divorce you and get a new and better wife . You are just a useless woman. You’ve gotten all you wanted from him abi?” Collins said and stormed out of the house. Serena saw it as a point of duty to inquire whatever the problem was. “Uncle Collins, please tell me what’s going on?” “Your mother disre garded the family meeting we called today. She forgot that we married her and at the same time we can divorce her. You are a woman too and I believe you know the way a woman treats her in law determines her foothold in marriage.” Collins said and hopped in to his car. Serena knew time was telling on her mother’s stay in the house because the Thomas extended family are some people who you don’t toil with. They are able to convince themselves because the kind of bond that exist between them is placed ahead of their individual family. She angrily stormed into the house with one sole aim. Confronting her annoying mother to know why she is behaving like an illiterate.

To Be Continued…

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