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Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 39


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena woke up this morning in one of the best moods of her life, such that immediately after the morning devotion, she started doing her chores. She swept her roo m, cleaned the living room, the dusty electronics, cleaned the dinning room, crossed over to the kitchen, moved to the front of the house where she swept a portion of the compound and left the rest for the gateman to take care off. She hummed Joel’s HAPPY DAY as she cleaned the garden. Then her mind flashed back to her last meeting with Taiwo which was five days ago, then she realised the bad friend she was. It was high time they settled their differences and move on like nothing happened, but none of them was willing to be the matured of the duo. Their pride and ego won’t allow them make the matured call for peace and in the absence of a third party, they would continue keeping malice at each other. But Serena in her very happy mood decided to make the call and settle her differences with Taiwo. But, such things cant be done on phone, then she decided to pay her a suprise visit so as to apologise, but one problem was that, she didn’t know her address, which was where Dave would play an active role. She concl uded as she carried her cleaning materials and made for the main house. She knocked gently on his door and moments later, a handsome looking Dave, dressed in a sky blue shirt and a black slim fitted trouser. “Hi.” He said, “Can I come in?” She asked. “Sure .” He replied stepping aside and opening the door for her wider. She gingerly walked into her brothers room and the sight she beheld suprise her because she didn’t know her brother to be a fan of hardcore rap music as giant posters of tupac, Biggie, Ludach ris, Cardinalofficial, Lilwayne, Jay Z Eminem were all pasted on the wall. She didn’t know the last time she entered this particular room, not even by mistake. “l need a favour from you.” She began as she sat on his bed. “What’s that?” He asked as he zippe d up his laptop bag. “l need Sister Bolaji’s address.” She said. “Sister Bolaji? Who is that?” He asked. “You don’t know your girlfriend again?” She replied with an offended look. “Don’t give me that look jor. I was taken by suprise, you know, I wasn’t exp ecting you to ask for her address, I mean what business do you have with her?” He explained. “l have no business with your girlfriend, I am going to see Taiwo.” She replied. “And you can’t ask from Taiwo abi?” “Well, if you must know, I am not on good term s with her and my sole aim of visiting is to suprise her and apologise. ” Serena replied. “Serena of life! Always picking fight with everybody. I hail o.” He said mockingly. “l didn’t pick fight with anybody. I only want to make peace, because I felt it n eeded.” Serena replied “Peacemaker. All I know is that, you are in a way at fault. Abi no be you?” He said mockingly as he took a step backward. “Whatever. Are you giving me the address or not?” “Of course I am. Who am I not to give you the address?” He s her how to go about her intended journey. aid as he explained to Jake rose up from his bed with a sad look on his face. Even though it has become an habbit for him to wake up before 7:30am of recent, he still woke up everyday wishing he hadn’t woke up at all Even though he slept late every night, he still found it difficult to sleep for three straight hours without waking up. Either he was up around 2am thinking about his life so far, the decisions he had made, his future, how the decisions may affect hi s life later on. Other times, he was thinking about his American girlfriend who was always pestering him for a return to the state after his extended stay in Nigeria. The height of his thoughts was always his decision to stay back in Nigeria because he lov ed Serena and days after his stay was confirmed, he with his own hands destroyed all he had worked for. Now he had to settle for Stephanie and Serena seemed to have moved on. He felt like the looser because he had no iota of love for steph and his decision to spite Serena was all a waste. He picked up his phone and sent a message with shaky hands. Ten minutes later, Dave had driven out of the house with their father, which means Serena had the house all to herself, but there was nothing spectacular about it friend to invite. . No As she was fixing herself a quick breakfast, a message flew into her phone. It reads; I know I am the worst person you’ve ever seen and I don’t deserve your friendship. Do me this last favour, CAN WE PLEASE MEET? A part of her wanted to reply with a quick YES, but remembering what Taiwo would say, she decided to show her the message before giving him her YES. Serena followed the address given to her by Dave and she got to the supposed estate where Taiwo lived with her family. Once her bike stopped at the estate gate, since bikes are not allowed into the estate, she paid the bikeman and approached the security post. She stated her mission, her final destination and when the security men are conviced that she posed no threat, after condu ction a thorough search, she was allowed into the estate, with a paper map leading to different houses plus the names of the families occupying each house. “Thanks.” She said as she walked down the tarred road towards the Akinyemi residence. Five minutes l ater, she stopped at the gate numbered 106 and pressed the bell “Am coming.” A female voice said to her through the speakerphone and a minute later, she heard hurried footsteps approaching the gate. “Good afternoon.” Serena greeted the young lady standing in front her. To say she was ugly would be a total disrespect to ugliness and the ugly, awful was the right words. “How may I help you?” She asked. “My name is Serena and I suppose this is the Akinyemi residence. I am Taiwo’s friend.” Serena replied. “Whe re are you from?” The lady asked. Serena wanted to say the planet Mars, but the thought of being denied entry by this obnoxious and annoying lady who seemed to develop hatred for her because she was good looking made her answer politely. “l am Taiwo’s frie nd.” Serena repeated. “What if you are not?” She asked “Are you saying I am lying to be someone I am not?” Serena asked a little bit offended. “Why not invite Taiwo and let her confirm if she is my friend or not.” This was not going as planned. Serena’s pl an was to shock Taiwo by meeting her at the front door or already seated in the living room. “Come in. The sun is too much.” The lady said. Afterall, she has her good side too. “Thanks.” Serena said as she stepped into the compound inside which a massive d uplex stood with nothing disturbing it. The vast compound alone looked beautiful and habitable enough, such that she wouldn’t mind passing the night in there, so far there won’t be rain overnight. The garage was locked and Serena could swear with all she h ad that the locked garage is housing two cars, probably new cars, while three cars were parked inside the compound. She recognized the Mercedez benz Gwagon which she had seen Taiwo’s father drive when she sat her UT ME weeks ago. That gave her the convicti on that she was in the right house. Minutes later, a casually dressed Taiwo walked out of the house with an angry stare. “Hi.” Serena greeted once she stopped in front of her. “You can go.” Taiwo said to the ugly lady who nodded curtly and excused herself. She stared at Serena for close to a minute without saying a word. Serena tried to lighten the tension by smiling, but it seemed Taiwo was ready for her. “Why are you looking at me like that nau?” Serena asked jokingly. “Shut up and come with me.” Taiwo mu ttered, took hold of her left hand, as she dragged her towards the house. Serena wanted to have a look of the compound as she walked into the house, but Taiwo gave her no chance as she dragged her, such that Serena almost fell at a point Once they were ins ide the house, Serena couldn’t shut her mouth as Taiwo dragged her accross a place she called, the visitor’s room, to say the interior decor of the house was beautiful was and understatement “Welcome to my room.” Taiwo said as she shut the door into a roo twice the size of Serena’s room at home. “What should I offer you?” Taiwa asked. “l am okay for now”.

To Be Continued…

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