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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The family meeting which started with everyone in a tensed mood ended in disarray as an angry Barrister Olu stormed out of the house and as expected, Pa Jame followed him in a bid to convince him to return to the meeting. Its now over twenty minutes that they both left and the chances of their coming back looked slim. “Anita, you can go. I will get back to you before the end of today. Be rest assured that nothi ng will stop me from making sure that you return to Wole’s house to take the place that rightfully belonged to you.” Uncle Patrick said to her as she slowly picked up her hadbag “Aunty Jane, Uncle Collins. My regards to the family.” She said respectively brother and sister in law before walking out of the house. to her “Uncle, this issue seemed a hard nut to crack, Bro Wole won’t take Anita back on a good day, but with her scandalous life and affair with Olu, I am afraid, Wole will disrupt everything o.” C ollins started once Anita was out. “l agree with you collins. Its better we invite Uncle Ajani from Ondo and Mama Londoner. Lets see what they can do to help us. Wole will definitely listen to Uncle Ajani, Mama Londoner won’t speak twice before Wole agrees .” Jane explained.
But, we all know that mama Londoner won’t support Anita. Aside that they have never been on the same friendship page, Mama will not plead for any promiscous woman.” Patrick replied “And if that is the case Wole won’t listen to us, he w ill listen to Mama Londoner, but Mama won’t plead on behalf of Anita. Then so be it. Let things continue to be as it is.” Collins said. “l agree. Jane enthused “No way. Anita must return to Wole’s house. It is a must.” Patrick said with raised voice. Sile nce enveloped the room for a second “But Uncle, why do you care anyways? You are taking this issue too personal Collins asked. “Why won’t I take things personal. I can’t open my eyes and let my brother divorce his wife such has never occured in our famil y, as large as it is. You’ll rather marry another wife to cover for a misbehaving wife. That was how our fathers lived.” Patrick explained. “Our fathers legacy must hold.” “Uncle, legacy or no legacy, I see this as an act of desperation. I mean, why are yo u clamouring for Wole and Anita’s reunion?” Collins asked. “So, what are you insinuating?” Patrick asked. “l mean no offense, but if an outside were to be here now, it looked as if you have something going with Anita or you want to cover your track. Proba bly because you are paying a ransome to ensure that Anita returned to Wole’s house.” “Are you out of your mind? … Oh! You are accussing me of doing what?” Patrick stood up spitting vernom. “Collins, what has come over you? Are you saying. “Uncle please calm down.” Jane pleaded. “Don’t tell me to calm down. Didn’t you hear what he said? Is it the right thing to say?” Patrick was approaching Collins who stood his ground but had his head bent. “Are you mad? See him waiting for me to attack? He is not even s ober.” Patrick had lunched a slap but Collins ducked it, after which he prostrated flat showing remorse. “Am sorry Uncle. I didn’t mean it that way….” He was saying. “Now, out of my house.” Collins need not to be told what to do as he stood up and walked out of the house. Jane who didn’t come in her car, as she always attended every family gathering as Collins right hand man quickly picked up her bag. “Uncle, goodbye o. I will call you later, and please forgive Collins, he is just being childish?” She sho uted as she ran out of the house to go meet her younger brother who will drive her home. Serena was extremely happy because after almost a week, her father was going to arrive and therefore, she decided to put her worries behind her and face the prospect o f having her father back in the house. She decided to forgive Dave for the time being and pretend like all was well, afterall, she wasn’t willing to let their father know about the bad blood between them. Even Nate who was supposed to return to school the previous day decided to wait for their father and all was well between himself and Serena even though he knew it was being staged managed, but whichever ways he still allowed himself to enjoy it while it last, at least until he returned to school. The trio of Serena, Dave and Nate were at the only airport in Oyo state, the Nakia airport awaiting their father whom they knew had landed successfully, but waiting to be cleared. Serena for once regretted coming with her brothers because she had problem getting d own from buses and cabs and immediately dashing for the road to cross. All her life, she had been driven to wherever she was going and the only time she started going out on her own was after leaving secondary school and despite that, she wasn’t the outgoi ng type and all her going outs are always to the less busy residential areas in Ibadan where she will board just one cab while going and another one when going back home. And crossing such roads was not much of a problem, but in the case of the Alakia old Ifè road where their cab stopped, she had to cross the express so as to board another cab to the airport. Nate was her shinning armour throughout as he made sure he always held her hand. “See daddy over there. ” She had screamed to her brothers, even thoug h she was a few steps away from her brothers who gingerly walked up to their father. “Welcome daddy.” The greeted in unison as Nate quickly collected the bag he was holding as expected “How are you boys?” He asked shaking hands with them while Serena was blabbing and asking silly questions. “Serena, won’t you collect the beg from your brother?” Their father asked as they approached the parking lot where their father’s cas has been parked since the day he travelled. “Dad, let him carry it. He is serving his punishment.” She replied “Who did he offend?” Their father asked. “Me of course.” She replied. “And who are you o?” This time, Dave had collected the key and had unlocked doors, he hopped into the drivers seat, Nate into the passenger seat upfront, the Serena and their father sat at the back. “l am their mother. I feed them afterall.” They all bursted into laughter. Dave carefully drove out of the airport as he slotted an old Bob Marley disk into the disk player. “Serena, tell me, what did your brothers do while I was away?” Their father who obviously was enjoying the jokes asked as Dave sped on “Dave asked Nate to steal five thousand naira from you drawer. Nate decided to test his engineering skills and the small generator stopped working. Dave this mo rning rendered the battery inside the small camry useless.” She explained. “What do you suggest we do to them?” Their father asked. “l don’t know o.” Serena replied “Maybe we should just invite the police.” “No no no no.. L We can’t invite the police, Nat e just got out of one lock up.’ She had said it before she realised the gravity of her words. Out of shock, Dave stepped on the gas and the car flew forwards, while Nate almost flew out through the car window “What?” Their father asked Serena quickly bu rsted into laughter. “l mean I just released him. I actually locked him up inside his room. I released him this morning.” She quickly replied Even though Mr Oluwole Thomas was not convinced, he at the same time was convinced, because he knew the kind of c hildren God gave him. He knew they can never in a way run into trouble with the police or anybody.

To Be Continued

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