Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 42


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena wok e up with a start, her room very dark and her head blank. Truly, she felt like someone who just came around after an hour long collapse She squinted her eyes as she searched for her phone. After minutes of searching with her hand, she felt it just undernea the ne pillow She fished it out and pressed the power button while she waited for it to boot. Two text messages flew into her phone immediately and she clicked the first one open which reads; What exactly are you playing at? I was at group medical for ove r an hour searching for your but the impatient matron on duty told me Serena is not a name and no such person was admitted into the hospital during the hours I said. The events of the day came flashing that moment and she couldn’t help but burst into laugh ter as she imagined the frustrated look on Jake r s handsome face as he chased virtually every nurse and doctor that walk past the waiting room in a bid to get one or two words out of them. “Taiwo is mad, I swear.” She said to herself as she checked the sec ond message, it was from MTN, reminding her of how much data she had used out of her monthly subscription. She hissed as she stepped out of bed and made for the bathroom where she washed her face, before returning to the room. The time was 7:26pm and she k new her father would have returned since around 5pm/6pm, which means his dinner is supposed to be on table by now. But, the blame wasn’t hers entirely, afterallJ she couldn’t cheat nature, hence her decision to sleep, and two, she was still adapting to the fact that she would be in charge of the cookings in the house. She stood up and made for the door, her phone clutched to her hand and a reading lamp in the other hand. Something was quite unusual about the sudden silence in the house. Her phone started to ring as she entered the living room where he father’s laptop, glasses stood on the table. It was Jake. She cleared her throat, ready for some drama. “Hello Jake.” She said. “Serena, is that you?” He asked. Without giving her a chance to reply, he bombarde d her. recieved a call from your friend saying you collapsed and on admission at group medical. I hope you saw my message?” He said, “Yes, sorry for disturbing you. The thing was, the matron you spoke with probably just began her shift and had no idea of w ho and who was on admission. And by the hour you came.” She said as she tried not to laugh “Then, she should simply go through the log book and tell me wherever you are.” Jake said angrily. “Jake, why are you talking like this? You know that group medical is an old hospital, more active in the late 80s and 90s. You won’t believe I wasn’t admitted with the purchase of cards or whatever. I was just wheeled into the ward immediately. They have no record book. ” She explained. “Okay. Are you still in the hospi tal?” he asked. “Dad came to pick me this evening. A doctor would be coming over to treat me at home.” She replied. “Hope you are okay now sha?” He asked. “Of course.” She replied “Good to hear that” “Please, let me call you back, I need to go.” Without a nother word, she hung up and switched off her phone. She dragged herself into the kitchen and started pulling some magic, trying to fix a suitable dinner for her father. As at gpm when she returned to her room, her father was nowhere to be found, same with Dave, the gateman was not in his house too and trying their numbers, she could hear her father’s phone ring, Dave’s phone wasn’t connecting, the gateman’s number was not on her phone. “Where could they have gone to?” She asked herself as she stared at her phone. ringing “Hello Taiwo.” “Hello babes. How you dey?” Taiwo replied excitedly. “Am okay. Only that the collapse hangover is still playing on me.” Serena replied “Abeg o! Me I don’t know about that.” Taiwo laughed. “Gist me, Mr Jake called you or he i s still afraid?” “He called me two hours ago.” Serena replied “Is that all? What did you guys talk about?” Serena took her time to explain every word they exchanged and when she was done, she expected Taiwo to be thrilled that she could at least muster th e courage to play along, but Taiwo didn’t say anything. “Won’t you say anything?” Serena asked. “anything like?” “Aren’t you impressed with the lies I told him?” Serena asked. “Sincerly speaking I am, but you just killed the fum” “How?” Serena asked “You told him you are back at home. He knew the time to meet your dad at home and the time not to. He probably will try to visit you and what will happen after that?” Taiwo explained. “You should have just let me handle everything. I told you to switch off your phone, why did you have to switch it on? Now you are on your own and if he visit, with your flunctuating heart, you may just end up kissing him. “So?” Serena asked. “l am even tired of this set up. I will forgive him if I want to, period. Goodnight.” With this, she hung up.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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