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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Anything.” The doctor replied curtly. “l need you to help me look for some birth files. The first one dated 1990, the second dated 1 993 and the third dated, 1996.” Anita expla “actually, I am not in charge of records and the matron in charge is on maternity leave. And you are aware of the staff shortage we are currently faced with. ined. Mummy had to invite some student doctors from her department to help us out. I will get one for you.” The young doctor explained. “l will appreciate.” The guy picked up the intercom and dialled a number. uls that Doctor BJ? Please come over to the top floor.” “Darling, please. I will call you back.” Bolaji said as she hung up. She just recieved a call demanding her presence on the top floor. And even though she was one of the three visiting doctors from the UCH, she has adapted to the way of life around Oluks private hospital. It was no new thing that when one’s attention is needed on the top fl oor, it is either Doctor Jane, the owner of the hospital wants to see the person, or Doctor Folusho, who was Doctor Jane’s inlaw wants to see the person as the two doctors are the only ones occupying the top floor. Now sitting in front of Doctor Folusho, the handsome doctor who has been keeping tabs on her ever since they met. Even though she told him times without numbers that nothing could happen between them as she was in love with some other guy and they are getting married. Seated on the couch inside Folusho’s office was an elderly woman. The woman’s fáce looked a lot familiar, but she couldn’t place where she had seen the face. Even though, something told her she has seen a picture of the woman. “What are the names on the birth files?” Bolaji asked. ” Serena Thomas, Nathaniel Thomas and Davies Thomas.” Anita replied. Now, she remembered where she had seen the woman’s face. She was in a family picture given to her by Dave. She was speaking with her future motherin “l will do just that ma.” Bolaji s aid “Please do.” Anita replied. “Excuse me please.” With this, Bolaji swept out of the office elated and very happy. She vowed to be in the woman’s good books early on, so that by the time, Dave deemed it fit to introduce her to his parents, she wo uld be accepted without much questions about her character, as her motherinlaw would be there to tell the family about her. The thought of this made her insides churn. Fifteen minutes later; the files she was asked to look for laid opened on her table as she took interest in one bearing, Davies Thomas. Her hand shook as she read a particular yellow paper attached to other papers inside the file. She was covered in sweats as tears trickled down her cheeks. While Serena and Nathaniel bear the same paterni ty, Dave bore something different. Barrister Olu Thomas walked into his living room already dressed in his court robes. He picked his briefcase and made for the door. “Daddy.” A young girl of about fifteen years old called from the kitchen. “Yes darling?” Barrister Olu replied. “Mum is calling you.” She informed. “What for?” Olu asked with voice raised. “l don’t know. She just told me to inform you.” The girl replied

Am running late, I have a case to defend.” With this, Ou angrily stormed out of the hous e Ever since his wife showed up unannounced two days ago, he has been angry with everybody, even his daughter, because they were well aware of their mother’s imminent arrival from Canada where she worked, but they kept it a secret, and the first question h is annoying wife asked was about his fidelity and the rumour she was hearing about him keeping concubines. Even though he told her point blank that he was cheating on her, simply because he was human and he could no longer stay without having a woman close by. His wife to his utmost suprise took the situation calmly. She accepted the blame for her decision to live far away from her husband, but all hell was let loose when OIL] couldn’t tell her about the woman he was seeing. Afterall, he was ashamed to say he was going out and sleeping with his cousin’s ex wife. “Olu! Olu.” An angry voice called from behind as Olu made for his car. He ignored the voice and hopped into his carr only to realise that his wife’s car was parked just in front of the gate, meaning , he couldn’t go out except his wife took her car off. “Olu! Didn’t Angela tell you I want to see you?” His beautiful wife, mother of four girls asked. “Aminat, why are you doing this?” It was no new things that Barrister Olu was the only member of the THO MAS who got married to a practicing muslim. Other members of the family married Christians or converted their wives after marriage, but Olu practiced his own religion and his wife did hers, her own way. “Doing what?” His wife asked innocently. “Your car.” He said. “What happened to it?” She asked. “Take it away. I have a case in an hours time.” He replied. Aminat threw her face away. She couldn’t stand her husband loosing a case, neither does she want him to loose his status as one of the finest lawyers in Ibadan. But with the situation of this, she didn’t mind if he as a result of loosing a case was sent to prison. “Aminat, we can talk about this when I return.” He pleaded. “No. Olu no. We must settle everything now. I want to know the woman you are seeing. Is that too much to ask?” Aminat replied. “Do you have plans for her? Do you want to legally marry her? My daughter’s position is not threatened is it?” She asked as she sobbed. “Will you just stop it. ‘l Olu screamed. Then it hit him, he remembered havin g a spare key to his wife’s car and with a triumphant smile, he alighted from his car, locked his doors and made for his wife’s car. “Harun, open the gate.” He said to the gateman who reluctantly dragged his feet to the gate. OIL] hopped behind the wheel a nd kicked started the engine, but nothing happened. He was begining to get mad at his wife as he stood up and made for the the bonnet He pushed it open and realised that the battery was missing. He looked back at his wife who had an indifferent look on his face “Olu, you are going nowhere except we talk about this.” Aminat said. ‘Who is the woman you are seeing?” This time, she was holding her husband’s shirt like her life depended on it. “The kids are watching.” Olu cautioned as he caught his daughters, Ju liet, the eldest, a 4001evel medicine student at the University of Lagos, Tawakalit, a 2001evel Law student at the university of Ibadan, Habibat, a 1 OOIevel student of Applied mathematics at the University of lagos and the baby of the house, Angela, a Sen ior secondary school 2 student, watching their drama. “Let them watch all they want.

This is their life. They deserve a happy family. You can’t bring in another woman with the excuse that I couldn’t give birth to a male child.” Aminat cried Angrily, Olu p ushed his wife violently, which resulted into her falling to the ground. “l have no intention of having a second wife and I stand by it. But you and your witches can go and die as my prince is coming home soonest My son is coming home to claim what rightfu lly belong to him. Deal with that.” With this, he stormed into the house. His daughter fled out of the way immediately they saw him approach the house.

To Be Continued…

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