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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

And you have seen me. Now check me out.” Serena said without shyness as she turned around for Jake to have a look on her body Definitely, Serena has a b ody that could kill and her body was also capable of resurrecting. And edge she has over Stephanie was in look and body structure. While Steph was more of a long legged ostritch like Jake often joked when they were still friends, Serena was a bit shorter a nd pretty, while Steph had a bad eye. Her left eye has a defect on it, as she claimed, she had injured herself as a kid. Even though the eyes would disfigure a freshly woken up Stephanie, Serena would always tell herr the eyes made her look beautiful. Jake bursted into laughter. ‘Come on stop joking.” He said, but Serena still held onto the gate, her body saddled between the gate and the pillar. “Do I look like I am joking?” Serena asked. “Sincerly, you looked like one. Come on let me in.” He tried to force his way into the compound, but Serena stood her ground. “Jake, I want you to leave. ” Serena said with all courage she could muster, all thanks to Taiwo’s voice that kept repeating in her mind. “Why?” He asked with a laugh. “Jake, I am not joking… Pleas e leave.” She said. “Like seriously?” This time, he had entered the compound. “Like this minute” She emphasized. “Serena. You are joking righP” “On the other hand, I am not. Now, get out.” She was screaming now. “Serena, calm down for God’s sake. You are embarassing me. All your neighbour live in duplexes, they may be watching from upstairs,” He said calmly. “Oh! Oh…. I am embarrassing you?” She asked. “Of course yes. Whatever happened to the feelings?” His last word srucked her deep. She violently pushe d him out of the compound as she tried to fight back tears. “Now get out.” He voice broke, but before he could see the tears in her eyes, she ran into the compound and locked the gate How she hated making people feel bad, but Jake deserved it. She console d herself. After the short drama that took place at the hospital which warranted Mr Oluwole Thomas walking out on his elder brother, he subsequently had contacted one of his boys in his area of residence who was a cab driver who had came to pick him and ha d driven him home without anybody noticing. It was after he had reached home successfully that he put a call through to Dave asking him to meet him at home before the end of the hours, and the suprised look on Dave’s face had warranted Jane whom he was dis cussing with at the time asked the reason behind the look and Dave had no other choice than to explain to her. Therefore, one could imagine the suprised look on Mr Oluwole Thomas face when he saw his elder brother, Patrick and his immediate younger sister, Jane and the last child of the family, Collins, no sooner than Dave entered “Uncle, is it true you want to break the family ties?” Wole asked angrily when he had agreed to grant them audience. “Everyone knows my message in the last five years is to ensure that the family remained united Even our cousins from the maternal side of the family, our sisters that have become members of another family by marriage. But if you want to break family ties because of Anita and I then, believe me, it is not worth it You were one of the people who stood against our marriage, isn’t it. Now you want us back together, why the change? Jane and Collins here sped up the divorce until it materialised, now they are running around to fix an already dissolved marriage, what do you say to that? Mama Londoner in the last family meeting she attended in I ggg openly said, she would no longer have anything to do with Anita. You remembered how Anita embarrased her at Our father’s burial? Now she is blackmailing me emotionally, because sh e thinks the family must maintain the record of no divorce recorded. Why the change?” Wole asked. “Can you see Wole talking to me like we are mate. Jane, I believe you can see. Collins, you are a witness too. This family is gonna breakdown.” Patrick replie Collins gave his eldest brother a whatareyoud. saying look. “Uncle, but Bro Wole didn’t say anything bad now. Did he? Obviously not. He only said things how they are. If truly there is nothing sinister about our reselve to ensure that Anita returns, the n we should give reasons why Anita should returnAnd as for me, Anita should only return if Wole deemed it right to take her back. I will be no part to coersion or any act of forcefully making someone take a decision against his will.” Collins said. “Even me too. I am with Collins on this.” Jane added “Is this a kind of gang up? Are you all turning your backs at this stage?” Patrick asked looking from one person to the other. “Uncle, you just have to let this issue goYou have nothing to gain if Wole dec ides to take Anita back, and if he decides not to, you still loose nothing. And about the family tradition or belief that you want to uphold. It is good as an elder to want to let his family grow based on what is on ground, but this is the twenty first cen tury, a time when history are been rewritten.” Collins explained. Pa Patrick opened his mouth to speak, but no word came out. “Wole here is about to rewrite history, so be it. Its his family, and