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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Nate, its like you don’t get it Divorce or no divorce, it is our parents we a re talking here. Dad is not going to hear about it, at least not now.” Dave cuts in.” Serena put down the pot from the fire and extinguished the fire from the cooker. She walked towards the sink, washed her hand and dried it with the towel which was lyin g carelessly on the kitchen table. “Oh my God! I forgot to call Taiwo.” She suddenly said to herself as she dashed for the door that connects with the dinning room. She picked up her phone, dialled her friend’s number and waited for it to connect. Its over three hours since they parted and she had promised to call her to know if she had gotten home or not, plus she needed to thank her, if not for anything, her help during the day when they went to the police station. The automated voice from the network ope rator boomed against her ear notifying her of an exhausted account balance. “And this call is very important, she thought as she entered her room, searched every nook and cranny for a few naira note which she would use in purchasing a recharge card. “Na to take money from dad’s drawer remain if I no see money here o.” She thought as she picked up her bible, scanned the pages until she saw a five hundred naira not lying inside the book of John. She remembered where she got that five hundred naira. One of the offerings she failed to pay. She thought amusingly as she walked out of the house, “Where una dey go?” The gateman asked. “l wan buy card in the next street.” She replied. “Its late OL” The man replied. “l know. I will just take a shortcut so I can return early.” Serena replied. “Shortcut? That’s dangerous o. Let me lock the gate so we can go together.” He said rushing into his house and returned less than a minute later. “What’s it with this sudden nice attitude?” She asked herself as they both walked out of the compound. While she waited for him to lock the gate, she could see a car parked a few yards away and from the light illuminating the interior of the car, she could make out the faces of Dave and NathanielShe approached the car quietly in a bid to s tartle them, but the few words that flew into her ears made her abandon her initial mission. “Finer dad won’t hear about it, but what about Serena?” Nate asked “l doubt her being able to handle the news without breaking down. She should be kept in the dar k too.” Dave replied “Kept in the dark about what?” Her voice startled them as she hopped into the backseat. “Serena, what are you doing here?” Dave asked when he had came out of his initial shock. “Does that answer my question?” Serena replied angrily. D ave hissed angrily as he switched on the car ignition and pulled back unto the road.

Oga, open the gate abeg. ” He said to the gatemen who stood just outside the gate And two minutes later, Dave parked the car inside the garage and alighted out without an other word. “Dave, I am talking to you. Why will you decide to ignore my question?” Serena asked angrily as he walked into the house. “Dave, keep me in the dark about what? I think we are siblings and I deserve to know everything that is going on.” She con tinued. This time, Dave was walking accross the living room towards the dinning. “You can’t just ignore me like that and expect me like that Keep me in the dark about what?” she said relentlessly. “Keep quiet.” He cautioned as he sat down. Opened his compu ter and continued the work he abandoned about an hour ago before he drove out with Nate to get fuel “Don’t tell me to keep quiet because I won’t keep quiet ” She screamed Serena was suprised at her own outburst, because on a normal day she couldn’t look at Dave in the eye and talk anyhow, but she considered it a revolution on her own person. She realised that in the last couple of weeks, she had done some things, taken some decisions that after taking them, she ask herself if she was under the influence o f a very strong drink. She remembered the day she yelled at her father and that singular act brought them together and made their relationship stronger, but her major concern was being able to stand her family members without fear, but when it comes to out siders(Stephanie and Jake) she becomes too emotional and at the slightest provocation, she breaks down “Am I the one you are talking to with raised voice?” Dave asked calmly as he stood up. His muscular figure alone was enough intimidation and sometimes, she wondered how God created him to be gentle, loving and caring, and at the same time deadly when provoked. She remembered the day he refined Nate’s handsome face with punches. That day she concluded that gentle and soft spoken people are the most crazy w hen provoked, while the crazy ones who showed it at any given opportunity, like picking up unecessary fights can be likened to an empty barrel. Just then the sitting room got illuminated brightly, courtsey of the ‘NEPA man Nathaniel Thomas. “Please, I nee d to charge my phone.” She muttered as she made to walk away. “Are you trying to walk out on me?” He askedas he drew her bask to her former standing position. When it comes to been bossy and being charismatic about it, then Mr Oluwole Thomas is a typical e xample of such and when one needs the direct prototype of that character, but with a touch of the twenty first century, then Davies Thomas is an example. It was only in the Thomas family that Father and son (Oluwole Thomas & Dave) will want to discuss busi ness, and rather than go to Oluwole’s room or study, they’d remain seated in the living room and other members of the family then(Anitar Nate & Serena) will have to excuse them because in their words, the other three member of the house are strangers in th e business world of theirs. “Dave, please I don’t want trouble.” She pleaded. “Fine, then stay away from trouble, because the right you have in this house to question me, I don’t know.” He replied. “Dave, I am your sister.” She said as if reminding him of something. “l know, but stay away from trouble. When you are not being spoken to, don’t poke nose, okay?” Hot tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to spill. Certainly, Dave was returning to his fOrmer self who gets angry at the slightest provocation. ” Dave, am sorry if…” She was saying, but a wave of hand told her to speak no more.

Finer there is yam in the kitchen, you can fry eggs if you want. I already sliced the onions and added other spice.” She said before storming out of the dinning. “Hey! Eas y.” Nate said immediately she bumped into him. “Don’t you ever talk to me.” She added angrily, leaving the two brothers stunned as ever. Nate faced his elder brother with a Itoldyou look. “Hey! Don’t give me that kind of look.” Dave waved off before sitt ing down. “l told you, didn’t l? Now she is taking it to a new level. “Let her do whatever she likes. Its all for the best.” Dave replied. “l just hope she forgives us when she find out later.” Nate said before walking into the kitchen. Dave shrugged. The time was g:05am. Serena was lying on her back on her bed reading a novel when her phone rang. “Hello Taiwo.” She said on picking up “Hey girl, whatsup?” Taiwo said excitedly. “Nothing much. Sorry I couldn’t call you yesterday, I ran out of airtime.” She “And even if you called me, I won’t pick your call, lobatan.” Taiwo replied pleaded Serena fell silent waiting for her friend whose main hobby was to talk, talk and talk till she could talk no more. Even though Taiwa was not one to run out of what to tal k about, maybe she could loose her voice at a point, she couldn’t say. “Will you be at home today?” She asked. “Of course, where else will I be?” Serena replied. “You fit visit Jake now. Who knows.” She said amidst laughter. “Seriously, Taiwo, its not funn y.” Serena cried, “l know. I never asked you to laugh. But we both know its the truth. Your heart skips a beat or two at the mention of his name.” Taiwo continued “Call me back when you are done laughing.” Serena threatened. “Hang up, just try it and see what I will do to your pictures on facebook, especially, your school’s fåcebook page. Senior Serena in love with Senior senior Jake even though he doesn’t care.” Taiwo said and bursted into another bout of laughter. “Oya, please, sorry.” Serena pleaded joi ning in the frenzy. “l am going out today, will you accompany me?” She asked. “Where are you going?’ Serena replied. “Is that at all important? Yes or no, will you accompany me9” “Abeg, let me know where you are taking me to, I don’t trust you.” Serena rep lied. “Who beg make you trust me before? I intend printing out my jamb result today. ” “You get scratch card?” Serena asked “Serena, what’s it with all these questions sef?” And just then, the door into her room creaked open and Nate walked in. H e said, “Hi.” She scowled at him for half a minute before turning her attention back to her phone. “You know what? Just come over to my side anytime you are ready, so we can go together.” Serena said before hanging up.

To Be Continued…

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