Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 41


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Jake was seated at a conspicous place inside the popular eatery, Mr Biggs. He has been seated for roughly an hour, but to him, it look ed like ten minutes, afterall, it was Serena, the only girl who gripped his heart like it was meant to be. He had a bottle of malt on his table and two meat pies. Even though he wasn’t a fan of any of the two. His plan was buying chicken and chips to go do wn with the wine he brought with him which he intended sharing with Serena, but he couldn’t start eating something they ought to eat together, hence, his reason for consuming two things he didn’t like. As he picked at the pie, his drink untouched, he watch ed a family who sat very close to his table as they bickered and chatted happily. The family comprised of the father, the mother and three children. A girl who looked thirteen and two boys who looked eight and from the look of things, they were twins and i t seemed they were at Mr Biggs to celebrate their birthday. Jake’s mind went back to nine years ago when he clocked ten and ome of his paternal Aunties took him to a treat at a fast food joint around old Ifé road, Western Fried Chicken it was called. He re membered how much fun he had in the two hours they spent eating rice, meat pies and Ice creams. Five years later, when he was posted by WAEC to write his November/December GCE exams in Loyola college which was just a three minutes walk from WFC, the eatery he was wat five years ago, he discovered that the building had been converted to an event centre. For the records, whoever owned the eatery lacked business sense for locating such an eatery with high standard equipment and services in an area such as that , when he ought to know that the turnout of people would be low. Old Ife road was never a densely populated residential area. Neighbouring areas such as Agodi Gate was a sixty percent market place and thirty percent residency, but that’s not his problem fo r now. WFC can fold up all over again for all he cared, the most important thing was Serena showing up in her ever elegant apprearanceThe thought of that alone sent cold shivers down his spine, but his ringing phone cut short the excitement And seeing wh o the caller was, he hissed before picking up. “Hello love. ” Stephanie said excitedly. “How far?” He replied. “Am okay. I got to your house now and your mum said you went out…” She was saying. “Yes, I did.” He snapped. “And your housemaid told me you we re dressed like a just wedded groom and you also stole a wine from dad’s bar. Can you imagine that funny girl.” Steph said laughing. “I’ll call you back I am in the middle of something.” He said. “Are you with Henry? Whats with the wine?” She asked. “Steph , I’ll call you back. Where are you now?” “Your house of course. Mum is going shopping and she insist I go with her.” “Fine. As soon as I am done here I’ll meet you at home.” With this he hung up and continued waiting for Serena. “Jake has bombarded my w hatsapp with messages o. Should I call him back?” Serena asked Taiwo who was engrossed in playing her guitar. “You said what?” She asked. “Jake, he is at Mr Biggs already for the past one hour and he’s been sending messages asking where I am. Should I call him back?” Serena repeated Taiwo dropped her guitar and walked up to join Serena on the bed. “You seem obsessed with this guy and I don’t know why.” She began. Serena wanted to argue, but with a wave of hand from Taiwo, she swallowed her words. “Why can’ t he call you?” She asked. “He said he is afraid ” Serena replied and Taiwo bursted into laughter. “Okay…. Okay. Lets put him out of his misery. Give me your phone.” Taiwo said as she snatched her friend’s phone and dailled Jake’s number, “Hello, am I sp eaking with Jake?” She asked. “Yes you are. Serena, is that you?” An agitated Jake replied. “This is Serena’s friend. She told me she was coming over to see you and she left my house about an hour ago, only for someone to call me that she collapsed while w alking on the road.” “Oh my God! Where is she now?” Jake asked. “Group medical, you know the place, don’t you?” Taiwo replied, Of course, I do. I’ll be there before you know it.” He had said and Taiwo hung up immediately and bursted into laughter. “l didn ‘t collapse o,” Serena laughed “Of course, you can’t.” Taiwo replied “What’s the next step?” She asked. “You’ll switch off you phone or remove your sim card so he doesn’t get to reach you. He will spend roughly an hour searching for Serena inside group m edical. And from his journey to Mr Biggs and now to Group medical to and fro, he wud have spent close to five hundred naira. Just play by my rules.” Taiwo explained “Yes boss.” Serena said laughing, even though deep down, she was not in support.

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