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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

For where? You cant be okay. In short, you are not okay. Be right back abeg!” With this, Taiwo zoomed out of the room excitedly She r eturned minutes later with a one litre pack of fruit juice and a glass cup, a disposable plate sat beside the fruit juice pack on a flat tray “Here, they are yours.” She said as she dropped the tray on a stool A minute into her drink “Am sorry for the ot her day.” Serena said?” Taiwo laughed. “l am over it already. I just want you to apologise, that explains my reason for not chatting you up or calling.” f there was a thing she loved about Taiwo, it was her bluntness. She was someone who dwells not much i n the past, and she doesn’t ask too many questions. “But seriously, you are a big girl o. The things in your room alone is more expensive than the things in my house.” Serena said. “Seriously, you are crazier than I ever thought you to be.” Taiwo said play fully. “But, how do you manage? I mean, with all these things and one could hardly tell if you are rich.” Serena asked. “Na God.” Taiwo replied “You must be high on mango leaves, you are thinking of going over to see Jake. Are you okay at all?” Taiwo aske d when Serena was done with her story. “Taiwo, I am fine. He is still my friend and I can go to see him anytime.” Serena replied “l can see you are sick in the skull. He is still your friend, after all he did to you? Is that what friendship is all about? Are friends not supposed to love one another? Did he love you at all? No strings attached, did he love you?” Taiwo asked angrily. “Taiwo, you cant understand.” “Of course, I do. He has been ur dream man since like forever. Your shining amour, isn’t it? You obviously was in love with him and you still are, but the boy felt nothing for you. He realised your gullibility a long time ago, and decided to play with your emotion. He has been in love with that witch, Steph, but decided to pay with your head small.” Taiwo ranted. “Seriously, Tee, I don’t know why you are taking this personal. Afterall, its me, and seeing him doesn’t change anything.” Serena replied. “Serena, believe me, I will continue to take this personal until you grow up. Maybe you don’t know, you r brother and my sister are billed to get married, which automatically makes you my in lawr their union makes us one family and anything that goes wrong with you goes wrong with me too.” She paused and gave her friend a long look. “l understand you perfect ly. Jake is dating Steph and they are obviously in love, nothing can change that. He invited me just to talk. ” “Talk about what?” Taiwo cuts in angrily. Serena opened her mouth, but no words came out “Look here, he has nothing to talk about. It is one of their usual tricks. Is he not a guy? He will probably apologise to get back into your heart and probably make you a side chick, remember that you are on probation with your dad, and him seeing you with Jake who already made him believe you are forcing your self on him will only disappoint your dad more. Serena, come on think! Grow up!” Taiwo explained shaking her friend vigorously Serena kept quiet and though over her friend’s word for sometime. “And I must confess, you dad is a very gentle man. If it were to be my dad, despite the fact that he doesn’t care about us, if he should see a guy with you, he could kill your now think about his reaction if he realised that any of his daughters is forcing herself on a man. You can ask Bro Dave how he felt the first time he met my dad. You need to feel the tension before my dad shook hands with him and accepted him. Thats for my big sister who is not a kid, now think about me, a small girl.” Taiwo explained further. “If you check my contact, you can’t find a single m ale name on it. If my dad should see Emmanuel on my phone, I must call that Emmanuel and if God want to punish me, the Emmanuel should just jokingly say ‘hello dear’ at pick up. Then I am in for it. Serena, you don’t need this now. I understand our differe nt upbringing, but, even if you have a guy you love, you should put him down below your list of priorities, you still have a long way to go.” Taiwo explained. Serena was hugely impressed with Taiwo’s brilliance and fluency, Even though all that she said we re not new things. She herself knew that going into a serious relationship could mean doom, but there is something like situations that we couldn’t help and befOre you knew it, you are deep inside it smile. “And if you don’t mind, we can play with Jake’s head.” “How?” Serena asked. “Are you in or not?” Taiwo said with a “Of course, I am.” Serena replied. “Good. Pick up your phone now and send Jake your reply. Tell him to meet you at Mr Biggs at Idi ape. That should be about a thirty minutes drive from here Let him spend two or more hours there, after which you’ll tell him something came up and you couldn’t come again.” Taiwo explained like a movie director who has a movie script already mastered. “Taiwo.” Serena drawled “Just do it. He must cry too.” Her f riend replied. “Wait for the next line of action from me. I’ll be back, lemme go take my bath “You mean, you haven’t taken your bath today? 1 1 am?” Serena asked, shock written all over her face. “What’s so spectacular about that? I am in my father’s hous e, no Jake to impress, no Obi to look good to.” She said mocking as she picked her towel and walked towards her bathroom.

To Be Continued…

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