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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Taiwo, don’t” Serena plead ed, but it was too late for Taiwo had lunched an attack, even though Steph ducked it “What’s going on here?” ‘handsome Obi asked as he came out with his brother’s papers. “Please, get us out of here.” Serena told him. “Hey!” He called as he pulled the two ladies away from one another, also restraining Steph’s friends during the process. “What right do you have to touch my girl?” Jake asked walking into the shopping complex angrily. Jake came to a stop beside the Stephanie and drew her closer. “Baby, whats t he matter?” He asked A certain Angelina Jolie, a Mercy Johnson or Ini Edo are all learners when it comes to being a drama queen. For the records, Stephanie deserved an Oscar for being a drama queen. “He threatened to beat me, because his girlfriend tried to assault me.” Stephanie said with a shaky voice. “You threatened to beat my girl?” Jake asked as he faced Obi whose physical features could make one mistake him for Jake’s dad. “Chill bro.” Obi said taking a step backwards. “Are you out of your mind? How dare you touch my girl? You even went ahead to push her away from your useless girlfriend. Are you crazy?” Jake asked pushing him hard on the chest The only time Serena witnessed a fight such as this was a year ago, when she travelled to Lagos with one o f her maternal Aunties. She was at the park and two park boys were arguing over a certain footballer whom none of the duo had no idea of his nationality or his playing position, they were just saying rubbish and Serena who was not a fan knew more than they do. The highlight of their argument was when one of the boys slapped the other for no just cause, and the other one removed a knife, unfortunately, she couldn’t see it to the end, because it was at that time that their bus became full and they drove out o f the park. The question now remains, why the first guy slapped the other, the same way Jake pushed Obi. It was totally uncalled for. “Take it easy bro, you don’t have to feed your dignity to the dogs by fighting in public. Maturity is the word, show it al ways.” Obi replied. “Are you talking to me like that?” Jake asked “Look here Mister. No one will lick your feet here. You might have lived in America, that doesn’t make you American. The best you can do is to shut your trap, and drag these things out of h ere.” Taiwo cuts in. “The best thing to do to hoes like you is to ignore.” Jake said, but the saying that says, never underestimate the powers of an angry man came in to play and important role and Taiwo lunged at Jake, grabbed his collar and threatened to strangle him. Stephanie and two of her friends joined the scuffle and were hitting Taiwo as she did her best at using her teeth on Jake who was hitting her “Please, do something.” Serena said to Obi who stepped forward and without much of a struggle, pul led Steph and her friends away, dragged Taiwo away and made sure, Serena had a firm grip on herr before he faced Jake.

Look here boy, fighting in public because of a girl in public, doesn’t make you her shining amour. Have you ever thought of a day that y ou’ll meet someone who could beat you? What do you think will happen between you and your girl afterwards?” Obi began his lecturing and suprisingly, everyone fell silent, the fighters, the onlookers, even the shop owners. “And to speak the truth, if I deci de to go fist to fist with you, believe me, you’ll open your eyes in New york. I’ll beat you to the point of death, but I don’t need to do that. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. And I heard something about being a boyfriend, I met Taiwo and her friend today, and it seems Serena is the one you know. Write down today’s date, the next time you tried harrassing any of these to girls.” He continued, this time looking from Jake to Stephanie who was almost hiding behind Jake. “The next time any of you try it, be prepared to leave this city. I am a student of the University of Ibadan. I don’t need to tell you what I am or who I am, but just bear it in mind that I will be your worst nightmare.” He turned to Serena who was having a hard time restraining Taiwo. “O bi, lets show these things a bit of sense.” She said. “Taiwo, let is go. We’ll meet them some other time. And remember, we live to fight another day.” He said and this kind of calmed Taiwo a bit All these while, Serena could tell that Jake was madr but he couldn’t make a move, probably because of Obi’s size which he didn’t see before taking on him minutes ago. “Like I said the other timer my name is Obi. Its nice meeting you.” Obi said patting Jake on the shoulder and this kind of made everyone burst into laughter. “See you some other time” With this, he beckoned on Serena and Taiwo, and they walked out amidst cheers.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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