Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 34


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Now, O lu, you have broken the family rules, you’ve gone against tradition, you slept with you brother’s wife.” He began. “Uncle, my relationship with Anita started even before she got married to Wole, don me about tradition, they are as good as dead.” Ol u replied. Pa James opened his mouth in shock. “Then, why didn’t you get married to her then?” Patrick asked. “Wole is her lawfully wedded husband, and therefore, you must break whatever you two have going now before the family. “Definitely, we’ll break u p, but what about my son?” He asked. “What son?” Anita asked as all eyes fell on her. Serena, even though she didn’t like the person of Obi, she was deeply impressed by his sense of humour and during their discussion, they realised that he was a student of the University of Ibadan, second year and his business at the cyber cafe was to help his kid brother print out his result, afterall, they are on break. The entered the shopping complex, the two girls laughing and Obi feeling on top of the world. Its not everyday, one tends to make beautiful girls laugh Taiwo stopped abruptly as she discovered that their places has been taken by three annoying girls who from the look of things, it seemed, Serena knew them. “What the hell is the meaning of this?” Taiwo as ked as she moved towards the girls. Serena held her back. “What?” Taiwo asked. “Please don’t. I don’t want trouble or public embarrassment.” She said. “l have this under control.” Taiwo replied as she approached them. Taiwo approached the figures of Stepha r t tell nie and two other friends of hers with a calm smile on her face. “Hi.” She said. Stephanie turned to face her with an askance look “Hello.” She replied “l and my friend were the ones occupying this position of yours before, can you please excuse us?” Taiw o said. “l beg your pardon?” Stephanie replied. “l just spoke in English.” Taiwo said angrily. She was obviously irritated at how Stephanie carried her long body like she was miss world or anything. “Maybe, I don’t understand the language You could speak F rench or some other language.” Steph replied. She turned back to face her friends who pretended as if they were not aware of what was going on. “Taiwo, let it slide. We can just stand behind them, and before you know it, its turn.” Serena said pleadin “Serena.” Taiwo glared gly. “She has a point.” Handsome Obi chipped in. So, you are still here? Was the question on Taiwo”s mind. “You mean?’ Taiwo asked, her voice trailing off. our “For the sake of peace.” He added.

Taiwo, even though not satisfied decided t ‘handsome Obi. “So, are you saying she was forcing herself on Jake?” One of the girls Stephanie was chatting with asked. As much as Serena tried to remember where she had met them, she couldn’t fathom. When their relationship was smooth, it was always Serena Stephanie, no other friend or foe, except when Jake was around. Where she met the two girls she was talking to, Serena didn’t know and she didn’t want to know. But hearing the name ‘Jake’ and the word ‘forcin g’ she knew there was every possibility they were talking about her. “But seriously, Steph, you should give her a piece of your mind. She can’t cheat you, the few weeks fling she had with Jake, she should suffer.” Another of the two girls, the biggest of t he trio, who was sporting a low cut and everything about her spoke volume, She probably would be the craziest of the trio. “She is suffering already, afterall, she failed her jamb already, and this is the begining for her.” Stephanie replied “Meaning…. r Suffering continues.” The third girl said and they all bursted into laughter, much to Taiwo s annoyance, but the conversation Obi was having with her was keeping her anger in check. Exactly what they said about the devil and anger, that moment during the c ourse of their laughter, Stephanie moved backwards a bit while laughing and she matched Taiwo’s leg. The latter angrily pushed the fOrmer away. “are you blind? Can’t you see that someone is behind you?” Taiwo asked angrily. Stephanie barely looked at her, before she bursted into laughter and her friends joined once again. This singular act infuriated Taiwo who at that moment, felt like stabbing Steph. Gradually, those infront of them got their print outs and left. Just when it got to Stephanie’s turn, she r efused to go. “Let those behind us go, we met them here.” She said and her friends conccured. All these while, she still hasn’t said a word to Serena who equally ignored her. “Lets go in jor” Taiwo dragged Serena into the shop, while ‘handsome’ Obi follwe d behind. Less then five minutes later, Taiwo walked out with Serena as they examined Taiwo’s result. “You know, sometimes I just hoped maybe my result will add up from 191 to 200.” Serena said. “And what will happen if you have 200?” Taiwo asked “That pu ts me in a better position to be qualified for the Post UTME.” She replied. “You don’t know anything. Is it everyone that is in school that scored above two hundred in Jamb? I had 250 last year, I wasn’t admitted, a lot of my friends, managed 204 198, 213 and they all are somewhere. Even my twin bro had 204 and today, he is in UNILAG.” Taiwo continued as the walked towards the main road. “You know, I still wonder why you decided to print out that woeful result of yours. You are going nowhere this year, you should be asking around for when the next Jamb form will be out. ” Stephanie said from where she was seated. And several people on queue bursted into laughter, same with some other shop owners around. Serena could feel her eyes getting wet and from the co rner of her eyes, she knew Taiwo was ready for some action. “Ignore her. She is not worth it. Serena said. And just as if her words encouraged her to fight, Taiwo walked over to where Steph was seated, in front of a beauty shop.

To Be Continued…

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