he has the sole right to it, we are mere third and fourth parties.” He concluded into the living room opened and Barrister Olu walked in The door “Whatever party you belong to is none of my business. I am here to take away my son.” He said confidently Everyone in attendance except Wole could remember the last time Olu talked about his son, even though he had none They had persuaded him to say a thing or two about it, but he asked them to ask Anita, because she was the only one who could provide answers. “What the hell are you talking about?” Collins asked. “Lik e you don’t know abi?” Olu replied facing Collins. “Know what?” Jane quickly came in defence of her kid brother. “Ask Anita.” Olu replied stopping in front of Woler whom he shook hands with before taking a seat beside him. “When did Olu and Anita began tal king on first name basis?” Was the question on Wole’s mind as silence enveloped the room like never before. “What son is Olu talking about? Anita sure has a lot of explaining to do. ” Was the question on Patrick’s mind as he stared at his younger ones Ser ena was seated inside her mother’s hotel room staring at her mother like she had never seen her before or she had taken a new look, Truly, Mrs Anita Thomas no longer look ‘housewifely’ as she now looked like some single women who are either widows or divor ced, and in a bid to remain relevant decided to keep a lot of concubines. Her mother who rerely uses jewelleries now have them all over, the neck, the ears, the wrist, even on the ankle. Serena knew some things and some things stopped her from piercing her nose, lips and eyes. To her, her mother looked like someone from the wild, or a retired Adult star, even though she hates to think towards that direction. But no matter how bad she looked, the motherdaughter affection was still present. Mrs Anita Thomas wa s seated on the bed which was quite a distance from where Serena was seated on the only chair in the room which stood behind a table, ontop which a desktop computer stood. As daughter was busy with her own thoughts, mother was accessing her daughter and wa s breaking them down herself. “She now has fuller hips.” Anita thought as she set her eyes on Serena’s hips. “Her In how many months, my daughter has grown this much?” Anita a sked herself calmly as a smile appeared on her face. “What bra size do you use now?” Anita imagined herself asked, and at the same time imagined Serena’s embarrassed reaction. She knew how much her daughter hated discussing issues pertaining to that, most especially when she was answering the questions. Anita smiled once again “Mum! What’s funny?” Serena asked “You now look older. Even if I walk on the street with you, people would think we are sisters.” Her mother replied Serena bursted into laughter. ” That’s a lie mum. Even the blinds knows you are older than me. “Of course, everyone knows, that menas, I am the elder sister.” Her mother’s replied throwing her into further laughter. “What makes you say so?” “With all these.” Her mother replied illustrat ing with her hands as she touched her own br*asts among others. Serena looked at her mother will a happy sensation surging through her. Its been a while she had good laughs like this. All her life, she only knew a commedian, Nathaniel. Her immediate elder brother was the only one who could make her laugh. Other days, her father’s old school attitude and ignorance about certain things made her laugh. Like Mr Thomas fumbling with the television’s remote asking for what button to press when the commands were c learly written, or other times fumbling with his phone. The serious look her father always wore those times was enough to make her laugh. Everyone knew Dave to be a saddist, or someone who live in a world of his own. She never knew her mother to be such a great commedian, obviously, her break from marriage brought out some things in her. “And you said you are not eating. I could call the kitchen and you’ll be served. Chicken and chips?” Her mother asked for the upteenth time. “Mum! Am okay. I am yet to fini sh this bottle of coke, so why bother ordering chicken and chips?” Serena replied “l just want to be sure you are okay, because I don’t want a situation where your brothers and father will deny you dinner.” “Ahn ahn! Mum!” Serena exclaimed. “Stop making i t seem like I am being maltreated. I only said they don’t carry me along on issues that I feel are important. “what r s the difference? Believe me, it is coming to maltreatment.” Her mother replied “And dad is not even a party to whatever they do. He was in Abuja when it started You think your father couldn’t give instructions to your brothers?” Anita asked “l know he ca t.’ “keep on knowing everything. e go soon clear for your eyes. “Anita said.” Let me tell you a secret. Your father doesn’t like yo ur and whatever he does is aimed at pushing to the extent that you’ll make a costly mistake like getting pregnant so he can push you out like he did to me. Then his reason for pushing me out would be justified.” Anita explained Serena glared at her mother, but her face fèll once she saw the seriousness in her mother’s voice. “Maybe he is not my father afterall.” Serena concluded within herself.

To Be Continued…

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