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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

“which way are you guys going?” Obi asked once they were out of the shopping complex. “we are going back towards the GRA ” Taiwo r eplied with a smile. “is that where you both live?” he asked. “actually, Serena does lived there, but me, Mama T lives around group medical.’ “choi! so, you mean there are no cyber cafe in your area, even mokola which is less than five minutes walk from M edical, you can’t go there. You now came all the way from group medical, passed UCHI just to print out your jamb result.'” Obi said. “Oga, abeg. I came to see my friend and also to see you.” Serena said and bursted into laughter. Meanwhile all through thei r chatter, Serena had been keeping mute, all to herself, deep in thought and wearing a sober look. Obi excused himself from Taowo and walked up to her in front. “hey.” he said “hi.” she replied. “l am Obi.” he said with a charming smile, while extending h is hand for a handshake.

Serena bursted into laughter. I know you are Obi.” She replied amidst laughter. “But you’ve been acting like you don’t know me.” He said. “of course, I know you. Its just that I am loving your convo with Taiwo and its best to list en and laugh than talk and spoil the fun.” she replied. “lemme guess, you have zero sense of humour.” “not necessarily zero.” she said sharply. “and before you start kissing in public, will you atleast carry me along in whatever you are discussing.” Taiwo called from behind “we can’t carry you along, cos we are discussing one on one.” Serena replied. “tell me more. Is he asking you out? Not so fast Is he good with words?” Taiwo asked catching up with them. “bad girl.” Serena said “not as bad as you. Abeg, I wan buy pure water, none of you is interested?” Stephanie announced. “bush girl. Sachet water is the correct thing to say.” Serena said “whatever. I’ll buy one for you. ” With this, she dashed for a nearby shop wjere she spent close to twenty minutes d iscussing with a certain ‘yellowskinned’ guy who kept smiling and pointing Serena. Only God knows what they were discussing as she could only guess. “Are you a cultist?” she wished she could take back her words, but as a popular radio presenter would say, “‘voice/talk is like an egg, once it falls on the ground, one could take it nack no more. That moment, Serena felt like disappearing or better still, the ground should just open up and swallow her. But, wishes they say if it were to be horses, beggers wou “you said what?” He replied with an offended look. “am sorry.” she quickly said. ld ride. “why asking?” “never mind. Its not important.” she replied. “l insist.” he said. “its just that the other time when you are talking to Jake, you said some things and only cultists can say them. she explained “things like?” “you said he had no idea of who you are or what you do.” He gave a short laugh. “Now I get. Is that the reason why you’ve been ignoring me?” he asked. “No!” she snapped “why do you care anyways?” h e asked “forget. ” she hissed. And just then Taiwo returned all smiles. “what kept you long?” Serena attacked “calm down madam. Lets go jor.” And without another word, they resumed walking in silence, while Serena was hurting deep down. “Lets take a bike .” She announced, in a bid to discourage Obi from following them any further. “Bike? we are less than ten minutes away from home.” Taiwo said. “Yes. You can walk the remaining distance, I will take a biker period!” Serena said angrily. “What’s it with the attitude? I mean….” Taiwa was ranting already, but Obi cautioned her “Calm down and respect her decision.” He said after which he exchanged numbers with Taiwo after Serena refused to give him her number. Now on the bike, Taiwo felt it best to ask her wh atever was wrong with her that warranted her putting up that attitude. Afterall, fresh air had blown on her head which must have calmed her down “What’s it with that attitude?” she asked “l don’t wanna talk about it.” Serena replied. “Obi. Is he hitting on you?” she asked. “Taiwo, please. Let it go.” Serena snapped A minute later, as the bike man manouvered his way around the rowdy busstop, Taiwo asked him to stop, Which he did and she got down from the bike, payed her fare and walked away towards a wait ing cab That moment, Serena felt like following her to apologize but a force wouldn’t let her. “Abeg! Let’s go.” she said to the bike man who sped off into the GRA”Try and apologize to your friend, you are at fault.” The bike man said four minutes later w hen he had dropped her in front of her father’s house. “Thanks. I will ” With this, she walked up to the gate. Serena walked into the compound angrily, almost pushing the gateman to the ground. “Serena, why na? You wan kill me ni?” He asked as he steadied himself by holding unto the gate firmly. “Sorry.” She replied without glancing back She made for the door, turned the handle and the door sqeaked opened loudly as she shut it angrily. Her anger grew further when she saw Nate lying on the three seater couch , a laptop placed on his stomach and a game pad in his hands. She tried to keep her cool by acting like she didn’t care, even though she prayed that the laptop didn’t turn out to be her own. “Welcome sis.” He said. She mattered almost to herself as she mad e for the hallway. “That your friend, Taiwo, the girl make sense o. ” He said forcing her to stop in her tracks. “You said what?” She asked. “Never mind.” He said. “Better.” She said and stormed off into the hallway. “Hungry wan kill man o.” He said loudly . “You are no better than a dead man.” She shouted back and the next sound that came was the banging of her door which made him swallow his words. Now in her room, she made for her reading table which was as empty as empty itself. Without another word, sh e walked out of the room into the living room. “Nate, what are you doing with my laptop?” She asked placing her hands akimbo. “l actually wanted to play game and the game I wanted is live here on your laptop, you can pick a pad and lets enjoy. ” He said no t noticing the anger and irritation on her face. “Give me my laptop. ” She said grabbing the device, she slammed it shut and made for the hallway To her suprise, he followed her angrily, and just before she got to her door, he caught up with her and pushe d her to the wall. “What the hell is your problem? Why are you so filled with hate? What’s the fuss about?’ He started by yelling. Even as a little girl, she feared Nate, not because he could beat her to death, but because his anger was synonymous to a tsu nami. They were very close as kids, a relationship they still maintained till five weeks ago. Despite their closeness, they still fought a lot and he punished her a lot, but all these only made their bond tighter, while the book wormish Dave was always moo dy and all to himself, such that a visitor would wonder if he was deaf and dumb. It was worse to the extent that, Dave returned from his youth service and knowing that he had brother and sister who are yet to enter the university, common biscuit he couldn’ t buy for them. He only entered the house, made for his father’s study, spent an hour, entered his room and the next time they saw him was during breakfast, the next day. “Tell me, what the hell is your problem? Can’t I use your laptop?” He asked. “You hav e no right whatsoever to use my laptop. Dad bought it for me, and the last time I checked, you have yours too.” “Is that the issue? Are we not siblings? Can’t we share things?” He asked. “Oh! Now you know we are siblings abi? When you wanted to use my lapt op, you remembered you have a sister somewhere. When I was begging you to tell me about whatever secret you are keeping with Dave and the connection with your detention at the police station, did you oblige?” “Now, I get it. You are playing the hate game b ecause we refused to carry you along?” He asked with a laugh. “You are the one playing the hate game. You started treating me like and outcast.” Her voice was starting to betray her. “No one treated you like an outcast. You obviously wanted everything to c ome your way, you wanted things to go the way you like, the world should be about you and you alone, without thinking of others. The same thing mum did that cost her her place in this house, you are following the same path…” Nate started spitting fire. Serena tried to get, away, but he was holding her tightly “If you keep up with this attitude, you will push yourself to the wall, and don’t do something that will make you think you can’t forgive people around you. Your mum wanted things her way, she want ed the house to be about her, everyone submissive and now, she couldn’t get her wish, she settled for a man below her standard whom she could boss.” He had said it, before he realised the gravity of it. Quickly registering his words. “You said.” “l will us e this laptop and nothing will happen. ” With this, he snatched the laptop and made for his room.

To Be Continued…

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