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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Bolaji was suddenly covered in sweat the moment she discovered this. How come? How did it happen? Were t he questions that ran through her mind. “Does this have anything to do with the divorce between Dave’s parents?” She asked herself as she drew a stool closer and sat as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Won’t this destroy Dave? After almost twenty five years, only to discover that the father who has given you everything, including the sole responsibility to handling his businesses was not your father.” She thought aloud The intercom on the table started ringing. She knew it had to be Funsho, as it was no new thing that, there was no one in the records office except her, based on Funsho’s orders. “Doctor Bolaji.” She said on picking up. “Thank God. Bolaji, have you seen the files? Check the family cartons.” Bolaji quickly removed the telephone from her ear. “Th at was supposed to be Funsho. Is Doctor Jane back?” She asked herself as she stared at the papers in front of her. “But Doctor Jane was due back at two o’clock. When she knew she would be back early, why did she insist that we take Miss Chioma on a early d elivery before her stipulated CS time?” “Bolaji, are you there?” Jane’s voice came again. She could hear voices talking in the background “l really liked that lady.” The voice belonging to Anita sounded. “l would have loved her to get involved with Funsh o here, but I learnt she is taken. By another son of mine.” The voice belonging to Doctor Jane said amidst laughter. “She is not my type of girl.” Funsho lied. “Which son of yours are you talking about?” Anita asked “So, you don’t know? She is Dave’s girl friend. “Wait! Wait! Wait… . Which Dave?” Anita asked “Our Dave of course Your son.” “Oh my God! She probably have the result with her. She will tell Dave.” That was all Bolaji heard before she started hearing sounds of chairs moving out of position an d soles of shoes kissing the ground before she allowed the intercom fall to the tiled floor and took off from the room with only Dave’s birth file as she made for the third floor where she was managing an office with two other doctors to pick up her handba g, from where she took the elevator down and sped out of the hospital premises to the main road where she flagged down a taxi just in time when the trio of Doctor Jane, Funsho and Mrs Anita came out of the hospital with two security men. “Where are you goi ng Aunty?” The cab man asked “Just drop me at Mokola roundabout. I’ll find my way from there.” She replied, That’s a very long distance o Aunty. And moreso, I am not permitted to drop passengers at the roundabout. Its not my area.” The cab man replied ” Please, do this for me. Any amount, I’ll pay.” Bolaji pleaded as she cleaned her eyes. “Fine. But I won’t drop you inside that filling station, but I will turn and drop you at the foot of that fly over.” “Just what I needed.” She said as she brought out he r purse and gave two one thousand naira note to the man. “Two thousand?” The man asked with suprise written all over his face. “Yes. Is it small?” “In fact, it is too much. I was expecting something like three hundred naira.” Just then, her phone started r inging. “Hello.” She said “Bolaji, what the hell do you think you are doing? Running away with a client’s private record.” Doctor Jane screamed. “Am sorry Aunt, but the guy in question is my boyfriend. I don’t want him broken. I will do things my own way. ” Bolaji replied. “l called your father already and he promised to do something. So, for your own good, return the file now or face the wrath of your father and still be thrown in the police cell.” Doctor Jane threatened “If that’s all I will go through f or doing this, then, am ready.” Bolaji said defiantly. “How can a mother be so heartless, You had three children for your husband, one of them is not his, but you kept it a secret. Now, after twenty five years, you want to do what with the paternity test r esult attached to the birth file? Alterate it abi?” She cried. “And you still want to marry her son? Forget it my dear “By the time this is settled, she will no longer be worthy of being a motherin Bolaji replied “Okay…. Okay… Where are you now ?” “Mokola.” And with this, Bolaji hung up and switched off her” Pa Patrick was seated in his living room discussing in hushed tones with his friend James. “l spoke with Collins and he told me about your obsession with ensuring that Anita returns to her husbands house. What is it with that?” James asked. Patrick hissed. “Don’t mind that boy. The integrity of this family was left in my care by our fathers. And I think ensuring that the integrity remained on the high is not a bad thing. I am not obsesse d with ensuring that Wole take back his wife, I am obsessed with moral and the integrity of this family.” Patrick explained. “It still doesn’t explain my question. Integrity or no integrity, I still suspect something. Are you the only member of the family who supports integrity? Your Uncle who lives in Ondo state stopped calling for Anita’s return, Mama Londoner told Wole to do whatever he thinks is the best for him. And these people could pass for your father and mother, are they not the oldest member of y our family, even though Mama is from the mother side. Pa Ajani asked you to let the matter rest, but you won’t listen.” James said. “You won’t understand.” Patrick waved it off “l know I won’t, afterall, am not a member of the family, but believe me, I hav e been friends with you for how many decades now? Maybe four or five. Fifty years of friendship makes us what? I am one way or the other a member of this family and as far as I could remember, you have never put so much zeal in your own personal issue like you are doing to your brother’s marital problems. The brother who didn’t send you on errand, his wife is not even taking it serious, why do you want to kill yourself?” James poured out. “What are you insinuating?” “l am begining to believe all that Collin s told me about you having something to hide, hence, the reason behind your must be attitutude” James replied. Patrick raised his brows angrily. “Is it that obvious?” He asked himself. “Are you blind? Can’t you see that you are acting like you’ll die if W ole doesn’t take Anita back.” A voice in his subconscious replied. “James, are you saying…….?” He asked. “Are you on the same page with Collins?” “Its not about being on the same page. t is very obvious. I could remember your son, Lanre sent his wife o ut five years ago, may his soul rest in perfect peace Patrick you were in America throughout the period. For six months, I was shuttling between Lanrels house in Lagos and his wife’s fámily house in Ikeja. But, hearing that Wole divorced his wife, you came rushing back home. Remember, Lanre died on the day he agreed to take his wife back The accident he had on his way back to Ibadan.” James poured out angrily. “If you could stay back and watch your son when he left his wife, I see no reason why your brothe r’s divorce should be e. paramount Or, was Lanre not a Thomas? Where was the so called integrity then?” James raised his head to see a sober Patrick sobbing silently on his seat The greatest misfortune he ever suffered was his son’s death. His first son, Lanr And he hated being reminded about the death of the young Petrolchemical engineer. “l don’t mean to say this, but Patrick, you are getting all wrong, and it is becoming abnormal. My best advice for you is to return to the states and enjoy your life with Lanre’s children around you and his wife too. Then during the summer, Modupe, Bimbola can visit America with their husbands. Or you and Lame’s wife and children travel to London and have fun. Patrick, forget about Wole. He is almost sixty, he should be abl e to fix his life.” James explained. “You don’t get it James.” Patrick whispered, “What is it that I don’t get?” “Am ashamed of this, but months before Wole tied the knot with Anita, I had a secret affair with Anita and it coincided with when she got pregn ant three months before the wedding. There were issues about the father of the child, but Anita convinced me that the baby belonged to Wole. Now; she is breathing on my neck that its either I ensure her return or she spoils everything by revealing our secr et.” James opened his mouth in shock and he could not close it. “Anita? Three brothers?” He thought.

To Be Continued…

To Be Continued…

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