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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Conclusion has been reached, no amount of struggles put up by Mrs Anita Thomas could mind of her husband or the stance of his battle ready family members. change the She was given the option of apologising to her husband, but she stood her ground defiantly. At the end of the day, she picked the court summon and signed on it accepting to sh ow up in court with her husband who wanted a divorce as fast as possible. Serena hated her father the minute her mother signed the court warrant. Afterall, she spoke to him this morning and he never mentioned this to her.

Mum.” She called as she entered the guest room where her mother has been sleeping in since the begining of the trouble within the family. Mrs Thomas sat up on her bed and beckoned on Serena to come join her. It was quite visible that her mother was sad s now?” Serena asked. “Mum, what is going to happen to u Her mother turned to face her. “Nothing. As far as I am concerned, you can either choose between your father and l. But be prepared to have a step mother soonest.” Her mother replied. “A step mother?” Serena asked. ‘Yes.” “You are no t leaving, are you?” Serena asked. I am leaving. I’m not ready to get a lawyer to defend my stand in court, I’ll just tell the judge to dissolve the case and split us,” Anita explained. ‘No way, Mum! Its impossible, you can’t leave now.” “Watch me.” Ta ofeek eased himself into the room and saw Nathaniel still lying the bed the way he had left him in the morning. The only difference was that he looked refreshed, meaning he had taken his bath. ‘Guy.” Taofeek said as he settled on his own bed. He undid the lace of his shoes and kicked it off his feet. Nate ignored his greeting as he continued brooding in silence. He has been acting strange every day since they resumed for the final lap of the session. He was not like this when he came back from the one week easter break in April. But since he returned from home in June, he has been acting strange. “Guy!” Taofeek called but still go no reply. “Nate.” He said this time kicking him in the leg. He raised his head to face his friend your problem?” Taofeek “Whats asked with eyebrows raised. Nathaniel looked at him with total indifference. “Whatever the problem is, you know you can always share it with us. We’ll be willing to help.” He said. “Who told you I have a problem?” Nathaniel asked, his voice slightly raise d Taofeek was taken aback by his reply “You are acting like you have one He ignored him and walked towards his own compartment of the wardrobe. He picked two shirts and a trouser; fetched his bag pack and stuff them inside. “I’m off to Ibadan.” He said grabbing his wallet and checking if his ATM card was still intact. Stop joking. Why will you travel to Ibadan today of all days?” Taofeek asked. “What’s so special about today? He asked. “Have you forgotten that Rukiat has her birthday today?” Taofeek as ked. Rukiat was Nathanielhs boyfriend since the fresher year and the love between them was waxing stronger even though Nate knew he was getting nowhere with her. His parents won’t let him marry a girl outside their religion, even though he doubt if Rukiat’ s parents would allow too, as Rukiat was a muslim. He felt the urge to stay behind and at least attend the party, but his troubled mind wouldn’t let him. I hope she understands. He opened the door and stepped out into the scorching sun. Talk of the devil. Behold, Rukiat just dropped from a bike and was heading towards his lodge. “Nate, wassup?” She greeted casually. “Am good.” He replied. They discussed for a minute and he tried as much as possible not to say anything concerning her birthday. ‘You are goin g out I guess. 7pm is the time.” She said reminding him about her birthday party. “Alright.” He said and unceremoniously dismissed her, much to her suprise, but she was too happy to read his expression or notice his foul mood.

If only he knew what awaits h im in the city of Ibadan, he would have stayed behind and enjoyed himself to the fullest before embarking on the journey. It was too late to change his mind because in thirty minutes time, he’ll be in Ogbomosho. A week later, everyone in the Thomas househo ld woke up quite early and the atmosphere was a bit tensed as everyone kept to himself/herself. The silence enveloping the whole house was killing, the only sound that could be heard was the clattering sound of the cuttleries in the kitchen as the inhouse maid prepared breakfast. Another distant sound that could be heards was the distant sound from Abdullahi, the gateman’s transistor radio. Serena walked into her room still dressed in her nightie as she slumped on her bed and picked her phone, morning devo tion will start in twenty minutes and she decided to talk to Jake for the first time since they went out on a date. She messaged him about five times on BBM but he didn’t reply, she concluded he was still asleep. Then her phone beeped, a call from Stephani e. “Hello Stephie.” She said. “Girlfriend, how far” Stephanie asked “Am good,'” She replied. “You guys are going to court today shey?” Stephanie asked. “Yeah.” Then the sadness rushed back, no wonder she was unable to sleep. Her parents will probably go their seperate ways by the time the hearing began by I Oam. ‘Do you want me to come?” Stephanie asked She would have asked her to come because her friendship with Stephanie is a case of ‘everywhere you go.’ But what is there to be happy about if you no longer invite your friend to parties in your family but invited her to court to witness how you parents will be seperated. ‘Don’t bother yourself. rr She replied. “l just want to be with you that’s all. I may come with Jake if you want.” Stephanie said. T he coming with Jake part made her want to giggle. But how does it sound if you invite your crush to your parent’s divorce hearing in court? And it balled out that your mother is at fåult, even if you succeeded in taking the relationship to a whole new leve l, he would always be insecured with you when it comes to love and transparency, because at anytime could you decided to put on the garment left by your mum. And most of the time, the “like mother like daughter” adage is someti mes right I would have love d to see you guys, but don’t worry, I’ll come to your house when we are through in court.” She assured. “So what plans do you have for Jake?” Stephanie asked. As much as she wanted to tell her off for asking her about Jake at this period, she still found h erself talking about it. One thing she enjoyed doing was talking boys with her friend. rr But you guys don’t need to break up when he returns to the state or do you?” Stephanie asked. “You don’t understand.. Her voice trailed off as she began to hear voic “Stephie, please I’ll call you back” She pleaded. “Any problem?” Stephanie asked. es from the living room. “I’ll explain to you when am back.” She replied and hung up. She adjusted the hem of her nightie, then half walk, half ran to the living room where a s usual, there was a heated arguement but this time between Nathaniel and their father. Nathaniel who has been on their mother’s side all day long, ever since he began shuffling between Ibadan and Ilorin. When he first heard about their father filing a div orce, he did all he could to talk their fáther out of it, but his mind seemed to be made up.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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