Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 30


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena walked into the living room angrily and without a word she stormed the dinning room where Dave was doing only God knows what on his computer. “Hey sis.” He smiled. She stood fuming beside him as she breathe faster. “What’s wrong with ya?” He asked still smiling. She felt the urge to slap him that moment, but on a second thought, she knew slapping Dave would only send her six feets below the earth surface and to avoid that, she needed to calm herself to a level where she could voice her anger and displeasure in a subtle manner. The reason behind her anger, she couldn’t say, maybe because Nate refused to tell her the reason behind his arrest and whatever the problem was between himself and their Uncle, Olu. She would have overlooked the whole scenario, but she couldn’t, especially when Dave returned from work and Nate took his time to relay the happenings of the day without holding anything back. Dave who had no idea of how he got out of police station was the first to hear the story from the horse’s mouth, while she who took the pain to visit a police station for the first time, spent all she had to secur e his bail and even begged the DPO like her life depended on whatever verdict the man would give. “Mama food said she is not entering the kitchen today.” She began hotly. “Why?” He asked. “According to her, she had handed her resignation letter and daddy a off, so her job in this house is finished.” Serena replied. “What about the other lady? Her daughter…whats her name sef?” lready paid her “Like mother like daughter, she is there in the boys quarters lying like a log of wood…” Serena was saying. “You m ust be very silly for that statement.” A voice yelled from the kitchen and the next thing, an old lady walked into the dinning room. “So you are reporting me to your brother so he can beat me abi?” The old lady asked as she approached Serena. “Mama Food, c alm down please” Dave said stepping in between the two ladies. “l want to know why this witch is reporting me to you.” The elderly lady who after many years of service to the Thomas which has spanned over a decade was regarded as a member of the family by Mr Thomas, probably because she was of good behaviour anytime he is homer but in his absence, she is much worse. And since the introduction of her daughter, sister or whatever the young lady was to her, they had become a lot more worse all in the absence o f the man of the house. “Mama, please don’t call my sister a witch. She is sorry for whatever bad thing she said. And I must add that refusing to work is very bad. Even though dad has paid you off till the end of the year, something several other employers cannot do. You should have justified your decision to leave by working until the very last minute you’ll spend in this house, but its all good anyways, we can fix ourselves something to eat tonight.” Dave calmly explained. “Are you talking to me like that ? David, are you okay?” “l am perfectly okay. Do yourself a favour by returning to the boys quarters where you will spend the night and early tomorrow morning, you should leave.” Dave explained.

Are you sending me away? Even your father and that useless m send me away, I leave when I am ready.” For the first time in his twenty four years of existence, Dave violently pushed a woman, she pushed the maid angrily “You say one more word here and you’ll be suprised.” Dave warned. “And what i f I do?” She asked. “We both know you dare not, unless you have somewhere else to pass the night.” Nate said as he walked into the living room. The mere presence of the light skinned twenty one year old boy was enough to send cold shivers down the spine of even his own father. Carefully, the old lady walked out of the house. “Bro, we need to buy fuel o.” He said avoiding Serena’s stare. “How many litres?” Dave asked. “Say five just for the night?” Nate replied. “Pick the car key on the table and go to Dad’s room, inside his bedside drawer, pick the amount you’ll need.” Dave instructed before he faced his kid sister. “What quick meal can you fix for the night? Rice?” “There is no stew.” She replied. “l can quickly prepare yam and egg.” She “Please do. added. ” Dave said before returning to his seat. Serena remained on the spot without making a move. “Any problem?” Dave asked. “l am wondering if I am a Thomas. All indication points that I am not a member of this family.” “What?” Dave raised his brows. “Why are you hiding things from me? Are we more than three? We should be close knitted as siblings regardless of the situation of things between dad and mum.” She asked as tears welled up in her eyes. Dave slowly eased the car to the side of the road, just outside their father’s house “Guy, I am confused right now, what do you suggest we do?” Nate asked quietly. “If I tell you I understand or know what to do, I am lying. But, I think we should approach this issue carefully, so we don’t destroy what is left of our small family.” Dave replied. “l think we should let Dad know about it, you know he should be able to handle the situation…” “Handle what situation? Nate, is this coming from you?” Dave asked bewildered. “You want that man to breakdown?” “Like, he is a ma n and….” “Nate, forget it. Dad will be the last person to know about this and that will be after everything has been settled.” Dave said with a tone of finality Even though their father was a strong man, he doubted his ability to recieve the news of his cheating wife with a strong heart Despite the fact that the marriage has been dissolved, the love they share remained intact and coupled with his state of health, things could get out of hand. “You know, I am thinking that since they are no longer togethe r, Dad wouldn’t mind recieving that kind of news. At least, that would put him in a better position and his decision to divorce mum will be justified afterall. ” Nate explained.

To Be Continued

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