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Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 38


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The journey continued in silence, even though Nate was thankful to God that his father asked no more questions, same with Dave. And Serena on her part was sw eating so hard, because she was still in shock with the way she almost gave away her brothers. Anita was seated on her bed, she was currently in her fifth week stay at Womile hotel where she had been lodged since she left her husband’s home. She was thinki ng of her affair with Barrister Olu Thomas and all other men she had come accross, the ones she had slept with, the ones she had played according to her, the ones she had extorted, the ones she had dwindled and other fortunate ones who were able to escape from her claws in time before she could take them up. She remembered how she had met Oluwole Thomas as a twenty year old food mobile food vendor. She remembered the very first time they met, he was according to him working with a popular post independence construction company which was owned by a whiteman. How she had spoken to him shyly, how he developed interest in her and showered praises on her with big grammers according to her. She remembered how she one a daily basis made it a point of duty to stop a t the construction site and Oluwole who was the assistent supervisor would make sure, defaulters among the labourers pay before they are served new meal on credit. Over timer their friendship grew and Anita became the envy in the village, such that on sund ays, Oluwole would always visit her family house in his then expensive Raleigh bicycle But unfortunately, the friendship lasted two months, because the construction projects had to be stopped on the orders of the millitary government in power then, and eve n though Wole suggested that they keep in touch with letters, Anita wasn’t that learned, and the only telephone booth around was about a six hours drive away from her village into the city. But, as God would have it, Oluwole set up his own construction fir m two years later and he ran into Anita at his former employer’s house where she was acting as the house help. Immediately, Wole made her resign and he took her to his one room self contain located inside the University of Ibadan staff quarters, the same a partment he lived as a student That was how they started living as couples, by this time, Wole’s level had upgraded, because he now rode in one of the most expensive Vesper motorcycle. They lived for the next couple of months, during which Anita met with h is family and with plastic smiles, they welcomed herr but immediately she was out of hearshot, they told Wole point blank that he has no future with the ‘sharp eyed’ girl according to his late mother. She remembered how she had gotten pregnant, even though she was unsure of whose responsibility it was, but to save herself, she had to give it to Wole who seemed the best candidate of the three men who were likely to be owners. And preparation for the wedding began in earnest. And that period, she intensified her spirituality as she moved from church to church, shrine to shrine, mosque to mosque to ensure that Wole became hers. And coincidentally the marriage happened and the started living happily, even though in abject poverty which would later come to an end decades later when Wole single handedly handled the LagosIbadan expressway construction, as well as the Beninore expressway. But all the while, she ran a small shop around the old Gbagi market where she sold absolutely nothing, but returned home with mo ney to cater for her children. Wole never asked where the money was coming from because he knew only few women could do that for their husbands. And therefore, when the mega money came into picture, Wole made sure he built the largest supermarket for her a s at 2006, only to be bettered by Shoprite, seven years later. “Wole doesn’t deserve this’ She thought as tears rolled down her cheeks. She with shaky hand picked up her phone composed a message which goes thus; I want to believe you still remember what is at stake. Ensure that I return to Wole’s house or you stand the chance of loosing this very big family. I will ensure I break you all apart Remember, I have nothing to loose -Anny Less than two minutes later, a message flew in which reads; [blYou kno’ w I am doing all I can to make that happen. Our secrets remains our secret. Wole will have to accept you whichever ways. She smiled in satisfaction as she walked towards the intercom which stood on the bedside stool “Wole, you sure don’t deserve this, but you made me throw my dignity to the dogs, you should have taken you time to check how I am making my money, but your desperation to make it big shielded you from performing your duties as the head. I pray, Serena doesn’t follow in my footsteps. ” She wro te into her diary before slumping on the floor and the strong hands of sleep swept her off.

To Be Continued…

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